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January 30, 2011


earth to cindy

by Andrea O'Connell

Friday’s discovery release in the State vs. Casey Anthony, included letters from Cindy to Casey, and provides a pretty good look into the mind of Cindy Anthony.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – Don’t Crack, August 2010:

They want to cut you off from everyone because they are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen. ~Cindy Anthony

Cindy says, “they are still waiting for you to crack”.  What does that mean?  Crack?  Crack as in tell the truth?  Or stay silent and risk the death penalty? Does Cindy mean “crack” as in an emotional breakdown?  (I would tell Cindy to hang on tight because that emotional breakdown may just come when Casey hears the opening statements from either Jeff Ashton or Linda Drane Burdick.)  Is Cindy suggesting that Casey has not shown regret or love enough for Caylee because Casey is trying to be strong?

How will Cindy prevent Casey from “cracking”, or is Cindy really referring to herself?  Cindy won’t let herself “crack” and see the truth?

Cindy says “they” have cut Casey off from everyone.  True and not true.  Should Cindy visit her, chances are, as we’ve seen in previous jail visits, the animosity between the two of them would rear it’s ugly head.

Would Casey even allow Cindy to see her?

It appears that Casey has written off her family, though Cindy is trying to get in Casey’s good graces once again, as evidenced by the letters.

If Casey had any kind thoughts, or concern about her mother, she need only turn her head to the left or the right, during one of the hearings – look over her shoulder and meet her mother’s eyes.  She won’t even give that much of her self to her mother.

Cindy Anthony to Casey – the victim, August 2010:

Cindy’s letters show, not only the denial with regards to Casey, but also there seems to be a dichotomy going on with regards to the love she professes for Casey.   I say that because these few sentences seem to be saying, under the surface, that Caylee clearly meant more to her than Casey did.

I am tired of being treated as if Caylee didn’t mean anything to me.  Just because I don’t agree with them on who took her from me, doesn’t mean that I am not a victim in this.  She was my granddaughter and my life. The only perfect part of my life, to be exact.  No one wants justice for her more than I do.  I will not rest ever until that happens. ~Cindy Anthony

What Cindy is really saying is she is not being given the attention she wants to have as the grieving grandmother. Cindy needs that attention, she needs everyone to know that she’s a victim.

I would venture to say that not too many people see Cindy as a victim.  Cindy need only ask herself who was it that made her a victim?

I am certain she knows the person who put her in the role as “victim”.   She writes that she doesn’t agree with the “them” (OCSO), about who took Caylee from her.  She is so arrogant that she thinks she can disagree with law enforcement, attorneys, or anyone who tries to assert Casey’s guilt.

She shows such possessiveness for Caylee:  “….who took her from me”, she writes.  Not from “us”.  Not from Casey, the child’s mother, or George or Lee, but from “me”.

These passive aggressive statements indicate that Caylee meant more to Cindy than Casey ever did.  Cindy says Caylee was her life – the only perfect thing in it.  Meaning, of course, Casey was far from perfect and was not as important to her as Caylee was.

Cindy wants justice more than anyone for Caylee and writes that she will not rest until that happens.  She has stated in the recent past that Caylee was still alive; has she now accepted that Caylee is deceased?  Was she believing Caylee was still alive because she cannot accept the fact that Casey killed her?  So, if she now believes that Caylee is deceased, does she recognize the person responsible for Caylee’s death is who she is writing to?

Can Cindy still believe that someone, other than Casey, took the baby, but Casey was too afraid to tell anyone about it, hence the 31 day delay?

Cindy Anthony to Casey – You’re Loving and Gentle, August 2010:

Cindy tells Casey to never lose her “loving and gentle nature”.

Keep your faith, and don’t ever lose your loving, gentle nature.  I know it’s hard not to be bitter at this point in your life, but God has you in his sight and he will bring you thru this storm. ~Cindy Anthony

I would ask Cindy if Casey was so gentle and loving, why did Casey keep you from “the only perfect thing in your life” for 31 days?  Was it spite? Revenge?  What part of Casey’s gentle and loving nature moved her to steal, lie, deceive everyone – literally everyone – she encountered?

It is clear that, to Cindy, denial is a better place to live. Denial takes one backwards and backwards and further and further from the truth. This is preferable to the bitter truth – Cindy is clearly afraid of the truth.

If Cindy truly wants justice for Caylee, who lost her life before she knew she had a life to live, she need only face the terror she feels but is denying.

Earth to Cindy:  Face the truth.  Stop lying.

The Letters:

August 5, 2010

April 1, 2010

July 21, 2010

October 29, 2010

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  1. Sherry
    Jan 30 2011

    Sometimes I wonder if this is an act Cindy is putting on then I think, it may very well be she is delusional because the truth is a reality that she doesn’t want to face. The woman needs some serious psychiatric help. The reaction of Casey to the verdict of “Guilty” may take a backseat to Cindy’s reaction come trial time.

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hey Sherry, you know, you’re probably right about Cindy’s reaction. Though I wonder if it will be more denial, and blaming the OCSO framing Casey? Poor Cindy. I can’t help “wanting” to feel badly for her, but then I think back to the things she’s done to hinder the OSCO in every way she can, and I think, she’s incredibly bold and lawless and I have no respect for that kind of behavior, especially as it relates to fact finding and justice for caylee. It’s too bad Cindy and George have taken things this far; it’s too bad they did not just “go quietly into that good night” and accept whatever the truth is. Maybe someday they will…. And, part of me feels really badly for “judging” Cindy in this way, but then again, it’s an important part of the dynamic of this case, and the impact she and George have had on this case is unavoidable, and worth noting, I believe.

