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December 31, 2010


throw out the kitchen, too

by Andrea O'Connell

The Casey Anthony Defense Team has filed a flurry of motions to challenge more of the discovery from entering into evidence at trial.

The defense is doing what it should be doing and challenging what it deems the most damaging pieces of discovery.  At some point there will be a hearing where all the evidence is laid out and both the State and the Defense stipulate (concur) or argue about what discovery will be entered as evidence into the trial.

In the meantime, we will see a flurry of motions asking that the Judge not only throw out the kitchen sink, but also the kitchen!

Late Thursday evening, WFTV reported that over 100 pages of motions were delivered to the court by the defense.

Some of the items included in the motion to exclude evidence are:

  • The tattoo “Bella Vita” (Italian for Beautiful Life) that Casey got while her daughter was “missing”.
  • Traces of chloroform – discovered in the trunk of Casey’s car.
  • A stain in the trunk of a car that is reportedly in the shape of a small child in a fetus-like pose.
  • The MySpace content from Cindy Anthony’s page where she wrote: “My Caylee is Missing,” and talked about how jealously took her granddaughter from her.
  • Casey wrote a post on MySpace that said, “Everyone lies, everyone dies….life is never easy.”

Those of us following this case know that there’s an avalanche of evidence, and the above is only the tip of the iceberg.

When it rains, it snows.  It will take a gargantuan snow plow to hide all the damaging evidence in this case. (You can bet the State won’t be snowed!)

Source: WFTV  Defense Wants Casey’s MySpace Postings Tossed Out

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  1. Dec 31 2010

    This will be a very busy hearing on Monday!

    • Dec 31 2010

      Oh I know! It is going to be a doozie! I think, however, that because there are so many motions to exclude evidence, they will probably have to set a date for a special hearing on just evidence. Regardless, Monday’s hearing will be wild!

  2. Dec 31 2010

    I wish I knew more about how these things work. Will Judge Perry have to listen to arguments for each or can he simply review them and make a ruling?

  3. Dec 31 2010

    The State and the Defense will “stipulate” that some evidence is agreeable to both sides to come in. Any evidence that the Defense disagrees with, or wants to challenge, the Judge will make the final decision as to admissibility.

    I just visited your blog, Kim! I wasn’t aware that you had one…. I’ll add you to my blogroll. 🙂

  4. Dec 31 2010

    Thanks Andrea! I saw you there!

    What do you think about the video of Casey’s reaction? Do you think it should be allowed into trial?

  5. Dec 31 2010

    Hey Kim,
    Well, I am of two minds with regards to that video. On the one hand, it would be like any other video the jail commonly records, and they are known to have cameras everywhere. On the other hand, it was a deliberate set up, which is probably okay, but not if Jose Baez was at the jail waiting to see Casey while they were doing this. If the State can prove that this was filmed during the normal course of the day, and they simply wanted to bring Casey to the medical area in the event she has a traumatic reaction to learning a body was found, then I think it’s okay. But, it’s not okay if Jose was there waiting and they were filming her…. That seems unconstitutional to me.

  6. Dec 31 2010

    I see it as – Casey is a prisoner and as such has limited rights. No one but the killer would know the body was Caylee. We all felt it was but didn’t really know. I think Baez knew it was Caylee simply because he was there at the jail. Also because of his demands to be at the recovery site as it was being processed BEFORE identification.

    I see it as admissible but then again … what do I know 😉

    • Dec 31 2010

      Yeah, that’s right Kim. She knew, hence the big reaction. She sure didn’t react that way to the discovery at Blanchard Park……….

  7. Dec 31 2010

    Exactly! So why the big drama when babies bones are found behind her own home? This is why I feel it needs to be seen.

  8. Dec 31 2010

    That should be baby’s not babies

  9. Venice
    Dec 31 2010

    Casey is the dumbest criminal I have ever seen. Thank God for dumb criminals.

  10. Dec 31 2010

    GM Venice – the best part is that she thought she was so smart!


  11. Dec 31 2010

    Personally, I am very curious to see the video…. I am sure it is very damning and I think there will be a pretty good fight over the admissibility of it.

    What’s going to be so interesting is Monday’s hearing when they review the motion for sanctions! But, I’ll be at work and will have to watch it when I get home. 😦

  12. Dec 31 2010

    I have to work too but I may get to see bits of it

  13. Rob
    Dec 31 2010

    Andrea, WOW……..there is so much evidence against Casey. When I think of the evidence they haven’t even mentioned, it is mind boggling. Do you remember if there was as much evidence in the Scott Peterson trial? I followed the Peterson case, and remember how arrogant he was. It seems sociopaths just can’t behave in a way that would gain them any sympathy. Monday should be a very interesting day. I plan to record the hearing, since Monday is a workday for me.

  14. Venice
    Dec 31 2010

    ALL of Scott Petersons lies and actions were admissable, and so will Caseys. State of mind, after the fact, shows true character .

    • Dec 31 2010

      Hey Rob and Venice…. I know, it’s amazing how much evidence there will be when this goes to trial, that’s why I feel that this case should have been plead out – it’s mind boggling that Casey will be trying to answer to all the evidence the state has. Taken together, there’s too much evidence against her and there is no way she can challenge it all.

      I remember they had far less evidence in the case against Scott Peterson, right Venice? I’m glad to hear that a lot of the lies and after the fact behaviors were allowed in, too. This will surely spell doom for Casey. My god, like Venice says, she sure wasn’t a smart criminal – she left bread crumbs of her guilt all over the place!

      I can’t wait to see the hearing… I have to watch it after work, too… darn!

  15. Dec 31 2010

    Peterson blew it big time when he bleached his hair and headed for Mexico


  16. Venice
    Dec 31 2010

    oh, and, duhhhh….cell phone activity. he calls amber frye constantly, basically spelling it all out for LE. LOL!

  17. Dec 31 2010

    Amber was a brave lady – I admire what she did

  18. Venice
    Dec 31 2010

    Casey is a copycat of Scott! It’s funny how sociopaths all reflect each other.

    • Dec 31 2010

      Oh I forgot all about Amber Frye. She was amazing. i thought she was pretty brave, too.


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