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Lee out, Excuses in

A new motion filed today by Jose Baez tells us the crate of oranges that Dr. Henry Lee was going to be paid for his work, is now orange juice.  And speaking of OJ, with all these big names exiting stage left, the so called Defense Dream Team is now just that, a dream.

Baez, in the motion, characterizes Lee’s expert report as “moot.”   Moot!

And then, we learn that Baez is asking the court to allow him more time to submit some of the expert witness reports!

The very same reports that he was just sanctioned over!  (This motion will go over about as well as the motion to vacate the sanction.)

Judge Perry is not likely to be pleased with this request.  Why?  Because in true Baez fashion, he’s asking for another license to fish.  Baez is asking the Judge to speculate on why 45 more days are needed.  For instance, he writes:

The Defense would like to have the opportunity to meet with experts Reichs and Rodriquez prior to them rendering their opinions as they may have additional opinions after review of the additional material.

Huh? They “may” have “additional opinions” after review of “additional material.”   Baez has not provided the initial opinions, why should the Judge allow for vague additional opinions?

Judge Belvin Perry was not born yesterday, he will recognize this as just another fishing expedition.  Plus, there are no FACTS in that statement (or anywhere in the motion) as to why 45 more days are needed.  Oh, actually, that’s not quite true. The facts are that the Defense experts’ travel schedules have not allowed them to complete their reports.  Too busy.  The court may be too busy to hear from these witnesses.

Also, in the motion Baez writes about a mysterious “unique opportunity” in the future:

The Defense will have a unique opportunity in the very near future and is requesting an additional 45 days to comply with those two witnesses and a reasonable amount of time for Doctors Logan and Spitz.

What is this mystery?  Murder, She Wrote?

I am not a lawyer; I have never written a motion, but I do possess enough common sense to know that one cannot expect a Judge to grant a request that is an “opportunity” with out a definition or purpose.

On to Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee’s report, says the Defense, has become “moot.”  The choice of the word “moot” is an interesting one.  Moot is often used to describe something that is no longer of value, applicable or significant.   Dr. Lee, it was reported, found 17 hairs in the trunk of Casey’s car versus the three or so found by the Orlando CSI.  The hairs apparently showed no sign of decomposition.

Wouldn’t that bode well for the Defense?  So…. why moot?  I won’t begin to speculate why.  Regardless, this about-face concerning Dr. Lee is ponderous since, early on in the case, Dr. Lee was coming in on a white horse to save the day.

It remains to be seen if Dr. Lee bailed, or if he’s suddenly allergic to oranges.

Dr. Michael Freeman is no longer an expert witness.  The motion states, “Dr. Michael Freemen has been withdrawn from the defense witness list.  This statement is worded so the reader will think the defense removed him.  But, chances are Dr. Michael Freeman withdrew himself from the case.

What is also interesting is Baez’s claim to have already supplied to the State the reports of: Dr. Jan Bock, Dr. Kenneth Furton, Richard Eiklenboom, Dr. Timothy Huntington, and Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, as the court requested.  ASA Linda Drane Burdick did not include these reports on her list submitted yesterday to the court.  Perhaps he submitted the reports today?  Maybe Baez, after seeing ASA Burdick’s motion listing the mind numbing non-evidence list she published yesterday, he rushed to submit the material today?

Maybe he was diligent and met the deadlines that the court laid down?

Pass me some OJ, please.

Here’s the link to today’s Defense motion for more time.

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