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January 6, 2011


lie upon lie upon lie Mr. Mason!

by Andrea O'Connell

In the case against Casey Anthony, a plethora of documentation has been released into the public record by Law Enforcement and by the Orlando State Attorney’s Office.  This would include both an audio recording and a transcript of the interview that law enforcement conducted with Casey Anthony at Universal Studios.

Because both Mr. Cheney Mason and Mr. Jose Baez have mentioned their penchant for reading blogs, perhaps they will read this and take note that bloggers are merely here to write about the truth as we know it, and to remind folks that we haven’t forgotten that this story – this capital murder case – is about justice for a child named Caylee Marie Anthony.

Bloggers also want to see a legal system that is fair to both the accused and the accuser.  I am writing this because it is my personal opinion that the defense is seriously jeopardizing their own case and worse, harming their own client.  Everyone – innocent or guilty – deserves to be defended, that is our precious right as Americans.  We have a right to be called innocent until proven guilty.  Mr. Mason is just doing his job when he files motions, but I have a problem with this Motion to Suppress.

Mr. Mason’s recent filing: Motion to Suppress Statements, dated January 3, 2011 asks that the interview between Lead Detective Yuri Mellich, Sgt. John Allen, and Detective Appie Wells, be thrown out.  He asserts that Casey was never read her Miranda rights because, he claims, she was put in handcuffs almost immediately, and was effectively under arrest.  But, his assertion does not align with the reality of what’s written and stated in the police report and in the interview transcript.

Casey was interviewed by Det. Mellich very early in the morning on July 15th.  Detective Mellich went on to investigate all of Casey’s claims – the Sawgrass Apartments that Zanny supposedly occupied, the “old folks home” where Casey claimed Zanny once lived, plus dozens of other lies.  By the time she agreed to be taken to Universal Studios, she was virtually caught in dozens of lies.  And while in the conference room at Universal Studios (where she claimed she worked – another lie), she told lie upon lie upon lie.

In his motion, Cheney Mason states that Casey was

…confronted by members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at her residence/parent’s residence on Hope Spring Drive in Orlando.  Upon said confrontation, the defendant was taken into custody and handcuffed by members of the Sheriff’s Department, despite having no probable cause of any crime having been committed, having no warrant, and having no exigent circumstances that would justify a warrantless arrest of the defendant.

In truth: The police responded to a 911 call by Cindy Anthony – responded to the call concerning a missing Caylee Anthony.

Please advise me if I am incorrect, but according to the arrest warrant, Casey Anthony was NOT placed in handcuffs at her residence. In addition, this is a case of a missing child and she is the mother who claimed that she wanted the assistance of law enforcement. But, Mr. Mason asserts:

After the handcuffing/arrest/seizure of the defendant, as aforesaid, she was subsequently questioned by various detectives including, but not limited to, lead detective Yuri Melich.

The information that is provided in the Public Records, the police reports, the transcript of the interview, say something entirely different.  The reports say Casey was interviewed by Melich that morning, after he arrived. Then, Casey went with Det. Melich in his unmarked car to canvas areas that Casey had indicated Caylee may have been.  After a time, Det. Melich dropped Casey back to her residence.

Mr. Mason writes:

…hours later on the next day, the defendant was picked up at her residence by Melich and Allen in their patrol car, and taken to Universal Studios.  The defendant was effectively in “custody” and control of the detectives and/or their assisting agents, the Security at Universal Studios, while she walked with the detectives and was questioned by them.

…defendant acknowledged she no longer worked at Universal, whereupon she was promptly ushered into a small “conference room”, where she was detained by detectives Allen and Melich, with the door closed and interrogated for a substantial period of time.

Again, the information that is provided in the Public Records, the police reports, and the transcript of the interview, say something entirely different.  Casey Anthony agreed to be picked up at her home and taken to Universal so she could show detectives where she worked.  At one point, she claimed that one of her cell phones – the one issued by her work – could have been left on her desk. She also thought it would be a good idea to look around Universal Studios since Caylee has been there in the past.  Nowhere is there a claim by law enforcement that Casey was handcuffed at any time during the period Mr. Mason describes.

Additionally, detective Melich made it perfectly clear they were in the conference room, with the door closed, for privacy, but the door was unlocked.  There was never any mention that she was in handcuffs before or during the Universal interview.

The motion goes on to claim that Casey was not free to leave Universal on her own as she lived 20 miles away.  Mr. Mason claims Casey was effectively the person of interest in the disappearance of Caylee, was closely watched by two armed detectives, and was never advised of her rights to counsel, or her right to remain silent.

