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disturbing discovery released today

There was a great deal of discovery released today, by the State of Florida, in the case against Casey Anthony.

The information (some old and some new pieces of discovery) will take a lot of time to read and digest.

I have spent the last couple of hours reading transcripts, letters, and listening to taped conversations.  What stands out to me is the fact that there are some nefarious goings on in this case behind the scenes.  For instance, there was a phone message to Amy Huizenga, in which the speaker is clearly threatening her; demanding she drop the felony charges against Casey (with regards to all the money Casey had stolen) . It was disturbing, to say the least.  Listen here.

The message is very difficult to hear, there’s a lot of background interference, but what the speaker clearly says to Amy is:

You need to listen and listen good, those charges need to get dropped as soon as possible and you need to do everything you can to get them dropped….

Also included was an FBI laboratory report with regards to the entry made in a journal, dated ’03.  You may remember the entry in which Casey writes that she had no regrets, but she was worried, etc.?  As it turned out, that entry dated ’03 couldn’t have been written then because that type of journal was not produced until 2004.

There is a great deal of information on Laura Buchanan.

There are revealing letters to Casey from Cindy Anthony.

And quite a bit more.

Stay tuned….

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