      • Sherry
        Jan 30 2011

        Just a note: I read in one of Cindy’s letters that she and George are going to counseling together. I hope that’s still true.

      • Jan 31 2011

        I hope so too! I sure wonder where George has been, and if he’ll appear at this Friday’s hearing, or on March 2 and 3.

      • Feb 2 2011

        i too have often felt bad for spindy (cindy) as a mom of five and many grandkids cant say how the mind will cause one to act when such tragity happens. yes she does need to get help, thats why we all call her spindy. her pore mind is spinning all over the place. noone wants to believe their family member let alone the daughter could harm anyone. yet beyond the control or even the humn realm of thinking in our unperfect world these things are happening. more and more everyday. much to the discust of the “normal” people, it is a reality one none of us likes and in are quest to try to understand and piece these tragitys together,vast majoritys become inflamed and want answers. I included, this would be a great study for someone qualified in this subject. what,and why are these tragities happening. and what IF anything can be done to save the innocent from the hnds of the accused, or BETTER yet what can be done to STOP IT well before we have a victim just some thoughts, and yes i do think in my hearts she did SOMETHING!

  2. EDRN
    Jan 30 2011

    In the August 2010 letter where Cindy complains about being “a victim”, did you notice that she first wrote “THE victim”, then crossed it our and made it “a victim”? Was that a slip? Does she consider herself the only victim in this case, or the most important victim? If she is “the” victim, then what was Caylee? I think Cindy sees herself as the most important “victim”” in this case. Caylee is gone, can’t be worried abiout her anymore, its all about Cindy being victimized. And who is victimizing her? The no life bloggers, the media, Zanny, Casey…hmmm, now thats a thought. Cindy being victimized by Casey. Same story, differnt day? These people wear me out!

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hi EDRN, Yes!!! I sure did see that Cindy crossed out “the” and made it “a victim”. Darn! I forgot to mention it – thank you for bringing it up. 🙂
      And, yes, I think that Cindy has felt “victimized” by Casey in the past, absolutely! But of course now she is the one and only victim.

      She may think of herself as a victim of the “bloggers, media, OCSO, etc. And, that’s what infuriates me – that she has no respect for the people doing such fine work on behalf of the real victim, Caylee. The fact they want to make their own laws just floors me. And yet, some days i remind my self to have patience with them – they’ve lost so much. But then I read the discovery, and learn of their working so diligently against law enforcement, and I think, these people do not deserve my sympathy…. ya know?

  3. Jan 30 2011

    First I have to give you major kudos for reading through those letters. I haven’t yet been able to tackle them, my head is still spinning from Laura’s hot mess.

    I think Cindy does see herself as a victim and unfortunately if she had kept her head on straight and her mouth shut she would be perceived as one by the entire world

    • Sherry
      Jan 30 2011

      True that!

      • cali patti
        Jan 31 2011

        Yes, ditto ditto.

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hey Kim – That’s exactly how I feel, too: If only they’d kept their mouths shut all these many months, everyone would feel for them, have compassion for them, would suffer along side of them. You hit the nail on the head, my friend.

  4. Molly
    Jan 30 2011

    “they want you cut off from everyone”. it’s casey’s own team that won’t allow any visits, not the state or LE. casey herself doesn’t want to see the family eithe, that’s obvious in court. “they” (the defense) can’t allow it because casey runs her mouth, not to mention all of the other mess that goes on between casey & cindy!!

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hi Molly… that is absolutely true that Casey cannot STAND that her family would put Caylee above Casey. It may well be the motivation that Casey had to kill Caylee. Casey just couldn’t stand that her mother cared more for Caylee than her; she couldn’t stand that her mother got to hold Caylee first after she was born. She couldn’t stand how loving they were with Caylee and disgusted with her. She hates Cindy, but craves her love. She killed Caylee to hurt Cindy, I believe. It is beyond depraved and Cindy needs to realize that home for Casey is now forever bars and brick.

  5. Molly
    Jan 30 2011

    That was another dig by cindy saying Caylee was the only perfect thing in her life. she just slammed casey again with that one. we know how casey feels about anyone putting caylee above her in the love and attention dept.

  6. CptKD
    Jan 30 2011

    My question about Cindy Anthony is this:
    If she still BELIEVES that Caylee is still ALIVE,
    then how is it that the Caylee Anthony Foundation
    is still collecting under the presumption that
    Caylee is in fact DECEASED!
    In fact, they went so far as taking 80% of the
    Foundation’s money for “administrative allowances”
    and only 20% went to the actual Foundation?

    There IS definately something WRONG with this
    picture, and obviously, this confirms that Cindy
    IS indeed, not only a liar, but a crook to boot.

    I guess this money went to pay Cindy, George,
    Lee for all their hard work at wreaking havoc onto
    and into this case, and supported Casey’s Snack fund
    on top of that –

    Talk about PROFITTING through ‘Blood Money’!
    The blood spilt from a tiny babe that was supposed
    to be cherished and loved unconditionally from these
    very people!

    I am thoroughly, royally, and absolutely disgusted
    at this whole entire family –
    (Extended family excluded, as I sense that many of them
    are very much aware of this family’s disfunction(s))
    Through emails from Cindy’s mother and brother,
    it’s very apparent that they WERE very much in the loop
    about “Inmate Anthony’s” lying and deceiving…

    She truly should be ashamed of herself!
    I don’t know how she can even manage to hold her head up,
    let alone, smile and laugh like she does –

    A “TRUE” Innocent would be ‘incapable’ of conducting them-
    selves in the manner in which she does… Look at all the innocent
    parents we’ve seen in the news as of late – No where near, do they
    even come close to exhibiting this kind of behaviour – EVER!

