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January 22, 2011


good night, and good luck

by Andrea O'Connell

Last night Keith Olbermann said “good night, and good luck” for the final time on MSNBC.  It was an abrupt ending to an eight year long stint for Olbermann.

Not a soul is talking about why he so abruptly left, everyone is guessing.  The most likely reason?  Olbermann, very much a liberal, may not have wanted to work, or be associated with Comcast, the right leaning mega conglomerate who just obtained the rights to buy out NBC Universal.

NBC has stated the Comcast buy-out is not the reason for Olbermann’s departure.  However, it is strange that no explanation is given, which leaves us with so many questions.

I enjoyed Olbermann’s sparkling, biting and colorful repartee with his guests.  I loved that he was open and unapologetic in his battering of Bill O’Reilly, the FOX news commentator who has made a name for himself by acting like a buffoon; Glenn Beck (I don’t know where Glenn Beck is currently, hopefully he is off the air), and the drug dependent Rush Limbaugh.  Olbermann would castigate these three characters almost nightly for their blatant hypocrisy, calling them “the worst persons in the world” which was a nightly segment of his one hour “Countdown” show.

One of Olbermann’s proudest accomplishments, however, was the fact that his show raised over 2 million dollars for the National Association of Free Clinics They are an non-profit 501c(3) organization established to assist the millions of people in this country who go without any health-care.

The video clip that I have included here is the conclusion of last nights final show in which Olbermann so eloquently says good-bye and thanks the audience; then reads from Thurber, as he did every Friday night.

This particular Thurber story is called “Scottie Who Knew Too Much.”  And, the moral of the story, aptly is: “It’s better to ask some of the questions than to know all of the answers.”

Indeed it is.

Keith’s final moments:

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  1. weezie10
    Jan 24 2011

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get the channel, but I was very impressed with him as a broadcaster, and it makes me wonder who is left with any integrity, to have the sheer guts to slam some of those wasted air bags who would rather use shock value as their mantra than to report an unbiased story, with perhaps a more honest biased commentary. That’s just me. I think it goes without saying that once you have hit the wall, and see the writing up close, you just might not like what is spells (smells) like. lol

  2. Rob
    Jan 25 2011

    Andrea, I am sorry to learn of Keith Olbermann’s departure. He was a breath of fresh air in the heavy airwaves of the far right media, that we see so much of today. I suppose “The Daily Show”, with John Stewart is the only one in the media, who will still be there to keep the Fox News propaganda in their place.


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