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big trouble for baez?

Nancy Grace would be bellowing: BOMBSHELL about the interview between Brad Conway and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Why?  There are serious implications against Mr. Jose Baez.

The scenario, or situation that I am about to discuss, goes back to Laura Buchanan and her propensity for making up grand stories that might just help the Defense team a whole lot. It also involves Mortimer Smith, Andrea Lyon’s private investigator, and his propensity to elaborate without basis of fact.

As you know, there is a separate case being pursued against Laura Buchanan.  In the process of pursuing her case, issues have come to light that do not shed a good light on Jose Baez.

The cast of characters in this story are: Jose Baez, Mortimer Smith, Laura Buchanan, Mark NeJame, Brad Conway, Joe Jordan, OCSO, and indirectly, George and Cindy Anthony.

Narrative – breaking it down

Laura Buchanan, to insert herself into the case, allegedly alters a Texas EquuSearch (TES) search document that she, being a team leader, would have used during the search for Caylee Anthony.  Laura Buchanan searched the Suburban Drive area on or around September 1st.  She also had searched the Blanchard Park vicinity, and was in possession of the field reports that document the search.  These documents are the property of TES and were to be turned in at the end of the search to a TES staff member in a debriefing session.  Why did Laura have a TES search document?  Apparently Laura missed a debriefing session with TES at the end of her search and kept one of the field documents.

You may recall when Todd Maculuso stood (2009) in open court and professed that they have evidence that Caylee’s body was not in the vicinity of where it was ultimately found?  Furthermore, they were asserting that the body HAD to have been put there  AFTER Casey was imprisoned, and the defense is able to prove the area was dry, because TES searchers, namely Joe Jordon, searched that very spot and found nothing.

That was a huge thing for the defense, and would be significant exculpatory evidence that would benefit Casey Anthony.  You may remember there was a lot of hubbub in the media about this new claim.

In February of 2010, Jose Baez began asking Brad Conway to contact Laura Buchanan for him.  Baez made it known that she would support what Joe Jordan claimed – that she searched that very vicinity and there was no Caylee.

Brad felt it was not his job and he did not do it – he didn’t understand why Baez would make that request of him, especially since the evidence is critical and exculpatory.  Besides which, Brad was furious at Baez for going behind his back to work with his clients,  the Anthony’s, on a request to reverse the previous waiver of conflict that had allowed Mark NeJame to represent Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller Anthony’s.  In other words, Baez wanted Mark NeJame out of the picture totally and he did it behind Brad Conway’s back.

Baez also asked Brad to look in the TES records, stored in NeJames office, and look for the name Laura Buchanan on any of the documents from TES.  Brad did this for Baez and found no documents with Buchanan’s name. Which leads one to conclude that these documents were in the hands of Laura Buchanan.

Then twice in April of 2010, Baez again asks Conway if he ever got in touch with Laura. Brad said he did not.

Brad states:

It was odd to me that he was asking me this in.. in 2010 because in 2009 we’d gone through Joe Jordan and.. and other individuals that had supposedly exculpatory information and then it didn’t pan out. So, now you know we’re into February 2010, and now where Buchanan is coming up again. Ah, we’re.. you know ah, ten months, nine, ten months after he first started asking me aboutLaura Buchanan and these documents that would help his client out. And he’s still asking me if… if “I” ever got a hold of her? If “I” ever got these documents? And again that strikes me as extremely bizarre that documents that would be that important if they existed, wouldn’t be in his hands by now.

Bottom line to this scenario, Brad came to the conclusion the Baez was “testing” him to see if he knew anything about the purported exculpatory documents.  Why?  Because they had been altered and Laura was soon to be the next star witness for the Defense.  Laura was also asserting the Joe Jordon searched with her, which is not true.

In addition, Baez, in open court, and with Brad Conway right there in the courtroom, makes statements that are untrue with regards to Brad.  The dialogue that follows is from an October 3, 2010 interview with OCSO,  SA is Sergeant John Allen.  BC is Brad Conway.

BC: Ah, where the defense made representation that I was aware that there was information in the EquuSearch records that were essentially exculpatory or in other words, they said that the body was.. wasn’t there um, while.. the body was not there during the period of time when Caylee.. Casey Anthony was in jail.

SA:  But the defense being, the defense being whom made this representations to the judge?

BC: Mr. Baez.

SA: Mr. Baez made these representations to the court. Um, and at which time you thought what?

BC:  Bullshit. I.. bullshit it didn’t happen.

SA: Okay, and you never, you never told Mr. Baez it happened?

BC: No.

SA: So, you have no idea why he would represented that to the court?

BC:  Absolutely not especially with me sitting right there in the courtroom.

SA:  Okay. Um, once again we’re not lawyers I mean is it, is that normal for one lawyer to make representation to the judge in open court ah, when it’s not A, it’s not true and B, it’s not true with the other attorney that he’s making representations about be sitting right there in the courtroom?

BC:  No it’s not normal, it’s not typical because when you’re making a representation to a judge sometimes you’re wrong. But you don’t want to be wrong so you go out of your way to make sure that what you’re telling a judge is true and correct. Especially when the lawyer you’re talking about is sitting right in that courtroom.

SA:  Forgive, forgive my ignorance ‘cause (Inaudible)… we have to testify on the stand under oath. Is it, us there.. is there any problem with a lawyer knowingly representing something to the judge that’s not true?

BC:  Absolutely there is ah, it’s against the rules of professional conduct and although you’re not swearing under oath as a lawyer. You are an officer of court.. of the court and so you’re held to that standard of telling the truth as best you know. If you happen to mistaken that’s one thing. But if you’re intentionally misrepresenting facts to a judge.  Ah, you’re putting your bar license on.. on the line.

SA:  And he made these representations to the court with you in the courtroom?

BC:  Yes sir.

SA: And you have no idea where he would’ve gotten it from?

BC: I have no idea where he would’ve gotten it from because I know I didn’t tell him that.

SA: But the representation was that, was that he got this or that you had seen these in.. in the EquuSearch records correct?

BC:  That’s correct.

SA:  Okay.

This interview with Brad Conway was released in the recent discovery release.  Therefore, Jose Baez is aware that the OSCO, and most likely the State Attorney’s Office, are looking at him.

There is a lot of gray area as to what role that Mortimer Smith played with the doctored document – whether he took if from Laura Buchanan, or she kept it, is unclear.  No one seems to know where that original doctored document is. What does seem to be clear is the document was altered by Laura herself.

