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oh yes, BOMBSHELL for Baez!

I literally gasped when I saw the WESH headline that Baez was under investigation by the Florida Bar.

I wasn’t surprised, I had just not expected it since none of the media outlets were covering what I thought was a huge, bombshell of a story!

With last Friday’s document release of discovery, there was a great deal of material about the Laura Buchanan issue in which Jose Baez, desperate for some exculpatory evidence to create doubt for Casey, allegedly (according to Brad Conway), lied in open court to Judge Perry.  (The information is in a transcript of an interview with Brad Conway and the Orange County Sherriff’s Office (OCSO), and it is shocking.)

Two days ago, I published a story about this very issue. Read: Big trouble for Baez?

According to WESH, Karen Kirksey, a Florida Bar spokesperson, confirmed there is an open file on Baez, but it is confidential until such time as probable cause has been found.

Veteran trial attorney, Bill Sheaffer, legal guru for WFTV, in an interview with Kathi Bellich, says there is no more serious charge that a lawyer can face.  If it is indeed true, and if Brad Conway is to be believed, this is reprehensible. Sheaffer said this is a very serious allegation – just as serious as a lawyer stealing from a client.

Sheaffer does say that this will NOT impact the trial, BUT it will seriously impact Baez’s credibility with Judge Perry.

Let’s recap what happened:

It began when Todd Macaloso stood in open court and said that Casey Anthony was innocent, and they can prove it.  Macaloso was referring to the alleged statements of Joe Jordan (who later realized he was wrong and had not searched where Caylee’s body was found, he was a about 30 feet off).

The defense was aware of Joe Jordan and his initial claims and they jumped all over it.  Then, not too long after Joe Jordan, along came Laura Buchanan who claims she searched where Casey’s body was later found, but said the area was DRY and Caylee was not there. (She later recanted and now admits to falsifying the TES document.)

While Laura was a legitimate TES searcher, her actions were wholly illegitimate.  She is now being investigated by the OCSO for tampering with evidence.

Before all this was known about Buchanan, however, she simply wanted to insert herself in the case.  She falsified a TES search document saying that she’d been in the location where the body was found. In addition, she falsified Joe Jordan’s name on her bogus TES form, then attempted to coax him into calling Baez.  Joe Jordan never did.

Then, in August 2010, Baez wrote a motion in which he claimed that both Laura Buchanan and Joe Jordan will come into court and say, effectively, that Casey could not have put Caylee’s body where it was found, because there is proof Caylee was not there in September of 2008.  Casey could not have put Caylee there, claimed the Defense – Casey was in jail.

As I laid out in Monday’s post, Jose Baez had long been requesting of Brad Conway to contact Laura Buchanan as she had some important evidence that is HUGE for Casey Anthony. Baez asked Conway at least three times, over a period of a year, to contact Buchanan, Conway never did. As such, Conway was not aware of what Laura Buchanan would say.

Brad Conway told OCSO that he did not want to help Baez because he was furious with him for going behind his back and working with the Anthony’s to reverse a previous waiver of conflict with Tim Miller that allowed Mark NeJame to represent him.  Baez worked with the Anthony’s to try and reverse the waiver of conflict.  Such a thing is not done and it infuriated Conway.   Furthermore, Conway told OCSO, that if the information from Laura Buchanan was so critical and exculpatory, Baez should be handling it himself!  It was not Conway’s job to work for Casey’s Defense.

However, Conway DID agree to go to Mark NeJame’s office and look through the TES documents to try to find if there were any documents with Buchanan’s name on them – Conway found none.  In addition, Baez asked him again to search for a half dozen other names in the documents, one of the names was Roy Kronk.   Brad did comb through the documents looking for Roy Kronk’s name.  He found none.

To make this long story short, the reason why Baez is in serious trouble is because, in August 2010, to bolster his claim about Laura Buchanan and Joe Jordan being critical witnesses, Baez lied and said that Brad Conway ALSO knows that Caylee’s body could not have been at the location in September 2008, because he has two witnesses (and now Conway) who will support this.

Brad Conway vehemently denies ever stating such a thing to Baez.

Brad Conway, as far as I am concerned, is believable. And, as we have known for some time, Baez makes his own rules and seems to be cut from the same cloth as the Anthony’s.

Oh yes, this is indeed a BOMBSHELL!

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