Now, it is clear that the detectives, at times, asked pointed questions, but were never forceful enough to cause Casey to appear afraid.  On the contrary, she was poised and delivered her answers to their probing in a flat and monotone way.  In fact, she never once appeared emotional, except with Appie Wells, he noticed tears in her eyes when he was alone with her.

Were Casey’s rights violated?  I would say no they were not as she was presenting herself as a mother who wanted to find her daughter.  However, in all honesty, the moment the detectives began to advise her of all the lies they knew she told, and once they began to demand she tell them where Caylee was, she should have asked for a lawyer. But, she did not.  She was too preoccupied with trying to keep her lies straight to think about lawyers. She was 22 at the time of the arrest; an Adult.  Had she been a child, Mr. Mason would have something to write about. (By the way, shortly after the interview at Universal, Casey was put under arrest and still hadn’t evoked her right to counsel.)

And, lest we forget, Casey didn’t have anything to do with Caylee’s disappearance.  It was Zanny’s fault that Caylee disappeared without a trace.

Therefore, Zanny did it, right?  Zanny’s on the defense witness list, right?

Well, surely Mr. Mason will put Zanny the Nanny on the witness list, since she committed the crime, right?

You betcha!


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  1. Diana
    Jan 7 2011

    What a crock! He tells easily proven lies just like his client does. They would need a miracle to escape all the lies Casey told in that interview. I liked when they said……..Everything you told us has been a lie and she says…..NOT everything. I think she was referring to her name and address when she said that.

    • Jan 7 2011

      Oh yes, a crock indeed. How in the world they think they are going to get this motion passed is beyond my comprehension. Casey Anthony was 22, capable of making her own decisions, and she did. She decided to lie and lie and lie and set the stage for her own demise.

      LOL, it’s true – there was NOTHING she said that was true other than her own name and address. Literally.

  2. Weezie
    Jan 7 2011

    Diana; very funny. I loved your response.
    Andrea; Having your read your very great article, I started to think, where in h**l were her parents, Cindy and George at this point? Back at the ranch? If they felt her rights as a young woman were being violated they could have followed her and demanded that she get a Lawyer. Not. Because they wanted to find out the truth at that point, whatever the course it took and whoever had to interrogate her, George, Cindy and Lee had exhausted all their attempts to get Casey to talk the truth. It’s up to Mason to try that legal issue, but I know it’s going to fail. The wild goose chase is coming in and so is Znaida b.s. The Prosecution can’t wait to battle this motion. When is it anyway? Thanks again Andrea. You are beginning to be as creative as Dave in your posts. I’m lovin it.

    • Jan 7 2011

      Hey Weezie, I am very humbled by your compliment. Thank you. I would only hope to be as solid a writer as Dave. I am working at it, so perhaps it shows… LOL!

      Anyway, Casey sunk her own ship – George and Cindy would have just made it worse had they been with her. The motion doesn’t appear to have any legs to stand on. I know that Mason had to try, but I just don’t like how he goes about it.

  3. Sherry
    Jan 7 2011

    I’m sure the State will nicely remind the court the truth of the matter. While Casey deserves good legal counsel it just isn’t happening if they have to outright lie (or go by Casey’s styorytelling). This defense team is not doing their homework and checking their “facts”.

    I agree with Weezie, you are as good as Dave! Hi, Weezie! Hi, Diane! {waving}

    • Jan 7 2011

      Hey Sherry, Thank you for your comments! I take that as such a high compliment – I only wish it were true! LOL!

      I am so anxious to see the outcome of this motion! I almost think that the judge will just deny it sans a hearing…. If there is a hearing, I can’t wait to see the Detectives testify! (I really like them all…. LOL!)

  4. Weezie
    Jan 7 2011

    Sherry; Hi you …. Haven’t talked to you in a long while. Glad to see you here. Maybe you have been all along. I think this holiday season put me into another zone altogether. I’m getting back on the horse. lol

  5. offthecuff
    Jan 7 2011

    I believe the defense knows the facts quite well.

    But they are desperately trying to go through everything from day 1 with a fine-toothed flea comb to see what truths can be twisted to implicate a lack of integrity from LE and sloppy police work. This is their only strategy.

    The state will have a field day lining up the accuracies. I’m surprised that Mason is even offering any LE complaints since he wasn’t involved at that time.

    • Jan 7 2011

      Hey OfftheCuff… I totally agree with you, their only strategy is to find fault with the police work, evidence collection, testing, etc. Maybe Mason didn’t really read the discovery during the early days in the case. Perhaps he only listened to Casey’s version of events…. that could be why it appears to be so convoluted, perhaps.


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