To be clear, I am in no position to come to any conclusions with regards to this story because there are always more than one side to every story.  With that said, however, there’s definitely more to this story – this appears to be an open and very active investigation, and one that, I assume, will continue to unfold.

However, we know how this story ends, in the short term, as it relates to exculpatory evidence for Casey Anthony… There is none.  In fact, there is more than sufficient proof that the area was under at least 2 feet of water, possibly more, making it impossible to search the area where Caylee was eventually found on December 11, 2008.

More on this topic soon…..

Here is a copy of Brad Conway’s interview with OCSO.

PS. I have a whole new kind of respect for Brad Conway!


earth to cindy

Friday’s discovery release in the State vs. Casey Anthony, included letters from Cindy to Casey, and provides a pretty good look into the mind of Cindy Anthony.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – Don’t Crack, August 2010:

They want to cut you off from everyone because they are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen. ~Cindy Anthony

Cindy says, “they are still waiting for you to crack”.  What does that mean?  Crack?  Crack as in tell the truth?  Or stay silent and risk the death penalty? Does Cindy mean “crack” as in an emotional breakdown?  (I would tell Cindy to hang on tight because that emotional breakdown may just come when Casey hears the opening statements from either Jeff Ashton or Linda Drane Burdick.)  Is Cindy suggesting that Casey has not shown regret or love enough for Caylee because Casey is trying to be strong?

How will Cindy prevent Casey from “cracking”, or is Cindy really referring to herself?  Cindy won’t let herself “crack” and see the truth?

Cindy says “they” have cut Casey off from everyone.  True and not true.  Should Cindy visit her, chances are, as we’ve seen in previous jail visits, the animosity between the two of them would rear it’s ugly head.

Would Casey even allow Cindy to see her?

It appears that Casey has written off her family, though Cindy is trying to get in Casey’s good graces once again, as evidenced by the letters.

If Casey had any kind thoughts, or concern about her mother, she need only turn her head to the left or the right, during one of the hearings – look over her shoulder and meet her mother’s eyes.  She won’t even give that much of her self to her mother.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – the victim, August 2010:

Cindy’s letters show, not only the denial with regards to Casey, but also there seems to be a dichotomy going on with regards to the love she professes for Casey.   I say that because these few sentences seem to be saying, under the surface, that Caylee clearly meant more to her than Casey did.

I am tired of being treated as if Caylee didn’t mean anything to me.  Just because I don’t agree with them on who took her from me, doesn’t mean that I am not a victim in this.  She was my granddaughter and my life. The only perfect part of my life, to be exact.  No one wants justice for her more than I do.  I will not rest ever until that happens. ~Cindy Anthony

What Cindy is really saying is she is not being given the attention she wants to have as the grieving grandmother. Cindy needs that attention, she needs everyone to know that she’s a victim.

I would venture to say that not too many people see Cindy as a victim.  Cindy need only ask herself who was it that made her a victim?

I am certain she knows the person who put her in the role as “victim”.   She writes that she doesn’t agree with the “them” (OCSO), about who took Caylee from her.  She is so arrogant that she thinks she can disagree with law enforcement, attorneys, or anyone who tries to assert Casey’s guilt.

She shows such possessiveness for Caylee:  “….who took her from me”, she writes.  Not from “us”.  Not from Casey, the child’s mother, or George or Lee, but from “me”.

These passive aggressive statements indicate that Caylee meant more to Cindy than Casey ever did.  Cindy says Caylee was her life – the only perfect thing in it.  Meaning, of course, Casey was far from perfect and was not as important to her as Caylee was.

Cindy wants justice more than anyone for Caylee and writes that she will not rest until that happens.  She has stated in the recent past that Caylee was still alive; has she now accepted that Caylee is deceased?  Was she believing Caylee was still alive because she cannot accept the fact that Casey killed her?  So, if she now believes that Caylee is deceased, does she recognize the person responsible for Caylee’s death is who she is writing to?

Can Cindy still believe that someone, other than Casey, took the baby, but Casey was too afraid to tell anyone about it, hence the 31 day delay?

Cindy Anthony to Casey – You’re Loving and Gentle, August 2010:

Cindy tells Casey to never lose her “loving and gentle nature”.

Keep your faith, and don’t ever lose your loving, gentle nature.  I know it’s hard not to be bitter at this point in your life, but God has you in his sight and he will bring you thru this storm. ~Cindy Anthony

I would ask Cindy if Casey was so gentle and loving, why did Casey keep you from “the only perfect thing in your life” for 31 days?  Was it spite? Revenge?  What part of Casey’s gentle and loving nature moved her to steal, lie, deceive everyone – literally everyone – she encountered?

It is clear that, to Cindy, denial is a better place to live. Denial takes one backwards and backwards and further and further from the truth. This is preferable to the bitter truth – Cindy is clearly afraid of the truth.

If Cindy truly wants justice for Caylee, who lost her life before she knew she had a life to live, she need only face the terror she feels but is denying.

Earth to Cindy:  Face the truth.  Stop lying.

The Letters:

August 5, 2010

April 1, 2010

July 21, 2010

October 29, 2010


if you’re not a kid finder……

Reading all the new discovery in the Casey Anthony case is like asking your eyes to get sucked out of their sockets into the sand!  Phew!

Having read a great deal of it, however, I can truly say that the revelations about Laura Buchanan and her odd behavior – her raunchy, frenetic and dismissive language, leave me wondering what the final outcome will be with regards to her.

Her story is like a book without an ending right now.  I want to know what happened.  Did she act alone?  Were there nefarious Defense underlings behind the scenes trying to create new facts?

Aside from Laura Buchanan, the many revelations in the material just released, are incredibly bizarre.  A couple of things in particular stood out to me, both have George Anthony center stage.

The first was the transcript of River Cruz (Krystal Halloway), and the second was a transcript with a friend of the Anthony’s who describes how the Kid Finders group – they had a booth set up in the early days – would have nothing to do with any persons related to the Texas EquuSearch group.

Got a hold over River

According to River Cruz, who thought she was speaking off the record to Detectives when she revealed this, George Anthony thought she was in this country illegally and that her visa had expired. She is not in this country illegally, but has led others to believe she is because, she says, she didn’t want anyone to know about her past.

She stated that she lied and told George that her visa had expired.  And she began to believe that George thought he could hold this fact over her if she were to go to the media, or the authorities, about what she knew with regards to the case.  She states that a former friend of hers by the name of Kalani, threatened to call immigration if she did not give him money.  George was aware that Kalani was threatening her.

