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lethal injection drug halted

There was not a speck of news from Camp Anthony today aside from WESH telling us that on Friday we can expect discovery material to be released.  The content, they believe, pertains to Robyn Adams, (Casey’s Orange County Jail “pen pal” ) as well as material related to EquuSearch.

On another note, there was an interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel today titled: Lack of lethal-injection drug means Florida must develop new execution procedure.

It seems it could take months before a new company is found who will start making the lethal stuff.  The previous supplier, Hospira, recently announced it is unable to continue making the drug, and will halt production.

Why?  Well, it seems that European countries like Italy, and the UK refuse to play nice with Hospira if the drug is intended for killing someone.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Hospira made an announcement this past Friday:

…it would discontinue manufacturing the anesthetic after Italian government authorities asked for a guarantee that the drug, slated to be produced for the first time at a plant in Italy this year, wouldn’t be used in executions. Hospira said it can’t control the ultimate end use of the medicine, marketed as Pentothal.

Italy and the UK both refused to produce the drug if it was going to be used to kill people.  And, Hospira is pleased to be out of the business because they would prefer that their brand be associated with wellness and healing, not killing.

To carry out the legal murders, a “cocktail” of drugs is employed.  This particular drug, called sodium thiopental, is the first of three used in the process to snuff the life out of a human being.  It is an anesthetic which is used just prior to a muscle relaxant.  Then, another drug is injected that stops the heart.

The Orlando Sentinel article, written by Anthony Colarossi (who also writes Casey Anthony stories), reports that every death-row inmate in Florida thus far has elected lethal injection when it’s their turn to be killed.  Death-row inmates in Florida must make a decision as to how they want to be killed just after their appeal – should it fail.  (Death penalty cases are automatically appealed.)  After the appeal, the choice for the inmate is either lethal injection or electrocution.

A Note to Readers

I have deliberately used the politically incorrect wording “kill” and “murder” because I believe that is what it is.

This topic is one I am going to explore further in the coming days, despite how angry it makes me feel.


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