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January 26, 2011


lethal injection drug halted

by Andrea O'Connell

There was not a speck of news from Camp Anthony today aside from WESH telling us that on Friday we can expect discovery material to be released.  The content, they believe, pertains to Robyn Adams, (Casey’s Orange County Jail “pen pal” ) as well as material related to EquuSearch.

On another note, there was an interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel today titled: Lack of lethal-injection drug means Florida must develop new execution procedure.

It seems it could take months before a new company is found who will start making the lethal stuff.  The previous supplier, Hospira, recently announced it is unable to continue making the drug, and will halt production.

Why?  Well, it seems that European countries like Italy, and the UK refuse to play nice with Hospira if the drug is intended for killing someone.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Hospira made an announcement this past Friday:

…it would discontinue manufacturing the anesthetic after Italian government authorities asked for a guarantee that the drug, slated to be produced for the first time at a plant in Italy this year, wouldn’t be used in executions. Hospira said it can’t control the ultimate end use of the medicine, marketed as Pentothal.

Italy and the UK both refused to produce the drug if it was going to be used to kill people.  And, Hospira is pleased to be out of the business because they would prefer that their brand be associated with wellness and healing, not killing.

To carry out the legal murders, a “cocktail” of drugs is employed.  This particular drug, called sodium thiopental, is the first of three used in the process to snuff the life out of a human being.  It is an anesthetic which is used just prior to a muscle relaxant.  Then, another drug is injected that stops the heart.

The Orlando Sentinel article, written by Anthony Colarossi (who also writes Casey Anthony stories), reports that every death-row inmate in Florida thus far has elected lethal injection when it’s their turn to be killed.  Death-row inmates in Florida must make a decision as to how they want to be killed just after their appeal – should it fail.  (Death penalty cases are automatically appealed.)  After the appeal, the choice for the inmate is either lethal injection or electrocution.

A Note to Readers

I have deliberately used the politically incorrect wording “kill” and “murder” because I believe that is what it is.

This topic is one I am going to explore further in the coming days, despite how angry it makes me feel.


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  1. Jan 26 2011

    We still have Mr Sparky 😉

    and I bet Casey would get a charge outta him 😀

    • Jan 26 2011

      Oh Kimmie, you baaaaad girl!

      • Jan 26 2011

        I am trying to behave

      • Jan 26 2011

        LOL! You’re being a good girl! I have to say, I had a good chuckle at your comment – it was good to laugh after the downer I just wrote. 🙂

    • Venice
      Jan 27 2011


  2. weezie10
    Jan 26 2011

    Andrea: Downer or not, Canada has abolished the death penalty for the last 20 years or so. However, there is a growing group who wants to reinstate it. Because of the horrific murders here, there are a lot of people saying, “why should these people only get 25 years in jail without parole”, It’s up to the board to decide to release them. Are you kidding me? A murder, no matter how horrendous it is, can only get 25 years in Canada, and then it’s up to a bunch of idiots ? This is when I start to change my mind about capital punishment. I have never been in favour of it and I hope that I will keep that promise. You may have heard of a case here, where two girls were kidnapped and murderd by a couple, living in Niagara. Also they killed Karla’s sister by using a lethal drug to render her helpless while he raped her in her parents downstairs house. Does that mean she was under his control? NOT! Can you imagine the media intensity here? It was unreal. Homolka confessing to the State, in exchange for 7 years in prison, told the horrid story of what happened in both cases. Every Canadian was in shock and so angry that the plea deal was made. I still have such anger towards them, but I guess they didn’t have any proof without her statements. The trials were separate, Karala first, Bernardo second. She was evil and compliant, and just as guilty. You see, there isn’t justice , because she made a deal with the Prosecution (The Devil). It was the most talked about and disturbing case in history. You might know the names: BERNARDO/HOMOLKA. She is now living in Bermuda, having married and had a child. Bernardo is still in jail and I don’t believe he will ever be released. But, who knows how the system changes? He could be released with a different set of people, a different time in history. I am sorry to say…… There are times when I actually believe there might be reason to execute. I can understand why these companies don’t want anything to do with this. That’s because it isn’t fashionable to be on the side of this issue. The pressure is on from many countries to change their stance. As soon as the world agrees ( partially), it will then become fashionable to agree with the death penalty. This is really a personal choice about forgiveness or revenge. Nothing will bring a dead person back so does that mean we have to take a life for a life? Somethimes I think so, sometimes I don’t . It’s very emotional and there isn’t a right side to issue.
    I hope we all understand that some people are just evil, and can’t control their evilness. That doesn’t make it right or even acceptable to not have them condemed to death.

  3. jon
    Jan 27 2011

    Personally, if Casey gets the DP I think poetic justice would call for her to be od’d on chloroform. I’m not for the DP except in special cases, but I’ve always thought that killers should die the way their victims died. Given the pain and torment that we hear some victims have been subjected to, I’ve always thought lethal injection was too easy an “out” for those convicted of these horrible crimes.

    • Jan 27 2011

      It is too easy, Jon… it’s a cop out for everyone – an expensive one, too.

  4. weezie10
    Jan 27 2011

    Jon; so true. Wouldn’t it be a slower way to approach death by sitting out your time (years) in a small cell, eating horrid food, spending time on believing that your legal rights will finally be heard? If one is put to sleep, the only thing that it would do is make a person very scared, not knowing what it would feel like.

    I just have a feeling that it won’t come to death, and if there is a hitch along the way, she might not get life either. No matter the outcome it’s still going to cost the state a lot of money to house her and provide legal councel after the trial. Don’t you think it strange that through all this, there is no monument, noone is remebering Caylee except the valliant Blog owners who give a damn. The media isn’t even saying anything about the loss of this poor child. It’s become about the perpetrators only. It makes me sick.