The whole River and George affair is on the strange side of ugly.  Though I believe she was a victim, and he did use her, I cannot fully grasp how George Anthony could take a few thousand dollars from River (with out telling Cindy), and have the gall to ask her for 20 thousand more!

If you’re not a Kid Finder….

Another ugly story I read about in a transcript has to do with a neighbor of the Anthony’s who also volunteered with the Kid Finders Network, and took a fairly big role in working in their booth.  Her name is Linda T. (LT), and she tells this story in an interview with Sargent John Allen (SA), of the OCSO:

SA: My question is, you ever recall George suggesting to people, well if you want to help you can go over and help with the search?  Did you ever hear those words come out of his mouth?

LT: No

SA: Okay

LT: in fact, if people worked at EquuSearch they weren’t allowed at the table

SA: Why is that?

LT: I don’t know

SA: Okay

LT: ‘Cause they were, I guess… I assumed that they were looking for a dead body.

There was a great deal of animosity from the Anthony’s with regards to Texas EquuSearch.  When Tim Miller eventually turned the search from a rescue mode to a recovery mode – meaning they were no longer looking for an alive Caylee – it infuriated the Anthony’s.  They boldly turned their backs on EquuSearch.

George Anthony knew from the very beginning that Caylee was gone. He is on record saying so to the Detectives of the OCSO.  River Cruz recalled that George had told her he wished he had never talked so openly to the OCSO.  When asked why he would have said such a thing, he stated that he didn’t want to loose both of his girls.

If Casey ever walked (God forbid), with the volatility and hate that family has for each other, someone in that family would end up dead.

Casey is best left where she is and for a very long time.


disturbing discovery released today

There was a great deal of discovery released today, by the State of Florida, in the case against Casey Anthony.

The information (some old and some new pieces of discovery) will take a lot of time to read and digest.

I have spent the last couple of hours reading transcripts, letters, and listening to taped conversations.  What stands out to me is the fact that there are some nefarious goings on in this case behind the scenes.  For instance, there was a phone message to Amy Huizenga, in which the speaker is clearly threatening her; demanding she drop the felony charges against Casey (with regards to all the money Casey had stolen) . It was disturbing, to say the least.  Listen here.

The message is very difficult to hear, there’s a lot of background interference, but what the speaker clearly says to Amy is:

You need to listen and listen good, those charges need to get dropped as soon as possible and you need to do everything you can to get them dropped….

Also included was an FBI laboratory report with regards to the entry made in a journal, dated ’03.  You may remember the entry in which Casey writes that she had no regrets, but she was worried, etc.?  As it turned out, that entry dated ’03 couldn’t have been written then because that type of journal was not produced until 2004.

There is a great deal of information on Laura Buchanan.

There are revealing letters to Casey from Cindy Anthony.

And quite a bit more.

Stay tuned….


george and cindy – sitting ducks?

Again today, there was no news of note in the Casey Anthony case.  So, I did a little digging into the discovery on the WFTV website and I found some very interesting tidbits that I’d like to share.

I was re-reading a Supplemental Report written by Yuri Mellich and released in the April 6, 2010 discovery release.

In the Supplemental Report of April 2010, Yuri Mellich discusses the interviews with Robyn Adams.  A conclusion is drawn in this report that says the following, just as I suspected:

Robyn Adams spoke with Casey Anthony the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found (December 11th, 2008).  After a chaplain informed Casey Anthony of the recovery, Casey Anthony told Robyn Adams law enforcement had found the body of a small child with a baby blanket inside a black garbage bag.  As a note, the information regarding the baby blanket and black garbage bag was not made known to the jail chaplain so Casey Anthony had knowledge of items only the suspect, certain law enforcement personnel and the certain medical examiner’s personnel knew.

I have read the transcript of the two interviews the FDLE had with Robyn Adams.  She had no idea that she was revealing anything when she discussed that Casey Anthony told her they found remains in a black bag with a baby blanket.  That is precisely why Robyn Adams testimony will be so strong, and important.  Robyn had no idea of the import of what she was saying.

Note: In the discovery that is to be released tomorrow, it’s reported that there will be a recording of Robyn Adams’ police interviews.

George and Cindy

As I was reading various reports and transcripts over the last couple of days, it dawned on me: The Orange County Sheriff’s Office are building a case against the Anthony’s.  Now, I have no way of knowing if this is actually what is occurring, but I can’t get past the fact that much of the investigative discovery released to date has to do with George and Cindy!

On the other hand, perhaps a reason George and Cindy are the focus of much of the investigative reports, is due to simply documenting their many inconsistencies.  Perhaps the intent is to impeach them on the stand, or charge them with perjury.  Either way, I have a real suspicion that when Casey’s case is said and done, there will be obstruction or tampering charges, or they will be implicated somehow in the murder, after the fact.

In the supplemental report (link provided above), a great deal of effort is placed on following up on the claims of George Anthony’s relationship with River Cruz.  I don’t doubt that River Cruz’s revelation that Caylee’s murder was, according to George, “… an accident .. that snowballed out of control,” is a critical factor in developing a case against the Anthony’s. This statement tends to prove that George Anthony was aware of what happened to Caylee.

The thought that George and Cindy would be working against their granddaughter is mind-boggling.

They have both lied to the Police and to the FBI.  You can’t lie to the FBI and get away with it!

As far as Cindy Anthony goes, there are countless lies, too many to list here.  What is troubling is her attempt to manufacture reasonable doubt for her daughter.  For instance, she made statements to the Detectives about having Zanny’s phone number; she fabricated a story about hair straightener that Zanny supposedly gave to Casey (that is even on one of the jail videos – Cindy “telling” Casey the hair straighter was Zanny’s), home videos, toys, etc., all belonged to Zanny, said Cindy.

It is one thing to love your daughter, it is a whole different thing to lie to cover up for her, or to manufacture stories and events, hoping they will play out as reasonable doubt.  I don’t know what kind of crime that falls under, but surely appears criminal to me, especially since they KNEW the truth!


There is no doubt in my mind that Lee Anthony realized the trouble he would be in should he continue down the path of lies and deceit with his parents.  Lee Anthony has use-immunity, I believe.  This means that Lee Anthony is protected against self-incrimination.  However, if memory serves, I believe he lied at the Morgan Civil deposition.  (I will have to go back and listen to those videos again to pinpoint any instances.)

