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Friday’s discovery release in the State vs. Casey Anthony, included letters from Cindy to Casey, and provides a pretty good look into the mind of Cindy Anthony.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – Don’t Crack, August 2010:

They want to cut you off from everyone because they are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen. ~Cindy Anthony

Cindy says, “they are still waiting for you to crack”.  What does that mean?  Crack?  Crack as in tell the truth?  Or stay silent and risk the death penalty? Does Cindy mean “crack” as in an emotional breakdown?  (I would tell Cindy to hang on tight because that emotional breakdown may just come when Casey hears the opening statements from either Jeff Ashton or Linda Drane Burdick.)  Is Cindy suggesting that Casey has not shown regret or love enough for Caylee because Casey is trying to be strong?

How will Cindy prevent Casey from “cracking”, or is Cindy really referring to herself?  Cindy won’t let herself “crack” and see the truth?

Cindy says “they” have cut Casey off from everyone.  True and not true.  Should Cindy visit her, chances are, as we’ve seen in previous jail visits, the animosity between the two of them would rear it’s ugly head.

Would Casey even allow Cindy to see her?

It appears that Casey has written off her family, though Cindy is trying to get in Casey’s good graces once again, as evidenced by the letters.

If Casey had any kind thoughts, or concern about her mother, she need only turn her head to the left or the right, during one of the hearings – look over her shoulder and meet her mother’s eyes.  She won’t even give that much of her self to her mother.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – the victim, August 2010:

Cindy’s letters show, not only the denial with regards to Casey, but also there seems to be a dichotomy going on with regards to the love she professes for Casey.   I say that because these few sentences seem to be saying, under the surface, that Caylee clearly meant more to her than Casey did.

I am tired of being treated as if Caylee didn’t mean anything to me.  Just because I don’t agree with them on who took her from me, doesn’t mean that I am not a victim in this.  She was my granddaughter and my life. The only perfect part of my life, to be exact.  No one wants justice for her more than I do.  I will not rest ever until that happens. ~Cindy Anthony

What Cindy is really saying is she is not being given the attention she wants to have as the grieving grandmother. Cindy needs that attention, she needs everyone to know that she’s a victim.

I would venture to say that not too many people see Cindy as a victim.  Cindy need only ask herself who was it that made her a victim?

I am certain she knows the person who put her in the role as “victim”.   She writes that she doesn’t agree with the “them” (OCSO), about who took Caylee from her.  She is so arrogant that she thinks she can disagree with law enforcement, attorneys, or anyone who tries to assert Casey’s guilt.

She shows such possessiveness for Caylee:  “….who took her from me”, she writes.  Not from “us”.  Not from Casey, the child’s mother, or George or Lee, but from “me”.

These passive aggressive statements indicate that Caylee meant more to Cindy than Casey ever did.  Cindy says Caylee was her life – the only perfect thing in it.  Meaning, of course, Casey was far from perfect and was not as important to her as Caylee was.

Cindy wants justice more than anyone for Caylee and writes that she will not rest until that happens.  She has stated in the recent past that Caylee was still alive; has she now accepted that Caylee is deceased?  Was she believing Caylee was still alive because she cannot accept the fact that Casey killed her?  So, if she now believes that Caylee is deceased, does she recognize the person responsible for Caylee’s death is who she is writing to?

Can Cindy still believe that someone, other than Casey, took the baby, but Casey was too afraid to tell anyone about it, hence the 31 day delay?

Cindy Anthony to Casey – You’re Loving and Gentle, August 2010:

Cindy tells Casey to never lose her “loving and gentle nature”.

Keep your faith, and don’t ever lose your loving, gentle nature.  I know it’s hard not to be bitter at this point in your life, but God has you in his sight and he will bring you thru this storm. ~Cindy Anthony

I would ask Cindy if Casey was so gentle and loving, why did Casey keep you from “the only perfect thing in your life” for 31 days?  Was it spite? Revenge?  What part of Casey’s gentle and loving nature moved her to steal, lie, deceive everyone – literally everyone – she encountered?

It is clear that, to Cindy, denial is a better place to live. Denial takes one backwards and backwards and further and further from the truth. This is preferable to the bitter truth – Cindy is clearly afraid of the truth.

If Cindy truly wants justice for Caylee, who lost her life before she knew she had a life to live, she need only face the terror she feels but is denying.

Earth to Cindy:  Face the truth.  Stop lying.

The Letters:

August 5, 2010

April 1, 2010

July 21, 2010

October 29, 2010

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