    There IS now, no doubt left in my mind, that this Anthony family
    as a whole, is MESSED (Like I mean “F”udged!)


    • Jan 30 2011

      Hi CptKd, Welcome! Thank you for your post – you raise many good points, that’s for sure. I just read that piece about the foundation taking 80 percent, too. I will be very interested in seeing their tax filing.

      I agree, the family knows what’s going on here, and Rick Plesea did try to help in the beginning, but Cindy felt strong-armed by him, and cut him off mid stream – sadly. As far as Cindy being a crook; that characterization fits someone who goes against the law, does underhanded things to throw LE off, attempts to implicate others in Caylee’s death, and on and on. So, yes, I’d say you’re right on there….

      • Sherry
        Jan 30 2011

        How come we haven’t seen anything on that foundation yet? Surely, the first year of it should have the records for public perusal.

      • Jan 30 2011

        Oh, the Caylee Daily has info about 2009. Here’s the link:
        They say that in 2009, only 20 percent of the donations went into Foundation’s program. The other 80 percent? Salary, rent, expenses, and the snack fund for Casey. Address of the foundation? Cindy and George’s house.

      • Sherry
        Jan 30 2011

        Thanks! TCD is always on the ball with info!

      • CptKD
        Jan 31 2011

        My sincere apologies –

        I see now that I should have posted the link to the source where I got the info on the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation.

        Thanks Andrea for ‘covering’ me on that one!
        It is much appreciated, and I will definately make sure to post my sources, should I relay information from another source, from here on – I promise! :`)

        I did see the actual IRS filing (Will have to go see if I can find it once more) however, it is not very detailed, and being that the address for the foundation is in fact the Anthony home address, they’ve had opportunity to write off much stemming from there.
        They also have listed family members and one or two friends as “President”, “Secretary”, and other various titles so they were entitled to “PAY”.
        Actual monies are NOT accounted for, in what I would think would be the right manner of documenting, and this filing was for 2009. Not much money really to play around with, to be honest – It didn’t even hit $3,000 if I remember correctly.

        2010’s filing ought to be an interesting read – Seriously. I wonder just how many people are in fact continuing to donate to this fabricated and farce-like Foundation…?

        On that note, I thank-you for the warm welcome!

        Though I follow many of the blogs out there, I tend to remain in the background, and post only when I absolutely CANNOT contain myself, and must interject in one way or another. LOL!

        When I read the post about the Foundation, I was completely horrified and disgusted. It definately removed any sort of compassion I had left for the Anthony’s. The fact that they ARE profitting off their grand-baby’s death disgusts me to no end…

        Anyways, before I get carried away again on that subject, I’d like to also thank you for a blog that seems to be of a mature, open-minded, and like-minded (in the sense of Justice for little Caylee) caliber, providing a place to gather and share in that information.
        That means alot when I see what’s going on out there with some of the other blogs!

        Keep up the good work!
        With warm regards,


      • Jan 31 2011

        Hey CptKD! What a pleasure to have you join the conversation once again! And, thank you for your kindness. Hey, no problem about not posting that link.. no big deal in the least! 🙂 I knew exactly what you were referring to because I had happened to just read it.

        I wonder if you’d know this… but I heard on a TV report, or read somewhere (I think it was a commentator on a program) that those 2 people from Kid Finders, the Milsteads, are living with George and Cindy. I wonder if that’s the case.

        Anyway, the foundation is a terrible joke, but I bet they rationalize it in their mind as a necessity in order to live, though it has not done very much for them, which is why George was hitting on River Cruz for the $20,000.

        I check out the Caylee Daily everyday…I bet they will follow-up on this story and report on the 2010 taxes, which as you say, will be an interesting read!

        Thanks again for all the great info you bring!

      • CptKD
        Jan 31 2011

        You are quite welcome, Andrea –

        I’ve enjoyed the ‘read’ here thus far, and have appreciated the respectful feedback and responses.

        Like yourself, I check the Caylee Daily – Daily! LOL!

        As far as the Kid-Finders couple, I will do some digging around and see what I can find out about the Milsteads.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Anthony’s let them stay there –
        They could charge them RENT, afterall!
        Anything to make a buck or two with that family, so nothing surprises me anymore…

        I’ll let you know what, and if I find anything on them residing with the Anthony’s. There’s got to be some info somewhere on this, if it exist and is actually happening…

        Anyways, I’ll be back when I’ve got some information to share –

        Til next time – CptKD

      • CptKD
        Feb 3 2011

        I’m still digging around to see what I can find on the Milsteads, and at this point, all I can say is that they are a ‘troublesome’ couple.
        They run under the guises of various alias’, and seem to have had endless amounts of trouble with regards to different companies they’ve set up.

        When I checked their names in The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County website, their names came up for a multitude of cases.

        There appears to be charges of domestic violence, assault, repeat violence attacks, where William/Dennis is concerned.
        Along with civil cases brought on by Lending Companies such as Wells Fargo, and property Foreclosures. Especially where Sherri J. is concerned. Her four (4) cases are predominantly civil suits.

        If you enter their information in the fields provided on the site, it brings up a screen citing the case numbers, including date and names, and if you click on the case number link, it takes you in further, providing more information and the names of those involved.

        As far as them residing with the Anthony’s…
        Up to now, I’ve not been able to locate any information whether they are LIVING there or not.
        When I checked Florida telephone listings for them, I found three areas where they have, or have had numbers in. Loxahatchee came up, whichever way and whoever’s name I used in the required fields. I have a strong suspicion that KIDFINDERS is listed as stemming from there. The other two locations were, Royal Palm and Moore Haven… I’m still looking around, but up to now, I have not found anything attributing to them living on Hopespring Drive. I will keep looking, tho.. LOL!