Regardless, Cindy and George all along have been coasting down a very slippery legal slope.  I feel they will both be charged with something in this case, but it will only occur after they testify, since the State needs them as witnesses to rip apart any credibility they have and to show Casey in a worse light.

If the State charged them now, or even hinted at charging them, it could preclude their testimony against Casey, as they wouldn’t want to incriminate themselves by testifying.

Time will tell if George and Cindy are sitting ducks, or if they will be sitting pretty.


lethal injection drug halted

There was not a speck of news from Camp Anthony today aside from WESH telling us that on Friday we can expect discovery material to be released.  The content, they believe, pertains to Robyn Adams, (Casey’s Orange County Jail “pen pal” ) as well as material related to EquuSearch.

On another note, there was an interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel today titled: Lack of lethal-injection drug means Florida must develop new execution procedure.

It seems it could take months before a new company is found who will start making the lethal stuff.  The previous supplier, Hospira, recently announced it is unable to continue making the drug, and will halt production.

Why?  Well, it seems that European countries like Italy, and the UK refuse to play nice with Hospira if the drug is intended for killing someone.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Hospira made an announcement this past Friday:

…it would discontinue manufacturing the anesthetic after Italian government authorities asked for a guarantee that the drug, slated to be produced for the first time at a plant in Italy this year, wouldn’t be used in executions. Hospira said it can’t control the ultimate end use of the medicine, marketed as Pentothal.

Italy and the UK both refused to produce the drug if it was going to be used to kill people.  And, Hospira is pleased to be out of the business because they would prefer that their brand be associated with wellness and healing, not killing.

To carry out the legal murders, a “cocktail” of drugs is employed.  This particular drug, called sodium thiopental, is the first of three used in the process to snuff the life out of a human being.  It is an anesthetic which is used just prior to a muscle relaxant.  Then, another drug is injected that stops the heart.

The Orlando Sentinel article, written by Anthony Colarossi (who also writes Casey Anthony stories), reports that every death-row inmate in Florida thus far has elected lethal injection when it’s their turn to be killed.  Death-row inmates in Florida must make a decision as to how they want to be killed just after their appeal – should it fail.  (Death penalty cases are automatically appealed.)  After the appeal, the choice for the inmate is either lethal injection or electrocution.

A Note to Readers

I have deliberately used the politically incorrect wording “kill” and “murder” because I believe that is what it is.

This topic is one I am going to explore further in the coming days, despite how angry it makes me feel.



Lee out, Excuses in

A new motion filed today by Jose Baez tells us the crate of oranges that Dr. Henry Lee was going to be paid for his work, is now orange juice.  And speaking of OJ, with all these big names exiting stage left, the so called Defense Dream Team is now just that, a dream.

Baez, in the motion, characterizes Lee’s expert report as “moot.”   Moot!

And then, we learn that Baez is asking the court to allow him more time to submit some of the expert witness reports!

The very same reports that he was just sanctioned over!  (This motion will go over about as well as the motion to vacate the sanction.)

Judge Perry is not likely to be pleased with this request.  Why?  Because in true Baez fashion, he’s asking for another license to fish.  Baez is asking the Judge to speculate on why 45 more days are needed.  For instance, he writes:

The Defense would like to have the opportunity to meet with experts Reichs and Rodriquez prior to them rendering their opinions as they may have additional opinions after review of the additional material.

Huh? They “may” have “additional opinions” after review of “additional material.”   Baez has not provided the initial opinions, why should the Judge allow for vague additional opinions?

Judge Belvin Perry was not born yesterday, he will recognize this as just another fishing expedition.  Plus, there are no FACTS in that statement (or anywhere in the motion) as to why 45 more days are needed.  Oh, actually, that’s not quite true. The facts are that the Defense experts’ travel schedules have not allowed them to complete their reports.  Too busy.  The court may be too busy to hear from these witnesses.

Also, in the motion Baez writes about a mysterious “unique opportunity” in the future:

The Defense will have a unique opportunity in the very near future and is requesting an additional 45 days to comply with those two witnesses and a reasonable amount of time for Doctors Logan and Spitz.

What is this mystery?  Murder, She Wrote?

I am not a lawyer; I have never written a motion, but I do possess enough common sense to know that one cannot expect a Judge to grant a request that is an “opportunity” with out a definition or purpose.

On to Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee’s report, says the Defense, has become “moot.”  The choice of the word “moot” is an interesting one.  Moot is often used to describe something that is no longer of value, applicable or significant.   Dr. Lee, it was reported, found 17 hairs in the trunk of Casey’s car versus the three or so found by the Orlando CSI.  The hairs apparently showed no sign of decomposition.

Wouldn’t that bode well for the Defense?  So…. why moot?  I won’t begin to speculate why.  Regardless, this about-face concerning Dr. Lee is ponderous since, early on in the case, Dr. Lee was coming in on a white horse to save the day.

It remains to be seen if Dr. Lee bailed, or if he’s suddenly allergic to oranges.

Dr. Michael Freeman is no longer an expert witness.  The motion states, “Dr. Michael Freemen has been withdrawn from the defense witness list.  This statement is worded so the reader will think the defense removed him.  But, chances are Dr. Michael Freeman withdrew himself from the case.

What is also interesting is Baez’s claim to have already supplied to the State the reports of: Dr. Jan Bock, Dr. Kenneth Furton, Richard Eiklenboom, Dr. Timothy Huntington, and Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, as the court requested.  ASA Linda Drane Burdick did not include these reports on her list submitted yesterday to the court.  Perhaps he submitted the reports today?  Maybe Baez, after seeing ASA Burdick’s motion listing the mind numbing non-evidence list she published yesterday, he rushed to submit the material today?

Maybe he was diligent and met the deadlines that the court laid down?

Pass me some OJ, please.

Here’s the link to today’s Defense motion for more time.


there are just no words….

Today, the State of Florida ASA Linda Drane Burdick filed a motion that held not a single word describing the purpose of the motion.  The motion contained ONLY a listing of 21 items of discovery received from Jose Baez, on January 14, on a flash drive.  (Note: Neither the State nor the Defense need to file motions with a listing of the discovery material received or sent.)

The flash drive with the “discovery” contained:  Videos from WFTV news casts.  Yes, you read that right.  There are 5 WFTV videos. There is one WESH news cast, and one from WKMG.  There are videos of the Psychic Gail St. John.  There is even a video of the Psychic Network show hosted by Gail St. John.

