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January 29, 2011


if you’re not a kid finder……

by Andrea O'Connell

Reading all the new discovery in the Casey Anthony case is like asking your eyes to get sucked out of their sockets into the sand!  Phew!

Having read a great deal of it, however, I can truly say that the revelations about Laura Buchanan and her odd behavior – her raunchy, frenetic and dismissive language, leave me wondering what the final outcome will be with regards to her.

Her story is like a book without an ending right now.  I want to know what happened.  Did she act alone?  Were there nefarious Defense underlings behind the scenes trying to create new facts?

Aside from Laura Buchanan, the many revelations in the material just released, are incredibly bizarre.  A couple of things in particular stood out to me, both have George Anthony center stage.

The first was the transcript of River Cruz (Krystal Halloway), and the second was a transcript with a friend of the Anthony’s who describes how the Kid Finders group – they had a booth set up in the early days – would have nothing to do with any persons related to the Texas EquuSearch group.

Got a hold over River

According to River Cruz, who thought she was speaking off the record to Detectives when she revealed this, George Anthony thought she was in this country illegally and that her visa had expired. She is not in this country illegally, but has led others to believe she is because, she says, she didn’t want anyone to know about her past.

She stated that she lied and told George that her visa had expired.  And she began to believe that George thought he could hold this fact over her if she were to go to the media, or the authorities, about what she knew with regards to the case.  She states that a former friend of hers by the name of Kalani, threatened to call immigration if she did not give him money.  George was aware that Kalani was threatening her.

The whole River and George affair is on the strange side of ugly.  Though I believe she was a victim, and he did use her, I cannot fully grasp how George Anthony could take a few thousand dollars from River (with out telling Cindy), and have the gall to ask her for 20 thousand more!

If you’re not a Kid Finder….

Another ugly story I read about in a transcript has to do with a neighbor of the Anthony’s who also volunteered with the Kid Finders Network, and took a fairly big role in working in their booth.  Her name is Linda T. (LT), and she tells this story in an interview with Sargent John Allen (SA), of the OCSO:

SA: My question is, you ever recall George suggesting to people, well if you want to help you can go over and help with the search?  Did you ever hear those words come out of his mouth?

LT: No

SA: Okay

LT: in fact, if people worked at EquuSearch they weren’t allowed at the table

SA: Why is that?

LT: I don’t know

SA: Okay

LT: ‘Cause they were, I guess… I assumed that they were looking for a dead body.

There was a great deal of animosity from the Anthony’s with regards to Texas EquuSearch.  When Tim Miller eventually turned the search from a rescue mode to a recovery mode – meaning they were no longer looking for an alive Caylee – it infuriated the Anthony’s.  They boldly turned their backs on EquuSearch.

George Anthony knew from the very beginning that Caylee was gone. He is on record saying so to the Detectives of the OCSO.  River Cruz recalled that George had told her he wished he had never talked so openly to the OCSO.  When asked why he would have said such a thing, he stated that he didn’t want to loose both of his girls.

If Casey ever walked (God forbid), with the volatility and hate that family has for each other, someone in that family would end up dead.

Casey is best left where she is and for a very long time.

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  1. Sherry
    Jan 29 2011

    Andrea sez:
    “The whole River and George affair is on the strange side of ugly.”

    Oh! I had to hit the Like button when I read that! That is a fantastic summation!

    I’m still reading the transcripts of LB/AP and LB’s lawyer. I don’t get how OCSO can record a lawyer’s conversation, though.

    • Jan 29 2011

      I wondered that too, but then realized it’s not attorney/client privilege because AP was not his client, she was LB’s. And… I believe they suspected some nonsense going on with that attorney, too. He is a little too close to Jose Baez….. that makes OCSO suspicious, I betcha.

      • Sherry
        Jan 29 2011

        Okay, I see how it would work. LOL! He tells his clients to keep their mouths shut to everyone and anybody and then he blabs. 😛

    • Jan 29 2011

      LOL! I’m glad you liked “strange side of ugly”… it’s more indicative of the whole affair versus just saying “they were on the strange side.” 🙂

      • Sherry
        Jan 29 2011

        Their affair was ugly and strange. 🙄

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