        And I will for sure, be sure to report anything that I should come across regarding these two.
        I know most folks are already familiar with their Kidfinder shenanigans, so I won’t bother to bore everyone with the old and pathetic news about them.

        On the off chance, that I should stumble across anything of value or of great importance, I will definately bring forth any thing new, or not previously mentioned.

        And so I’m off, once again –

        I see you have some new posts I’ve not yet read, and I’m looking into a few other things…

        Until next time – I send my very best regards!

      • Feb 3 2011

        Wow! Assault charges and domestic violence? My Lord! I knew there are felonies in the history of one or both of them, but I’d forgotten the details. And to think that the Anthony’s would do everything in their power to thwart the efforts of TES in favor of Kid Finders, is mind boggling.

        And now, this info you’ve provided bolsters my belief that that Anthony’s are clearly no good, lawless people. The fact they would befriend people like this, sure says something about them….

        Although the whole thing with the rotten Kid Finders is so maddening, what you’ve posted is really interesting stuff. Thank you so much for sharing this here! Your contributions are greatly appreciated! 🙂

  7. jon
    Jan 30 2011

    Hi Andrea: as I’ved pointed out before, this is most egotistic clan I’ve ever heard of. Totally disfunctional but egotistical nonetheless. I’ve always felt that Casey’s actions (to Cindy at least) reflect the fact that Cindy was severly lacking in parenting skills and she’ll never own up to that. To admit to it would be to say “yes, I failed as a parent” and from what I’ve seen and heard of Cindy, that’s just not a possibility. It will be interesting to watch her during and, especially, after the trial. I can’t get away from the fact that we bloggers are the only ones who eve seem to bring up the subject of Caylee. If it were my grandchild who were murdered, I’d be mad as hell and out for the blood of whoever did it, even my own daughter.

    • Jan 30 2011

      Out for the blood of whoever did it says it all to me, Jon. I will tell you with out any doubt if someone harmed my child (good luck with that) or his children hell fire would rain down until whoever did it was caught and punished

    • Jan 30 2011

      Absolutely, Jon. No way in hell would Cindy think for one minute that she was to blame for anything! Self reflection is just not in her DNA. But, I do think you’re correct that Cindy, tragically, was the underlying force for Casey’s murderous rage. I said earlier, and many others have said this, too, that Casey’s motivation to kill Caylee was to hurt Cindy… I do think that is entirely possible, as sad and as depraved as that is, I think it just may be true. Only Shakespeare could write a tale as black as this one is.

      • jon
        Jan 31 2011

        Totally agree with both Andrea and Kim. I know it’s only speculation on my part, but sometimes I wonder what Caylee might have been like had she lived. I’m not talking right now, but down the road. Might she have been another Casey or, God forbid, a combination of Casey and Cindy! I can’t imagine she would have grown into a normal, balanced young woman what with the environment she would have been raised in.

      • Feb 2 2011

        only god knows thee answer to that question, many adults have lived through the passed of their unfit and less than model parents, yet contribut to society. as i stated before I think she (casey) did something to this child, GOD, for whatever the reason , toke little caylee, and she is in a better place. as for casey, and spindy, maybe he has some plans for them also. caseys hope its justice, spindy, hope its reality or justice for caylee. THIS WHOLE THING is all about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jan 30 2011

    Ok, ya;ll – I am going in – house is quiet for an hour and dinner is 2 hours away. If you don’t here from me in a few days – send help

  9. Jan 30 2011

    Complaining about no privacy after she was all over the media?


    • jon
      Jan 31 2011

      Yeah, I remember when George was in court and asked for some hearings not to be telecast because he wanted his family’s privacy respected. Then the prosecutor asked him how many times he’d been on television shows talking about the case. Nothing further was said! Duh…

      • Jan 31 2011

        Hey Jon! Yeah, I remember that now, too. I thought that request was hilarious, and loved Linda D Burdick’s retort you mention! That was classic! Nothing gets past her!

        You know, I also have thoughts about the kind of person and the kind of life that Caylee might have had. I know the Anthony’s were good to her, and adored her. So, she would probably want for nothing. But, emotionally she might have been challenged by the environment in the home, and the tension there. But, I’m sure she would have grown into a lovely person – I could see the charm in those big, big eyes of hers. so sad…

      • jon
        Jan 31 2011

        I meant emotionally. I don’t think she would have wanted for anything either. I do think though that since things were the way they were between Cindy and Casey, Caylee probably would have been an emotional wreck because of being placed in the middle of their conflicts. I grew up in a totally dysfunctional household and was constantly pitted by my mother against my father and vice-versa and it’s no picnic. I think the same would have happened with Caylee since it’s pretty obvious that unless Casey got her act together and either moved out on her own or got married to some stable, Caylee would have remained in that environment. I think George, especially, would have been a doting grandfather, but the tenion between Cindy and Casey would take its toll on Caylee, no matter how close George might have been to her. Of course, this is all speculation but given the parties involved and what we’ve seen of them, all we can do is speculate on this end of things.

      • Feb 2 2011

        ok you just said it yourself, you grew up in a disfunctional family, unless you concider yourself a nutcase because of it, children can contribute to society no matter what crazeys they have as parents or even grandparents. my point as before, GOD took this child, as hurendest as her death was, she is sfe now. The next step he wants is for joe puplic to recognise we have a problem, not just with what happened to caylee, BUT , the young parents in general. Years ago parents were very young. look back and you will see this. todays society does not keep children in the same asteem as they once did. ask yourself why? and unless you truly look back in time , its because of the brake down in families. women have always had to work, but only because their men were away at war. now woman work, men work and no one is teaching family values or caring for the young, BUT the babysitter or nanny or school teachers. god blees them all but we need mommy at home. or grandma or someone in the family not total strangers.