This is discovery?

There are photos, too.  One photo of Sargent John Allen.  There’s even a photo of Assistant Attorney’s Linda Drane Burdick, with Jeff Ashton, and Frank George, on Suburban Drive.

This is discovery?

There are 9 photos that are merely numbered from 005 to 013 with no identifying notations. There are background reports on State witnesses; there is a CBS photo titled “New Evidence in the Caylee Case” but there is no identifying information as to its value.

Again, this is discovery?

Well, this is Jose Baez’s idea of discovery.

At this point, Jose Baez and his actions are no longer laughable.

What he is doing is a slap in the face to the court; it is terribly disrespectful to the State Attorney’s Office, and it appears to be another willful attempt by Baez to stick his middle finger out at the legal system.

As mentioned earlier, Linda Drane Burdick filed the motion without comment.  She only listed the items received.

I don’t doubt that she is at a loss for words.

Here is the motion filed by ASA Linda Drane Burdick:  State of Florida’s Inventory of Discovery on Flash Drive Received 1/14/2011

If Casey Anthony’s life did not hang in the balance, we might all get a good laugh at this.

And, Jose Baez has a deadline approaching – he had to have filed his Expert Witness Report on Dr. Kenneth Furton by January 19th (Judge Perry ordered it due in 10 days from Jan. 5th), and the rest of his reports are due 20 days from Jan. 5th, I believe.  Perhaps he followed the Judge’s orders and filed it on time, and in full.  There’s no way of knowing, at this point.  We’ll have to see.

However, this latest filing of discovery, in my opinion, rises to the level of another willful violation.  Will contempt be the next step?  I would not be the least bit surprised if it happens.

Take a look at the list that Linda Drane Burdick filed in the motion that is on the link above.

Did she deliberately let the list speak for itself?  Yes, I believe so.

Strong commentary to the court about Jose Baez.


only the killer would know

When news of Casey Anthony’s jail “pen-pal” Robyn Adams broke, and the transcripts of her interview were released to the public in discovery, it caused somewhat of a stir.

I had not realized how damaging Robyn Adams will be to Casey Anthony until I read the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) interviews with her, last evening.

Robyn was in protective custody with Casey at the Orange County Jail until she was transferred to Federal Prison, in Tallahassee.

For the most part, Robyn and Casey were the only two inmates in protective custody.  But for a time, another jail inmate, Maya Dirkovic, was in protective custody with them.  It was due to Maya’s speaking to Lead Detective, Yuri Mellich, that the name Robyn Adams came to light.  Maya advised Mellich that Robyn and Casey were passing letters back and forth, otherwise we might never have known about Robyn.

Letters and Visits

Robyn and Casey wrote copious letters to each other – all of which are now public record.  The two would deliver the letters back and forth via a particular book on a book cart.  They also had, in the beginning, fleeting opportunities to speak to each other.  Robyn was let out of her jail cell in the evenings to help the Corrections Officer’s with laundry, cleaning showers and bathrooms.  This gave Robyn a chance to talk at length to Casey through the small “bean hole” which is an opening on the door of Casey’s cell.  Then, after a while, Robyn was allowed inside Casey’s cell where they’d talk for hours on end.

It was not every night that Robyn was able to speak to Casey, but it was generally four to five times a week.  The nights they were unable to talk face to face, they wrote letters to each other.

Blanchard Park and the Woods off of Suburban Drive

Robyn’s descriptions of Casey’s attitude and conversations during the Blanchard Park search and on December 8th 11th, when Roy Kronk called the authorities about finding remains in the woods off of Suburban Drive, are critical.  It is absolutely clear, now, why the State needs Robyn’s testimony

Below are parts of her interview with the FDLE that are critical.  During the Blanchard Park search, Robyn says:

Robyn: …I waited and I talked to Casey that night and I told her kind of like how I would talk to anybody, dude they just found a bag of bones, I guess they found something in Blanchard Park and she kinda, her reaction to that was “It’s not my daughter.”

FDLE: Is that what she said to you?

Robyn: Mm huh.

FDLE:  And was it, it’s not my daughter like in denial or she knew it wasn’t her daughter because she knew her daughter couldn’t of been there.  What was your opinion of what, I mean how did you interpret it.  Kind of like she wasn’t even concerned because she knew her daughter was somewhere else.

Robyn: Um hmm.  She kinda, she kinda, kinda, I mean, it just sounds so harsh when I say this she kinda giggled, in just…not in like an evil way, she just kind of like…. it’s not my kid, it’s not my daughter…

Casey’s reaction on December 8th was totally different.  Robyn described Casey as distraught and scared as a result of the news that a child’s remains were found near her home.  But, the most damning information from Robyn Adams is how Casey described what was found.  Casey told Robyn, crying, that they found a child’s remains inside a black bag, with a baby blanket.

Robyn says to FDLE:

Robyn: …the meter reader found in the woods by her parents house a black remains and a baby blanket inside a black bag.  That’s it, that’s all and she was crying. she was crying and she was…

FDLE: Scared?

Robyn: She was scared.

FDLE: Okay.

Robyn:  She was very scared.

Robyn goes on to say that Casey’s reaction to the two events was completely different.  To the Blanchard Park finding, she showed no concern:  “She was like ah whatever, it’s not my kid.  It’s not going to affect my case.”  Versus on December 8th, 11th,  she was crying uncontrollably.  Robyn talks of holding Casey’s hand, trying to comfort her because she was scared.

A note about Robyn Adams.  She is a reluctant witness (she did not want to be involved). Another factor that makes her credible, her FDLE interviews were very detailed, and her answers were consistent from one interview to the next – she was interviewed by FDLE on February 12, 2010, and then again on March 4, 2010.

I believed her.

Only the Killer Would Know

As you may recall, it took a week, at least, to process the crime scene off of Suburban Drive.  The Police and FBI were meticulous in their work which accounted for the extended time frame.  During the time that Law Enforcement was processing the area, there was speculation in the media that it was most likely Caylee, but the Police were absolutely silent with regards to the identification of the body.

There certainly was no detail about the condition of the body, or how it was found.  There was no talk about a baby blanket or a black garbage bag.  Yet, Casey told Robyn they found a black garbage bag with a baby and a baby blanket in it.

This was not made public at the time.  Only the person who used the black garbage bag to enclose a baby with a baby blanket, would have this information.

Only the killer would know.

