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let freedom ring for Roy Kronk!

There were quite a few happenings in the case against Casey Anthony today.

The best news of all was related to Roy Kronk, the gentleman who discovered the remains of Caylee Anthony, in December, 2008.  Judge Perry ruled against the Defense bringing into testimony any mention of Roy Kronk’s supposed “prior bad acts.”

A collective sigh of relief was probably released around the blogosphere as a result of that news.  Nearly everyone complained about the horrible way the Defense was characterizing Kronk.  They (the Defense) floated a sick bunch of stories that his ex-wives conjured up, and that Baez and company wanted so badly to further fabricate at trial.

However, the Judge is allowing the Defense to ask Kronk about his 911 calls.  That’s only fair.

I don’t doubt that Kronk will be a good witness.  He was straight forward and honest in his multiple interviews with the Detectives, so I bet he will do just fine.

I’m glad for Roy Kronk; the position that he was being put in by the Defense was unfair, and in my view, unethical since the Defense had only rumors, not a single FACT to support the ex-wives stories.

Read the Judge’s ruling with regards to Roy Kronk here.

Other interesting happenings today in the case included news that Linda Drane Burdick filed a request to have Casey’s “pen-pal” from the jail, Robyn Adams, brought to Orlando to testify for the State, presumably against Casey Anthony.  Robyn Adams is currently imprisoned in Tallahassee on drug charges.  The Judge approved the request.

As for the additional motions that were decided today, they are:

1) The Defense motion to subpoena Joe Jordan’s photographs.  DENIED.  The judge wrote that the Defense did not provide adequate facts to support their claims that the photos were relevant.

2) The Defense entered a motion to limit the use of a telephoto lens in the courtroom.  The Judge today said: DENIED.

3) The Defense a while ago asked to have the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC), pay for extra costs the Defense accrued for transcripts.  The Judge APPROVED the $860.70 that the Defense requested.

4) The Defense filed a motion to forbid any testimony that Tim Miller, EquuSearch President, might give about Casey Anthony nearly pointing on a map where Caylee’s remains would be.  The Judge APPROVED this motion.  This was no surprise as the State said they would not have asked Tim Miller to speculate about what “might” have happened had Casey not been stopped, and pulled out of the room by her mother.

5) The Defense’s motion to keep the table knife found in Casey’s car out of the case was APPROVED.

So, that’s it!  A busy TGIF in the Casey Anthony case.

There are still quite a few outstanding motions that the Judge has yet to rule on.  With luck, these will be decided next week.

In the mean time, there is a hearing planned for next Monday, at 4:00 pm, to discuss the Defense request for more funds to pay for the investigative work they claim is necessary.

Let’s hope their investigator does not attempt to do to another poor soul what was done to Roy Kronk.

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