      • Sherry
        Feb 2 2011

        If God took this child then Casey was God’s agent. How dare you think God would murder children through vehicles like Casey. Then as Christians we should not fight against abortion! No, God did not take Caylee nor was He caught by surprise by her murder. Casey took Caylee’s life, not God. God gives His created humans freewill to do as they please so that when they choose to love Him it is by freewill choice. When they choose not to love Him then this murderous act is just one of the many things humans do to show that disrespect/hatred for Him.

      • CptKD
        Feb 3 2011

        Thank you for this response, Sherry!
        I was really beginning to wonder there…

        With SO MANY children being used, abused, and then killed at their very own parents (and/or family & friends) hands – How on earth would, or could, God “ALLOW” that to happen?

        For goodness sake – It’s every darned day.

        Every single day, every ticking minute, every single second in time, there is another child being brutally beaten. Another being reported missing, and then to really shake up the world, the broken body of another one found in some ditch, and another one disposed of like tossed trash…

        God ISN’T doing this!

        The people who are supposed to love and cherish these children ARE –

        They are given the greatest opportunity in life!

        To be the guardians, the leaders, the protectors of these innocents, and yet they CHOOSE to ‘play’ God!
        By determining when, and how, these little helpless creatures that they themselves created, will breathe their last breath, they’ve granted themselves the status of being God – Who the he!! gives them the right?

        Never mind that a stranger could have just as likely done this to one’s child, but that one’s actual parent could stifle the breath and forever silence the voice of their very own offspring… There is something so very wrong with that!

        It’s disgusting – God WOULD NOT DO THIS!

        Those NOT believing in him, or at least believing in anything of some sort, WOULD!

        And so – BLAME THEM!

        As for God – (And whoever that might be for you)
        Pray to him that the world will have peace one day…
        That our world will be safe and our children protected!
        And while you’re asking for that, more importantly, please remember to ask him that he make sure, that all the children who have been harmed, hurt, maimed and murdered receive the JUSTICE so entitled and deserving to them!

        With that – Peace out!


      • Feb 3 2011

        Amen to that lovely post, CptKD!

  10. weezie10
    Jan 30 2011

    I have read you all up there. I have watched many 48 hours real cold case files and it appears, that in most of the cases, even if a brother/sister/mother/father are the suspects and arrested individuals in a case; they always have the support of their family. They rarely believe that their own family member would do such an atrocity. It’s clear BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER, when it comes to these dilemas. I don’t believe Cindy or George are any different than most of the crime victims out there. Let’s face it. They are dealing with a dead grandchild, (and that’s been proven by DNA), so we should stop talking about Cindy’s glorified wishes. To face another of your bloodline, that may be locked up for life (let’s forget DP for now). Of course they are holding on, of course they will lie to save their only suriving daughter. They have convinced themselves it’s not possible that she would have gone that far. At least not now or after they realized their statements were just helping the LE in building a case against their own daughter. Of course they changed their minds about what they smelled and what actually happened. Even if Casey is ignoring them, I have a feeling she knows the camera is on her, and she and Baez are going to create a lot of doubt at trial, about where George and Cindy were on June 15th/16th. The Defence don’t have to point a finger at C&G, they just have to create doubt that George saw them on the morning of the 16th. That shouldn’t be hard to do, since as some poster recentley said here. “It’s only George’s word that he did see Casey and Caylee, and how come Cindy didn’t seem them before she went to work? Now that doesn’t make sense.

    As much as I have hated G&C’s behaviour, they haven’t surfaced lately, so we should not be so quick to keep harping on their indiscretions. I honestly feel, they all belong in hell, and that’s where they are right now.

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hey Weezie… Well, don’t you think that family members would know their loved one committed the crime, and they’d go through hell trying to come to grips with it, but in the end they remember this is family, and there’s a bond that won’t be broken? On the other hand, I have seen families that see the truth of their loved one with 20/20 vision, and never want another thing to do with them. Period. Forgiveness goes right out the window. My opinion is that it depends on the family dynamic…what kind of openness they have, whether they can forgive enough to live with what was done.

      I have had the same thought as you with regards to Baez using Cindy and George as a patsy. But, I also remember that Baez will need Cindy and George in the penalty phase to save Casey’s life. So, if Baez makes Cindy and George out to be a could-be suspect, it may not play too well in the end…. Heck, it’s all speculation at this point, ya know? And, you’re right, Cindy and George are in a living hell; I don’t envy them, none of us would care to walk in their shoes, but they have used those shoes to muddy up so many things………….

  11. offthecuff
    Jan 30 2011

    Hilary Clinton should hire Cindy as one of her aides. World peace is at stake. If Cindy thinks she can control the world for Casey and keep her from cracking, she certainly can keep N and S Korea apart and ward off friction in the Middle East. Go, Cindy!

    • Jan 30 2011

      Truly, trying to control Casey would be like making miracles happen between North and South Korea… Love that analogy! Heck, the Korea’s would agree to peace talks just to avoid dealing with the Anthony’s. 🙂

  12. Jan 30 2011

    Hello Andrea and everyone. Great post and good comments in here.
    I don’t think Cindy loves Casey at all. When I read Cindy’s letters, it seems she lays it on pretty thick how much she loves Casey, misses her, calls her beautiful etc etc but have you noticed how Cindy does a 360 towards the end of her letters? It’s all about Cindy and Caylee.

