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only the killer would know

When news of Casey Anthony’s jail “pen-pal” Robyn Adams broke, and the transcripts of her interview were released to the public in discovery, it caused somewhat of a stir.

I had not realized how damaging Robyn Adams will be to Casey Anthony until I read the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) interviews with her, last evening.

Robyn was in protective custody with Casey at the Orange County Jail until she was transferred to Federal Prison, in Tallahassee.

For the most part, Robyn and Casey were the only two inmates in protective custody.  But for a time, another jail inmate, Maya Dirkovic, was in protective custody with them.  It was due to Maya’s speaking to Lead Detective, Yuri Mellich, that the name Robyn Adams came to light.  Maya advised Mellich that Robyn and Casey were passing letters back and forth, otherwise we might never have known about Robyn.

Letters and Visits

Robyn and Casey wrote copious letters to each other – all of which are now public record.  The two would deliver the letters back and forth via a particular book on a book cart.  They also had, in the beginning, fleeting opportunities to speak to each other.  Robyn was let out of her jail cell in the evenings to help the Corrections Officer’s with laundry, cleaning showers and bathrooms.  This gave Robyn a chance to talk at length to Casey through the small “bean hole” which is an opening on the door of Casey’s cell.  Then, after a while, Robyn was allowed inside Casey’s cell where they’d talk for hours on end.

It was not every night that Robyn was able to speak to Casey, but it was generally four to five times a week.  The nights they were unable to talk face to face, they wrote letters to each other.

Blanchard Park and the Woods off of Suburban Drive

Robyn’s descriptions of Casey’s attitude and conversations during the Blanchard Park search and on December 8th 11th, when Roy Kronk called the authorities about finding remains in the woods off of Suburban Drive, are critical.  It is absolutely clear, now, why the State needs Robyn’s testimony

Below are parts of her interview with the FDLE that are critical.  During the Blanchard Park search, Robyn says:

Robyn: …I waited and I talked to Casey that night and I told her kind of like how I would talk to anybody, dude they just found a bag of bones, I guess they found something in Blanchard Park and she kinda, her reaction to that was “It’s not my daughter.”

FDLE: Is that what she said to you?

Robyn: Mm huh.

FDLE:  And was it, it’s not my daughter like in denial or she knew it wasn’t her daughter because she knew her daughter couldn’t of been there.  What was your opinion of what, I mean how did you interpret it.  Kind of like she wasn’t even concerned because she knew her daughter was somewhere else.

Robyn: Um hmm.  She kinda, she kinda, kinda, I mean, it just sounds so harsh when I say this she kinda giggled, in just…not in like an evil way, she just kind of like…. it’s not my kid, it’s not my daughter…

Casey’s reaction on December 8th was totally different.  Robyn described Casey as distraught and scared as a result of the news that a child’s remains were found near her home.  But, the most damning information from Robyn Adams is how Casey described what was found.  Casey told Robyn, crying, that they found a child’s remains inside a black bag, with a baby blanket.

Robyn says to FDLE:

Robyn: …the meter reader found in the woods by her parents house a black remains and a baby blanket inside a black bag.  That’s it, that’s all and she was crying. she was crying and she was…

FDLE: Scared?

Robyn: She was scared.

FDLE: Okay.

Robyn:  She was very scared.

Robyn goes on to say that Casey’s reaction to the two events was completely different.  To the Blanchard Park finding, she showed no concern:  “She was like ah whatever, it’s not my kid.  It’s not going to affect my case.”  Versus on December 8th, 11th,  she was crying uncontrollably.  Robyn talks of holding Casey’s hand, trying to comfort her because she was scared.

A note about Robyn Adams.  She is a reluctant witness (she did not want to be involved). Another factor that makes her credible, her FDLE interviews were very detailed, and her answers were consistent from one interview to the next – she was interviewed by FDLE on February 12, 2010, and then again on March 4, 2010.

I believed her.

Only the Killer Would Know

As you may recall, it took a week, at least, to process the crime scene off of Suburban Drive.  The Police and FBI were meticulous in their work which accounted for the extended time frame.  During the time that Law Enforcement was processing the area, there was speculation in the media that it was most likely Caylee, but the Police were absolutely silent with regards to the identification of the body.

There certainly was no detail about the condition of the body, or how it was found.  There was no talk about a baby blanket or a black garbage bag.  Yet, Casey told Robyn they found a black garbage bag with a baby and a baby blanket in it.

This was not made public at the time.  Only the person who used the black garbage bag to enclose a baby with a baby blanket, would have this information.

Only the killer would know.

Here’s the transcript of the two interviews with Robyn Adams and FDLE.

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