Here’s the transcript of the two interviews with Robyn Adams and FDLE.


good night, and good luck

Last night Keith Olbermann said “good night, and good luck” for the final time on MSNBC.  It was an abrupt ending to an eight year long stint for Olbermann.

Not a soul is talking about why he so abruptly left, everyone is guessing.  The most likely reason?  Olbermann, very much a liberal, may not have wanted to work, or be associated with Comcast, the right leaning mega conglomerate who just obtained the rights to buy out NBC Universal.

NBC has stated the Comcast buy-out is not the reason for Olbermann’s departure.  However, it is strange that no explanation is given, which leaves us with so many questions.

I enjoyed Olbermann’s sparkling, biting and colorful repartee with his guests.  I loved that he was open and unapologetic in his battering of Bill O’Reilly, the FOX news commentator who has made a name for himself by acting like a buffoon; Glenn Beck (I don’t know where Glenn Beck is currently, hopefully he is off the air), and the drug dependent Rush Limbaugh.  Olbermann would castigate these three characters almost nightly for their blatant hypocrisy, calling them “the worst persons in the world” which was a nightly segment of his one hour “Countdown” show.

One of Olbermann’s proudest accomplishments, however, was the fact that his show raised over 2 million dollars for the National Association of Free Clinics They are an non-profit 501c(3) organization established to assist the millions of people in this country who go without any health-care.

The video clip that I have included here is the conclusion of last nights final show in which Olbermann so eloquently says good-bye and thanks the audience; then reads from Thurber, as he did every Friday night.

This particular Thurber story is called “Scottie Who Knew Too Much.”  And, the moral of the story, aptly is: “It’s better to ask some of the questions than to know all of the answers.”

Indeed it is.

Keith’s final moments:


let freedom ring for Roy Kronk!

There were quite a few happenings in the case against Casey Anthony today.

The best news of all was related to Roy Kronk, the gentleman who discovered the remains of Caylee Anthony, in December, 2008.  Judge Perry ruled against the Defense bringing into testimony any mention of Roy Kronk’s supposed “prior bad acts.”

A collective sigh of relief was probably released around the blogosphere as a result of that news.  Nearly everyone complained about the horrible way the Defense was characterizing Kronk.  They (the Defense) floated a sick bunch of stories that his ex-wives conjured up, and that Baez and company wanted so badly to further fabricate at trial.

However, the Judge is allowing the Defense to ask Kronk about his 911 calls.  That’s only fair.

I don’t doubt that Kronk will be a good witness.  He was straight forward and honest in his multiple interviews with the Detectives, so I bet he will do just fine.

I’m glad for Roy Kronk; the position that he was being put in by the Defense was unfair, and in my view, unethical since the Defense had only rumors, not a single FACT to support the ex-wives stories.

Read the Judge’s ruling with regards to Roy Kronk here.

Other interesting happenings today in the case included news that Linda Drane Burdick filed a request to have Casey’s “pen-pal” from the jail, Robyn Adams, brought to Orlando to testify for the State, presumably against Casey Anthony.  Robyn Adams is currently imprisoned in Tallahassee on drug charges.  The Judge approved the request.

As for the additional motions that were decided today, they are:

1) The Defense motion to subpoena Joe Jordan’s photographs.  DENIED.  The judge wrote that the Defense did not provide adequate facts to support their claims that the photos were relevant.

2) The Defense entered a motion to limit the use of a telephoto lens in the courtroom.  The Judge today said: DENIED.

3) The Defense a while ago asked to have the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC), pay for extra costs the Defense accrued for transcripts.  The Judge APPROVED the $860.70 that the Defense requested.

4) The Defense filed a motion to forbid any testimony that Tim Miller, EquuSearch President, might give about Casey Anthony nearly pointing on a map where Caylee’s remains would be.  The Judge APPROVED this motion.  This was no surprise as the State said they would not have asked Tim Miller to speculate about what “might” have happened had Casey not been stopped, and pulled out of the room by her mother.

5) The Defense’s motion to keep the table knife found in Casey’s car out of the case was APPROVED.

So, that’s it!  A busy TGIF in the Casey Anthony case.

There are still quite a few outstanding motions that the Judge has yet to rule on.  With luck, these will be decided next week.

In the mean time, there is a hearing planned for next Monday, at 4:00 pm, to discuss the Defense request for more funds to pay for the investigative work they claim is necessary.

Let’s hope their investigator does not attempt to do to another poor soul what was done to Roy Kronk.


oh that contemptuous defense!

As expected, Judge Belvin Perry who is presiding over the Casey Anthony case, DENIED the Defense motion, written by Cheney Mason, requesting the court vacate the sanctions and the civil contempt charge against Jose Baez.

Surprise!  There was never a finding of contempt!  Cheney Mason made that part up!

Perhaps Mr. Mason just felt that since Jose Baez’s refusal to follow the Florida Rules of Discovery was so blatantly obvious, egregious and outrageous, that he assumed Baez’s actions rose to the level of contempt? 

Now, this has been a bone of contention with me because I watched the film of that hearing three times to try to find where Judge Perry charged contempt because I didn’t think it was ever brought up in court.  I was sure that the Court had not issued a finding of contempt, but I second-guessed myself since Cheney was in the courtroom, and he should know!  He was arguing for Baez!!  So, it stood to reason that he’d know if there were a contempt charge or not. 

Nope. Not so much.

In today’s motion Judge Perry clearly points out that he told the defense they could argue the AMOUNT of the fine assessed against him.  He also points out, that the record will reflect there was NO finding of contempt!

Judge Perry goes on to say:

Instead, counsel argues a determination of civil contempt is unnecessary to ensure compliance with the Court’s order regarding discovery.  However, as the record will clearly reflect, the Court did not hold counsel in contempt.

The Trek to Nowhere

You may remember that Baez claimed that one of his employees, an attorney by the name of William Slabaough, got stuck in traffic which caused Baez’s court filing to be late.  However, this “excuse” was never mentioned by anyone at the time of the hearing on the matter.  It was only in Cheney’s motion to vacate that this came up.

Judge Perry addresses this situation as a footnote in his motion.