    • jon
      Jan 27 2011

      Hi Weezie10: I said early on that the perfect punishment for Casey would be to spend her the rest of her life in a prison cell and have that tape of Caylee singing “You are my sunshine” piped in 24/7. Of course, it could be alternated with a tape of Cindy’s 911 call. I almost prefer the latter for her, now that I think of it, Talk about “cruel and unusual punishment”. Yikes!!!

      • weezie10
        Jan 27 2011

        Jon; You seriously make me laugh. I love that idea. You have a great mind. Oh by the way just call me Weezie. I had to sign up as weezie10 because apparently there are many of us out there in cyber space. Imagine that….
        “Yes, it smells like there’s damn dead body in the car” they could make a song using that as the refrain of the tune. We could use: “Who’s Sorry Now?” Tune by Teressa Brewer (50’s). And perhaps we could make our own lyrics up, just for fun, want to try?

      • Jan 27 2011

        LOL! Yes, I remember you saying that before – I remembering getting a good ole laugh with that priceless idea! It sure would be worse than death for the wretched Casey Anthony……..

      • jon
        Jan 28 2011

        Instead of a song, I think I’ll try to come up with a Casey Anthony limerick.
        The first line could be: “There was a horseface skank named Casey”……..
        I thought Connie Francis sang “Who’s Sorry Now”, although maybe Brewer sang it earlier. It’s been around forever. Ooops, I’m showing my age..

  5. jon
    Jan 28 2011

    Andrea & Weezie: I’m supposed to be working, so this is coming to me rather slowly, but the 2nd line of my Casey limerick just popped into my mind.

    There was a horseface skank named Casey
    Whose lifestyle was considered most racy…….

    • Jan 28 2011

      LOL Jon… now, that was good! You’re a poet, mon.

  6. weezie10
    Jan 28 2011

    Jon; Ga’ll dang it, the first to go is the memory. You are right Connie Francis of course it was.
    It smells like there’s a damn dead body in the car.
    as Moma cried and wailed, the cops from afar.
    It was Lee who was given the manly task .
    to question sister Casey wth her lying mask.
    “The baby was stolen by the precious Nanny
    I can’t say a thing isn’t that uncanny.”?

    So Moma came clean and accused her daughter of stealing
    That sent the LE and cops completely reeling.
    There’s more to the stroy and we’re gonna find out.
    If it’s the last thing we do we’ll see what Casey’s about.

    The cops were led to Paramount and the Apartments.
    Casey’s lies continued as she goosechased the pavement.
    The web was spinning so far out of control
    They decided to bring her in for a further cajole.
    She was cunning, she was cool, while she played with her hair.
    As the Detective used his standby tactics while using his glare.
    Casey only revealed the baby is close, I can feel it you know
    While the LE was suspecting that Caylee was long ago.
    ….. yes, it smells like there’s a damned dead body in the car .

    As the media and papparazi took wind of this huge story
    George and Cindy were in action like movie star glory.
    He with his hose and booming loud voice,
    while Cindy pulled him back, she had no choice
    While we stayed glued to the story something was brewing
    A witness who read meters was relieving his Peter
    Not once but twice, till the cops took to muising
    Maybe we should go to the woods where he’s refusing
    to change what he saw in those dark woods alooming.
    Sure enough it was Caylee so close to her home
    Casey never lied she knew Caylee was alone.
    In those dark cold woods lying like a bag of trash
    No matter what she said she would never crash.
    …..Yes, it smells like there’s a damned dead body in the car

    She would never part her secret, she kept her promise
    As her lies kept on mounting Casey sounded like a novice
    She is now in a space where she can only retrace
    her own lies and put them according to place
    It’s over 3 years ago the world became a buzz
    That Caylee wasn’t kidnapped she was dumped as it was
    by her psycho Mother Casey seeking freedom for love.
    As we wait for the trial of the century to begin
    We are all aware of the multitude of sins
    The Anthony’s have shared to their offspring, their kin.
    Who’s ever at fault we will leave to the jury
    As the mob would make mincement with all their fury.

    ….Yes, it smells like there’s a damned dead body in the car.

    I hope whereever Caylee is near or far
    The jury hears your footsteps leaving Moma behind bars.
    It won’t be long now before your prayers will be heard.
    Because the evidence is clear, as you sit smiling brightly
    Your day is coming nearer as your eyes become blurred
    Guilty, Guilty, Guilty,Guilty, that is the WORD
    …..Yes, it smells like a damned dead body in the car.

    That’s what I think is the bruising blow.

    • Jan 28 2011

      WOW! Weezie! What a talent you have! You’ve been hiding your light under a bushel?

      I agree with Jon, only Connie Francis could do this justice! LOL… thanks for the chuckles!

      • weezie10
        Jan 29 2011

        Andrea; you should talk. I’ve seen your talent. I don’t know but it is fun to play with words and see if you can make them rhyme but at the same time make sense of the story. I tried to do it chronologically as best I could remember. Feel free to add or do one yourself. I love doing it. Saturday, ready for more snow and I think the hairdresser. I haven’t gone out in 10 days. IT’s getting kind of boring. I’ll bundle up.

  7. jon
    Jan 28 2011

    Weezie! Talk about epic poetry! This puts the Iliad to shame. I’ll have to google a recording of Connie Francis singing it to remember the whole tune! Somehow I don’t think it will ever be the same after this!
    Have a good weekend.
    PS: I guess you could say that Casey brings out the poet in you! Ha Ha Ha Ha

  8. weezie10
    Jan 29 2011

    Jon; thanks. It needs some tweaking to fit the tune, but is anyone here play the guitar? and have a talent for writing music or working music into those. lyrics? It sure would be fun to try. After all, we could become famous, like rock stars. lol


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