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February 1, 2011


any more hat tricks?

by Andrea O'Connell

It is being reported today by WESH in Orlando, and other sources, that Laura Buchanan, the once hopeful witness for the Casey Anthony Defense, admitted that she did falsify a Texas EquuSearch (TES) field report.

It has long been suspected that Laura tampered with a TES report, even adding names of other searchers in an effort to bolster her story.  It all backfired.

Laura contacted the Defense team sometime early in January 2009 to say she DID search the Suburban Drive location and it was DRY and there was NO body.  The Defense, however, waited for quite some time before moving on the supposed exculpatory evidence.  Were they suspicious of Laura Buchanan’s claims, hence the delay in waiting to bring this evidence to light?  Was the Defense investigating Laura Buchanan’s claim to be sure it was valid?  The answers appear, at this point, to be no and no.

It was in August 2010 that the Defense team filed this meandering mess of a motion: Response to Quash the Court’s Order on Defendant’s Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum for the Documents in the Possession of Texas EquuSearch Based on Bad Faith

This motion states that both Joe Jordan and Laura Buchanan are witnesses to the fact that the location were Caylee was discovered was dry in September 2008, and no body was present.

Of course we know that Joe Jordan was misrepresented regarding searching with Laurie Buchanan; and now we know that the Laura Buchanan document that could have provided exculpatory claims, was patently false.

Makes you wonder what’s the next rabbit to come out of the Defense hat.

Incidentally, the collection of documents contained on the link above, include the OCSO investigative documents used in Brad Conway’s interview with regards to this issue.

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  1. Sherry
    Feb 1 2011

    I was reading through the field activity report and discovered that LB said she searched behind the Anthony’s house. I had remembered that Dave had said that it wouldn’t be possible for Casey to have put Caylee’s remains behind the house. He verified that he did debunk that idea over a year ago (I think longer than that-before her remains were found). I wonder if she was reading the blogs to cull her false info. Shoo…I bet she heard of someone stepping on a gator’s tail…!

    • Sherry
      Feb 1 2011

      There are homes behind the Anthony’s house:

      Google Map

    • Sherry
      Feb 1 2011

      I have been trying to leave a Google map link so we can see that there are houses behind their home but I think it went to spam, Andrea!

      • Feb 2 2011

        I am sooo sorry – I was a couch potato tonight and didn’t see this until just now… the Google map is free!

      • Sherry
        Feb 2 2011

        Nawty, nawty! lol

        I see you posted the comments-you can delete one of them if you’d like. Thanks!

      • Feb 2 2011

        Done! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep after my long nap!

  2. Sherry
    Feb 1 2011

    Okay, here is what is behind the Anthony’s house!
    Google map


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