Is Judge Perry suggesting that something is not adding up here since this important fact was never brought up in court?  I’d love to know what you think:

Counsel now details efforts to fax approximately 300 pages, which the Clerk’s office declined, as well as attorney William Slabaough’s trek through rush hour traffic to file these pages, only to reach the courthouse after closing time on the date the information was due.  Counsel did not previously offer the information set forth in page six of the instant Motion for Reconsideration.  Regardless, counsel was directed to provide “a statement of the specific subjects upon which the expert will testify and offer opinions; the substance of the facts to which the expert is expected to testify; and a summary of the expert’s opinions and the ground for each opinion.”  Dropping 300 pages of documentation into the court file cannot reasonably be interpreted to comply with this direction.

In short, with his response to the Defense, Judge Perry makes it absolutely clear that Baez willfully violated the Courts very specific order.

I would be walking on eggshells about now if I were Baez.

I predict, if Baez continues to contemptuously ignore the Rules of Discovery, contempt charges will be in the picture. And that is not a pretty picture.

Here is Judge Perry’s order denying the motion.


state adds links, but tightens the chain

In response to the litany of motions that the Casey Anthony Defense submitted to the court, the State of Florida answered with a well written and thoroughly researched answer to a few of the Defense’s motions.  (These particular motions are in lieu of a hearing; Judge Perry will rule on them based on the written arguments in each of the motions.)

You will find the document at this link:  State of Florida’s Response to Defendant’s Motions in Limine.

There are two authors of the State’s document: Ms. Linda Drane Burdick, and Mr. Frank George, also an Assistant State Attorney.

About the State’s Motion

Reading the State’s motion is like getting a lesson on the ABC’s of the basic principles of the law. Jose Baez will learn a few things about relevant evidence, hearsay, and probative versus prejudicial evidence, should he read it.

The seven motions the State addressed are as follows:  1) Exclude the intimate sexual details with Tony Lazaro and Casey. 2) Exclude same from Anthony Rosciano. 3) Answer to Defense motion to exclude history of lying and/or stealing. 4) Answer to Defense motion to exclude testimony of Brian Burner with regards to the shovel. 5) Answer to Defense motion to exclude “irrelevant” evidence of tattoo. 6) Defense motion to prohibit the use of Casey’s MySpace posting of “Diary of Days.” 7) Defense motion to prohibit testimony regarding Cindy Anthony’s  MySpace posting.

Preclude the intimate sexual details with Tony Lazaro and Casey

The State, while they agree that intimate sexual details are not required, facts about the relationship is “highly relevant.”  Critical to this argument is the fact that Casey spent nearly every night and day with Tony and never revealed to him that Caylee was “missing.”   The State argues that it is important for a juror to understand the level of intimacy between Casey and Tony, as that tends to indicate a “level of trust between them, making her withholding of the information about the kidnapping all the more implausible.” (State of Florida motion, 01/18/2011)

Preclude sexual details from Anthony Rosciano

The State agrees not to use the testimony of a sexual nature from witness Anthony Rosciano.  There is nothing to argue here.

Answer to Defense motion to exclude history of lying and/or stealing

The State argues that during the critical period of June 15, 2008 to July 16, 2008, the stealing and the lies are relevant since they illustrate Casey’s activities during the critical time that she claims Caylee was missing, and she was conducting her own investigation into her whereabouts.  The stealing and the lying during that critical time-frame point out that Casey was “fleeing” from her parents, and her brother, and stealing and lying to sustain herself and elude being discovered. The State argues that she lied to her family to hide the truth about Caylee’s whereabouts, and she stole from friends so she’d have money to sustain herself, being away from her parents.   All of this lying and stealing, the State contends, points to a consciousness of guilt, and should be admissible.

Answer to Defense motion to exclude testimony of Brian Burner with regards to the shovel

The State points out that Mr. Brian Burner, a HopeSpring Drive neighbor, saw Casey on three separate occasions, at her parent’s home.  He noted that Casey usually parks her car “nose in” but backed it in, he observed, in these visits.  Mr. Burner states that Casey told him she needed to dig up some bamboo root.  The motion states:

The notion that the Defendant borrowed a shovel to do some light yard work is preposterous, and is not supported by Mr. Burner reporting that the shovel did not appear to be used extensively, nor did the Defendant appear to have spent about an hour outside in the June heat digging up bamboo roots.  The Defendant, through her counsel, is, of course, free to argue to the jury that the borrowing of a shovel during this time frame does not equate with her guilt.  The more reasonable explanation is that the Defendant borrowed the shovel with the intent to bury her daughter.

The motion goes on to assert that the fact that the shovel was borrowed so soon after the child went missing, infers that Casey used it to bury her daughter:

The question for the court is: Does the evidence of borrowing a shovel from the neighbor within two days of the child being missing have a tendency to render a proposition in issue – that it was borrowed with the intent to conceal the remains – more or less probable?  Again, the obvious answer is “yes.”

Answer to Defense motion to exclude “irrelevant” Evidence of Tattoo

The State argues that the tattoo is relevant because it shows Casey’s state of mind during a time she reportedly was searching for her daughter.  The tattoo reads:  “La Bella Vita” which means “A Beautiful Life” in Italian.  The conclusion by the State  simply is:  Casey got the tattoo to express her feeling of freedom, of having a new life without the burden of raising a child.  Surely the Defense wishes this evidence would go away, as it is damaging, but, as the State points out in the motion:

The tattoo is relevant to show the Defendant’s state of mind during this time period, and the inscription obtained can certainly be read either as an epitaph for her daughter, or signaling a new beginning for herself.

Defense motion to prohibit the use of Casey’s MySpace posting of “Diary of Days.”

The State contends that Casey Anthony’s writing on the Internet is relevant since it is not indicative of a mother searching for her daughter that she claimed was kidnapped.  Incidentally, the Defense claimed that Casey’s writing was a quote from a song by Hayden Christianson.  The State has been unsuccessful in finding such a lyric, however, they point out that Hayden Christianson was one of the actors in the movie “Jumper” that Tony Lazarro and Casey rented on June 16, 2008, which is the date believed to be when Caylee was killed.

Defense motion to prohibit testimony regarding Cindy Anthony’s  MySpace posting.

The State here argues that Cindy Anthony’s posting on MySpace proves that the relationship between Casey and Cindy was strained, and that Cindy was desperate to know about Caylee’s whereabouts.  The State contends that what Cindy writes on MySpace offers an “untarnished view” of the mother/daughter dynamic.

In Closing…

I hope you have a chance to read the State’s motion.  They have crafted a finely tuned argument that is compelling and also dramatic.  I say dramatic because when you consider the totality of their case against Casey Anthony, it is heavy with damning and damaging circumstantial facts. When the State finally lays their case out, in trial, I believe it will shake all the Anthony’s out of their dens of denial – they will have a hard time with the truth since they’ve been denying it for so long.