    Cindy remind me of someone giving Casey a big double decker icecream on a hot day but as Casey goes to take a bite, Cindy hauls it away and eats it herself, relishing every nibble.

    It seems to me that Casey was a surrogate mother for Cindy, if you really think about it. I honestly think that Casey felt more like Caylee’s nanny than her mother and so the phantom Nannie was born. Casey even put ‘nannie’ on one of her resumes- this was told to the FBI by George. I also think when Casey stole from her mother, she felt that she deserved compensation for her nanny duties. I may sound way out in left field but from observing and reading some things that have taken place, I have come to the conclusion that Cindy is a replica of Casey. Like forces repel and therefore, there is no love between the two of them. It is easy to say, “I love you,” but it is another thing to mean it. There is no law that says a mother has to love her daughter or vice versa. It doesn’t always take place naturally. As Casey never ever bonded with Caylee, how do we know Cindy bonded with Casey. A roof over one’s head and food on the table does not constitute a mother’s love. It is that closeness and special caring that makes a good mom.

    • Jan 30 2011

      Hello Jonathon! Thank you for your wonderful comments – you have given me so much more to think about with regards to the dynamics of Casey/Cindy/Caylee. I think you are right that Cindy does not love Casey. Maybe it’s Caylee she sees in Casey, and wants to save that piece of Caylee? I don’t know…. maybe that’s stretching it a bit! But, I think you’re right that Casey was only the surrogate for Cindy! I had never thought of it, but you are probably absolutely right. Casey didn’t take care of the baby – she didn’t make Caylee a priority in her life in the least, except when Cindy was working, perhaps, and Casey was the “nanny”. I remember George talking about how Casey failed dreadfully at writing her resume, and had added “nanny”, as one of her skills! Kudos to you for remembering that! So, I don’t think you’re out in left field in the least bit. On the contrary, I think what you’re suggesting is fascinating…I don’t doubt that Casey probably felt used and unloved in that household.

      And, you’re right how Cindy is heavy with the love talk, but then nails her and hits her where it really hurts. I have noticed that, now that you mention it. The passive aggression is thick, isn’t it?

  13. Jan 30 2011

    Andrea, another thing I noticed in Cindy’s letters. At times, she taunts Casey; what a beautiful couple Lee and Mallory make. They all went out to dinner. Cindy rides a turtle toy down a hill and falls off and hurts her hip. I can just hear Casey saying under her breath when she read it, “too bad she didn’t break her neck.” The last things that Casey wants to hear is all the good things happening on the outside. My gosh, Casey’s cat poo poo on the floor and has been doing it for about 3 weeks. Cindy thought it was Tinker, the dog. Cindy cannot tell cat poo poo from dog poo poo, really? Why would Cindy include that in a letter to her daughter in jail. She wanted to let Casey know that her cat was bad. Caylee was the only real bright spot in Cindy’s life, maybe not in those exact words. In fact, she underlined a couple of those words to emphasize it. So what was Casey in Cindy’s life, a dark shadow? If you reread Cindy’s letters, you can see what she is getting across.

    Cindy also mentions that when Casey gets home, they will find out the real truth about Caylee. Is Cindy thinking maybe another choke hold on Casey?

    I may end up needing mental therapy if I continue obsessing about this case. LOL

    • Jan 30 2011

      LOL!! Me too, I am so engrossed in trying to figure it all out!

      Oh my, it’s so true about Cindy going into great detail about the things that are happening on the outside. You’d think, if Cindy really cared, she’d realize that talking about dinners out, trips, the animals, shopping, would only make Casey miserable and long for those things. She is cruel in that regard – taunting, and clearly trying to make Casey regret all that she is missing… It’s really cruel of her, you’re right.

      And, yes, I sure did make note of that comment about “when Casey gets home….blah blah blah. It’s too bad, but there is sure a great deal of denial in that statement. And, the reality, if Casey did (god forbid) end up going home, oh, the fights they’d have!

    • Sherry
      Jan 30 2011

      You’re making great points, ladies. I see Cindy’s letter content as evidence of a strained relationship she has had with her daughter since her teen years. Its like she doesn’t know how to relate to her daughter or her situation.

      • Jan 31 2011

        Hey Sherry, I totally agree. This kind of spitefulness doesn’t evolve overnight between a mother and daughter. The family is so concerned with “appearances” – especially Cindy, and so I bet that problems related to Casey just got thrown under right under the rug. Cindy lives in a dream world, must keep up the perfect facade…Casey is lovely and gentle, is the perfect daughter….

  14. Linda
    Jan 31 2011

    Hello Andrea I love reading your blog. I want to agree 100% with mainstream. I remember George telling LE that he found a resume that Casey made out for a nanny. And I also agree that SHE is Zanny. Casey only kept Caylee because Cindy promised to help her,and she did….as Caylee grew so did the love between Cindy and Caylee and that gave Casey the edge. When Casey started to steal from Cindy and the fighting began Casey threatened to take Caylee away Cindy backed off….. Casey thought she had won that fight, But we all know Cindy…….SHE was the one who would get the last laugh……She hurried her a$$ down to the bank changed her account and pass word…….no more money for Casey………then comes the computer searchers….. I believe Casey was so mad at her mother that she was the target. So she started to steal from the grandma and the grandpa…. I think thats when Cindy had enough…. I also believe there was some kind of fight….She was going to punish Casey…….and she did..The flurry of calls to Cindy and George on the 16th was only Casey looking for a babysitter so she could go meet up with Tony……..but they weren’t taking her calls….they went right to voicemail…..Cindy was going to fix her. I don’t think Cindy went straight home from work that day…I remember reading at daves that there was a charge at walmart around 6;30 that evening..I don’t think it was Casey…….I think Cindy purposely didn’t go home again to punish Casey…….. Do I think Casey killed Caylee in a rage?????? “ABSOLUTELY” just ask her grandma…………

