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keeping time, staying in step

I ran so fast to get my camera when I saw these lovelies in the driveway today.  At first there were only two. Then a third and fourth swooped in, then a fifth and sixth flew in from different directions out of nowhere .

I think they’re a family, they do look quite young.

Isn’t it cute how they look to be walking in unison?

They were a nice gift today. 


post a post a day

Thankfully, today is the start of a long weekend!  I have a bunch of things to accomplish, but first on my list is to fulfill this promise I’ve made – to post a post a day in 2011.  Today is day 15 and I don’t really have anything much that I want to write about.  So, I am just going to write unedited and see what comes out.  I could write about the Casey Anthony case, come to think about it. The Judge in that case said that because the jury will be picked from another county and housed in Orlando during the eight week trial, it is going to cost the state of Florida over $350,000. That number sounds conservative to me.  It sounds as if it was picked out of the air, frankly.  First of all, they have to go to the expense of picking a jury.  That entails traveling to a different county, paying the costs of all the lawyers, court reports, assistants, bailiffs while they pick the jury, which could take a week, or more. And then there’s Casey Anthony.  She has to be present.  There are costs involved with caring for her.  She will have to be housed in a local jail while there. (I wonder if she thinks she’ll stay in a hotel, too!)

These perspective jurors will need to agree to be away from their jobs, families and friends for a period of at least eight weeks while this case is tried.  Not too many people could pick up and run off like that.  I couldn’t.  I have my dog and my cat!  I couldn’t leave them.  I wonder if they will accept jurors who need to bring their animals? And, the jurors will be given access to doctors and dentists during their stay in Orlando.  I heard the Judge say, they would be moving the jurors frequently to different hotels, I suppose to prevent the media from camping outside the hotels.  Will this case really be as big as the OJ Simpson case was infamous?  I wonder if it will rise to that level?  I sure hope not.  Somehow, that seems wrong, but I can’t say exactly why, it just seems wrong that the case would get that big an be a major media event.  I guess it feels wrong, because it’s not reality TV (though in reality it is), it’s the legal system at work.  What if the mainstream media talks about her terrible counsel?  That would be a show unto itself.  The Jose Baez Blunder Show. I can see it now. Sad though it is, money will be made off of this case.  That’s the reality.  Jurors will write books.  Jurors will be in the spotlight after the show, I mean “case” has ended. I do have faith, despite the media madness that will result, that the bloggers will continually remind folks that the case is about a little girl named Caylee Marie Anthony who lost her life because of a selfish and narcissistic mother who was jealous of her own daughter.  Oh, the sadness there.  I think the jurors will take up this fight for Caylee.  The Assistant State Attorney’s will not let the jurors forget Caylee.  I think they will bring this case into focus and put the spot light on justice for Caylee.  The big question, will they serve the State of Florida and agree to the Death Penalty?  If the State can prove it’s case, the answer is likely “yes”.

One thing is certain, these prospective jurors will have to be in favor of the death penalty.  That excludes me, and many others (if they are honest).  There are certain questions the attorneys must ask potential jurors to find out if they would be willing to put another human being to death if the case is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is referred to as finding a “death penalty qualified” juror.  But, even then, after picking a death penalty qualified jury who have promised they can vote for the death penalty if given reason to, there is no telling if they will chose death when it comes time to vote. Will they see Casey Anthony as a monster, as we see her.  Or will they see her as a disturbed young girl who made a terrible mistake?   There is no telling what will happen, and we don’t have crystal balls.  The only thing I know, is there are 61 women on death row today.  Casey would bring that number to 62, if she’s sentenced to death.

It’s a bit nerve wracking to write so quickly, without edits along the way!  I would like to not edit what I’ve just written, and just click the “publish” button.  Well, I can’t do that, I am not that brave!  I always make such mistakes when I write… My mind moves much faster than my fingers, and I leave out so many words, not to mention my tendency to write run-on sentences!  However, I am going to NOT edit this.  This is it.

It’s scary to write like this.  I get so mad and critical of myself that I often wonder why I put myself through this!  And now, this post a post a day challenge….  Am I nuts?  Well, yes, just a little. But, I’m compelled to do this.  I (usually) put a lot of thought into what I am writing, and really try to make the words I write “sound” good.  I like when words sound like music. I’m not hearing music in my head this morning, but that’s okay, this is stream of consciousness writing, not artfully written.  I envy people whose words can come out on the page, the very first time, unedited, and not only have music in them, but also open our eyes to something unique and clever, that we’ve never thought of before.

I wish I could do that.  That’s my goal, really.  I am taking on this post a post a day challenge because I want to become a better writer. Practice helps, I know!  So, I’m back where I started from…..telling you about my challenge and running out of things I’d like to talk about because I need more coffee and my morning brain feels like mush today (I stayed up way too late last night watching movies!)  I’m dragging this morning. My eyes are dry and itchy, I haven’t even brushed my teeth!  So, I’m going to end this here until tomorrow, or perhaps later in the day, if I think of something I want to write about.  Until then, have a wondrous Saturday!

Coffee is calling but first I am going to push the “publish” button before I loose the nerve………

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