Once Casey hears the State’s opening statement, and realizes that it is all coming down on her head, she may wish to God she’d taken a plea.

The Anthony’s are not ready for what’s coming. What is coming by the State is a series of links in a chain of evidence that will be so strong, it will wrap around Casey like a thick and heavy shackle.


Miranda Rights and Casey Anthony

Oh, this is truly poetic justice!

You may recall the fascinating bond hearing that took place in Honorable Stan Strickland’s courtroom, in June of 2008.  Of real interest to everyone was the testimony of Detective Yuri Mellich.  He revealed so many shocking insights: the smell in the car being decomposition, the cadaver dogs hitting on the Anthony backyard, and on Casey’s white Pontiac, and more.

I remembered a particular line of questioning, however, from Jose Baez in which he asked a litany of questions with regards to Yuri’s questioning of Casey at her home and at Universal Studios.  Now, the reason this set of questions is important is it directly deals with the motion filed by Cheney Mason asking that Casey’s statements to law enforcement be suppressed. Mr. Mason’s reasoning?   Mason claims in the motion: There was no probable cause to “interrogate” Casey; she was in “custody” of the Detectives; she was handcuffed but not put under arrest; she was not read her Miranda Rights, and she was not advised of her Constitutional Rights, which refers to having counsel for a defense.  Read Motion

In June of 2010, the Supreme Court made a new ruling with regard to Miranda Rights.  In essence, the Supreme Court made the Miranda Ruling more beneficial for Law Enforcement than for individuals.  The crux of the ruling is that a person who is talking to police, or under arrest, must make it absolutely clear they do not want to talk. Furthermore, it is incumbent on the suspect to stay SILENT, or their words can and will be used against them in a court of law.

The Supreme Court’s new ruling states that a suspect must make it perfectly clear they do not want to talk.  If they do not, and they talk, the suspects statements can be used at trial.

This is a slippery slope for the individual as it does not offer the same protections against self incrimination.  In the past, the suspect who is under arrest was read their rights (to remain silent, seek a lawyer).  If a suspect says they want a lawyer, all questioning had to cease. But, if the suspect then began to talk, the police were to ask the suspect if they now want to “waive” their Miranda Rights (to stay silent) and talk.  Now, with the recent Supreme Court decision, the police do not need to ask if the suspect if they want to waive their rights.

With regards to the defense motion to suppress, then, you will see why the Defense motion falls flat on its face. In fact, if there was any question about this motion, the State of Florida need only look back at the questions that Jose Baez asked of Detective Yuri Mellich during the bond hearing.   This is not a verbatim transcript, but this is how the questioning goes:

Baez:  Did Casey willingly answer your questions at her home when you asked her about the whereabouts of the child?

Mellich: Yes.

Baez: Did she ever ask to consult with an attorney before answering your questions?

Mellich: No.

Baez:  Would you have waited to question her if she had asked for an attorney?

Mellich: She wasn’t a suspect at the time, why would I ask if she wanted an attorney?

Baez: If she had asked for an attorney, you would have stopped questioning her, correct?

Mellich: Yes. Of course.

Baez: When you took her out to look at the areas where Zenaida may have lived, at any point then, she could have said I want a lawyer, right?

Mellich: Yes.

Baez: But she didn’t.

Mellich: No.

Baez: Then you went to Sawgrass Apartments, did she ask for a lawyer?

Mellich: No.

(Baez then lists the additional places that Mellich took Casey that morning, and asks Mellich each time: She could have asked for a lawyer, but she didn’t, and Mellich responds.  No.)

Mellich: I then took her home so I could do further investigation.

Baez: You dropped her back home. And she didn’t flee or try to run, did she?

Mellich: As far as I know, no she did not. I can’t attest to what she did after I dropped her off.

Baez: Was she there when you came back later in the day?

Mellich: Yes.

Baez: And with your contact with her at Universal Studios, she could have asked for a lawyer, right?

Mellich: Yes

Baez: And she didn’t?

Mellich: No.

Baez:  You then took her into a room to begin to question her further, and she could have invoked her right to a lawyer?

Mellich: Yes.

Baez: But she didn’t?

Mellich: No.

Baez: You then took her to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and she still didn’t invoke her right to counsel?

Mellich: Right.

Baez: Did you interrogate her at the Sherrif’s office?

Mellich: No.

Baez: But you read her her rights?

Mellich: After I placed her under arrest, yes.

Baez: Did she ever to you invoke her right to counsel?

Mellich: No.

Baez: She never said “I’m not talking to you anymore?”

Mellich: No.

Here is the video where the above questions are asked:  Baez and Mellich.

The reason these questions and answers are important?  The Defense knows that Law Enforcement did everything by the book and there is no way that Casey’s statements to Police will be suppressed.

This is what I call justice.


on his day – celebrating MLK

Just to say his name: Dr. Martin Luther King can, and often does, bring shivers down my spine.

It is not enough to say he was a great man, he was more than just a great man, he was so much more. He was the epitome of hope for the future.  He was hope itself.

He was electrifying.  It’s as if the word “charismatic” was written for him.

I remember the day he was assassinated. I was very young, but I remember the day and the sadness, and the sense of utter desolation.  I will never forget the crippling heartache of millions of people mourning together.  I remember it, though I didn’t understand what was happening at the time.

Dr. King advocated, peacefully, for a color-blind America.  He didn’t live to see it come to fruition, sadly, but he laid the foundation and sparked the passion in the bellies of so many.

He was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee.  He was in Tennessee to support the black sanitation workers.  They were in a labor strike for equal pay and better working conditions.

The day before he was assassinated he addressed the crowd of workers and others with his amazing “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech.

Tragically, the speech was prophetic; within 24 hours, he was dead.  James Earl Ray pulled the trigger of the gun.

I’ve Been to the Mountaintop….

The quote below is a small part of his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” address:

Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land! So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!

It has been 25 years since his death.  We have seen a great many changes since then.  We no longer struggle with Civil Rights to the extent we did, though there are hate groups out there, the haters hate everyone, not just people with black skin.

The fight goes on for the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered people of this country.  They are the ones who’s rights are trampled on today.  Lynch mobs are real for them…..

But, that is another topic for another day. Today is MLK’s day.

God Bless Dr. Martin Luther King.

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