    • Jan 31 2011

      Well hi, Linda!! So nice to see you! Do you remember how Amy H. changed her mailing address to Hopespring Drive? I think that Casey was originally going to murder her parents. Remember she made up all those stories about her parents signing over their house to her? Well, we know that NEVER was going to happen, but Casey went ahead and led Amy to believe that the three of them (casey, amy and caylee) would live together in her parents house, without her parents. I have had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind about this for a while… The computer searches could have been to look for ways to kill Cindy and George… Maybe Casey came to the realization that killing her parents was too difficult, or risky. But, killing Caylee, she knew, would kill her parents.

      So, Linda, do you think Casey killed Caylee after the flurry of calls? I never thought of that, (I tended to think it was accidental, and she was desperate to get a hold of someone, couldn’t and realized she was in serious trouble, and then proceeded to wrap Caylee in the bags, and in her trunk.) But, now with the scenario you raise, it fits much better, and makes more sense. That household was in an uproar, Casey was being impossible; Cindy had spoken with a counselor about Casey, and was going to (or started the process) to take custody of Caylee. And, you’re right!!! The Grandma said she hoped Casey would not kill Caylee for revenge (not in those exact words, but to that effect).

      Wow…. thank you, Linda for your thought-provoking comments!

  15. Jan 31 2011

    Great comments. I also think Cindy taunts Casey and in her backwards kinda way is taking retaliation on Casey but passing it off as love. The communication that I feel truly indicates this is when she sent Casey Mother’s Day cards signed from Caylee. Get real!
    Cindy worrying about them cracking Casey…This means that if Casey ever confesses Cindy will spin it as Casey cracked and was forced to make a false confession. So Cindy is basically telling Casey, you can’t ever confess rather than giving Casey an out and letting her know that if Casey did need to confess something that she Cindy would still love her and be there for her.
    I pray that Cindy somehow one day sees the truth.

    • Jan 31 2011

      Hi Pattio… so sorry that your comment went in the moderation que at first… but I rescued you! It won’t happen again, I promise. 🙂

      Anyway, I love how you explain the “don’t crack” aspect, because more than anything, Cindy needs to keep believing that Casey could not have done this. If Casey cracked and confessed, sure Cindy would call it a false confession, that would be true because Cindy would never accept the truth. That is the tragic thing – the truth is right in front of her nose, she’s smelled it, but she has no intention of believing it – probably ever. And, I so agree with you about how tragic it is that Cindy wouldn’t just say: we’d love you despite what you did… Then again, Casey could not go there….it’s too emotional a place for her, too real. They seem to lack any kind of depth – like their inner lives are shallow…

      anyway, thanks for your thought provoking comments!

  16. CptKD
    Jan 31 2011

    Caylee Marie Foundation –
    Hopespring Dr., Orlando

    President – Cindy Anthony
    S – George Anthony
    D – Lee Athony
    D – Malory
    D – Brenda Black
    TD – Jody Barker

    Total Revenue – $2,580.72
    Total Expenses – $3,107.49
    Program Services Exp – $630.25 = 20%
    Administrative Expenses – $2,477.24 = 80%
    Surplus/Deficit – (-) $526.77

    And there you have it – Info collected from “Calyee Daily”

    Wonder what 2011 will bring them!
    If it wasn’t for little Caylee dying, I’d think this is a damn joke!


    • CptKD
      Jan 31 2011

      Wonder what 2010’s IRS filing will reveal?
      Sorry – I meant to post this along with my above post…

      Cpt KD

    • Jan 31 2011

      Thank you for this! Isn’t it crazy?!! Now, with the loss, they’ll get a tax break, too….

      I wonder if Brenda Black is any relation to Todd Black??? The name Jody Barker doesn’t ring a bell. Very interesting, to say the least.

      • Sherry
        Jan 31 2011

        I think Malarie’s mother’s name is Jody so it would be Parker, not Barker…IDK…

      • CptKD
        Jan 31 2011

        Thanks for spotting that Sherry!

        I stand corrected and you were right!
        I double checked the info, and the two last names for Malory and Jody are in fact PARKER.
        Not Barker as I had previously reported.

        Please accept my apologies – And my thanks to Sherry!

        As for Brenda Black – She remains a mystery for now!
        I will do some digging around to find out who she might be –
        I’m guessing she’s probably a friend of the family, or a Kid-Finders connection that’s assisting/directing with the Caylee Anthony (scam) Foundation

  17. GasCanGeorge
    Jan 31 2011

    Sorry, denial is temporary and it’s kind of hard to see Cindy as a victim when she hasnt shed a tear for Caylee (even at the depositions when she was spoke of) and or screamed out for justice for her. Her letters are manipulating, and it’s
    clear this is just her personality. I can actually see why KC is so screwed up. Maybe Cindy should go pop more pills and then throw herself a pity party.. I dont buy her BS.

