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no license to fish, Baez!

There was a hearing today in the case against Casey Anthony.  The purpose of the hearing?  To display, in no uncertain terms, the sheer desperation of the defense to find an iota of reasonable doubt.

Once again, the beleaguered defense was bowled over by Judge Perry.  The Judge denied their motion requesting Joe Jordon, Texas EquuSearch volunteer, turn over photos he allegedly took near the area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately found.  However, what is very fishy is that on December 8, 2010, when Joe Jordon was deposed by the defense team, they didn’t ask if he’d taken any photographs of the area.  Furthermore, they never mentioned photographs at all.  Therefore, the subpoena of phantom photographs is illogical and the Judge said as much.

“I cannot give you a license to fish,” the Judge cautioned the defense.

However, if the defense has evidence, or can provide cause to subpoena Joe Jordon’s alleged photographs, the Judge did leave the door open to pursue this avenue.  But, only if there is cause.

If I were Casey Anthony right now, I’d be asking my counsel what theories, or what evidence will they use to prove that I couldn’t have placed Caylee in those woods…. what in the world could they say?

“Gone Fishin” is all they could say.

But, there’s no fishin’ allowed anymore  – it’s virtually banned.  The tide has turned, no more motions in the ocean for Jose…. They’ve even run out of bait now.

I’d hate to be in Casey Anthony’s sinking boat right about now.

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