    • Jan 31 2011

      Hi GasCanGeorge (your name makes me laugh, by the way)

      I agree, no way to see Cindy as a victim, especially not now. She and George had the sympathy of the country in the very beginning…then the crazy talk and the lies began. But, still we wanted to have sympathy for them. Then the lies and crazy talk would resurface and get worse, and now it’s next to impossible to have any sympathy or compassion, even though I’d really like to have compassion for them, they make it impossible to do that……

  18. cali patti
    Jan 31 2011

    Great reading and info. I always thought Caylees death was accidental also. Yes, Casey’s actions killed Caylee but the idea of Caylees death was not Caseys desired outcome but she caused the death. That was why all those phone calls to her parents … for help. Not answering Caseys calls began Cindys guilt and her doing all she could to help Casey.
    How Cindy appears to world was always her concern. I always thought Caylee represented a do-over to Cindy. An opportunity to get it right as a Mom with Caylee where she did not with Casey.

    • Jan 31 2011

      Hey Cali Patti… that’s what I believed always, too. But now, I’m thinking that it really could have been deliberate. The comments from Linda make a lot of sense… that Casey made the flurry of phone calls because she was calling everyone to try to find someone to take Caylee, since she had a date with Toni. Perhaps she was so stressed by that and by all the turmoil in the family – the threats that Cindy would take custody of Caylee – that she snapped.
      I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth? If Casey goes to her grave with these secrets, we’ll surmise forever.

  19. cali patti
    Jan 31 2011

    I also find Cindys letters Casey very disturbing. It is as if Cindy hates Casey.
    Years ago I decided to write a friend of one of my sons who was in prison. He would be there for a minimum of 10 years. I found it difficult to write to him so after struggling with letter contents I sent one light letter a month and a card each week. The boy did his time well and has lived the good life on the outside for years.
    I wanted him to know he wasn’t forgotten, to let him know there was a life waiting for him but not torture him with activities on the outside. It was a fine line that I never felt I learned.

    • Jan 31 2011

      Absolutely! That is the kind way to deal with someone in jail. You did a very kind thing, in my estimation, by letting him know how he was important and would not be forgotten or dismissed. I think you did a great thing…. I think you handled it perfectly, my dear.

  20. Jan 31 2011

    Jody Parker, Mallory’s mother is the treasurer of the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Inc. Cindy and George raked in most of the money as administrators. I doubt if Cindy declared alot of donations that were made in cash or from folks who didn’t bother to get a receipt for their donations.
    Laura Buchanan said in her interview that she told Cindy that she donated to TES. She then ask Cindy if she could have some t-shirts and Cindy told her flat out that she wasn’t getting anything. Lee Anthony took time off work to play private investigator and help with the foundation. He sent out mass emails telling people that their donations would be better served by giving to the foundation and not TES. This is how this family operated. I am sure they learned the ropes from Dennis and Sherry Milstead of Kidfinders.

    • Jan 31 2011

      Hi Jonathon! YES! Thank you for sharing that info about TES, I remember reading that about Laura asking for a T-shirt and Cindy’s response. So ugly.

      It boggles the mind how they could be so hateful toward an organization like TES – they even called them in – but, she (Cindy) wanted to run the show for TES, and certainly did not want them to look for a body as that would tend to implicate Casey…. that was not an option for Cindy….

  21. Jan 31 2011

    Andrea, an ‘alive’ Caylee generated more donations coming into the foundation to help find missing children. Cindy did not want anyone to find a deceased Caylee and have some closure. I do not put Cindy’s actions down to denial at all. Cindy and Geo were living high off the hog for awhile. It is so strange, money can make the grieving process so much easier. I am not saying that both Cindy and Geo did not suffer from loss of Caylee but I will say that they both took advantage of the situation. If Cindy is doing her best to try and get Casey off these charges, I wonder how much of it is to save face and how much to save Casey.

    • Jan 31 2011

      ahhh! I see what you’re saying, Jonathon. That’s true, an “alive” Caylee would generate more interest and funds AND it continued to allow them to save face, even though they knew very well what the truth is.

      I wonder what the motivation was for this latest stint by Cindy claiming Caylee was still alive. Do you think that was a sympathy ploy? I don’t understand, and can’t come up with anything that would explain her rationale for that….

  22. Feb 1 2011

    Andrea, by Cindy saying that Caylee was still alive, it brought attention to herself. Maybe she thought that her and Geo could get another tv interview out of her making a statement like that. She is wearing Caylee’s ashes around her neck and she put on quite the show at Caylee’s memorial. If Cindy thinks Caylee is alive then she is an imposter and should take the ashes back to the funeral parlor and apologize to everyone who attended the memorial. Cindy can put on quite the show, even it in a court of law, if it serves her purpose. Remember Casey was listening to Cindy’s words when she was on the stand. Cindy’s motive may have been a dozen different things. She is a typical member of a dysfunctional family.

  23. MoneyLiesAndDeception
    Feb 1 2011

    Where is the picture money Cindy got that allegedly she gave some of to Brad Conway. Was that on her personal income taxes or are Cindy’s numbers way off. Just like the Milfrauds there are always 2 sets of books. What about the monies extorted and cajoled from women Georgie Porgy was romancing. There is much more money involved in this and it’s not going to show anymore than just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of money missing…… and not accounted for and one might not be able to prove it but it just makes perfect cents and many dollars.

    Please stop Jose Baez’s lack of ethics and duplicity in this whole situation. As an officer of the court his behavior is so lacking and he needs to be removed from this case otherwise Casey can not receive a fair trial in my opinion. It’s expensive enough to do it once but 3 times….. let’s get her a good lawyer one who is not just a lousy liar on top of it all.

  24. Sherry
    Feb 4 2011

    Here is Dr. Lillian Glass’ post on Cindy’s letters:

    Cindy’s Letters to Casey

    • Feb 4 2011

      Thank you so much, Sherry! I am anxious to read it! Happy Friday, by the way! Ahhhh, TGIF!


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