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February 3, 2011


Hearing tomorrow at 1:30

by Andrea O'Connell

There is a status hearing at 1:30 tomorrow in the Casey Anthony case.  According to media sources, Casey Antony will not be present so it’s safe to assume that there may not be any motions discussed.  Regardless, it will be interesting to see if any sparks are in the atmosphere of the courtroom tomorrow…. Will Jose be very talkative, or will he let Cheney Mason take the reins?  We’ll have to see!  It should be interesting!

WESH will stream the hearing live.


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  1. Feb 3 2011

    Thanks for the reminder, Andrea – it had slipped my mind

    • Feb 3 2011

      You’re welcome! Now that you aren’t going to your appointment tomorrow, will you be able to watch the hearing? I’ll have to catch it after the fact. 😦

      • Feb 3 2011

        Since the weather will be keeping me from my doctor I will have to go to work – gotta love TX!

        I will try to watch though and if you like I can email you anything of real interest

      • Feb 3 2011

        Kim, that would be wonderful and thank you for offering! But, my dear, you have to work too, so don’t worry because I’ll catch it when I get home…. (I can sneak peeks, too, if I have no meetings!)

  2. Feb 3 2011

    Don’t worry Ladies. I’ll be here 😉

    • Feb 3 2011

      Thank you so much Venice! You are awesome! 🙂

  3. Feb 4 2011


    Ya’ll got to see this

  4. Feb 4 2011

    Have you ever seen such an unprofessional Officer of the Court such as Baez??? Sniffer stuff??? What a SLAP to Caylee!! Slave pay???? I am SHOCKED at this loser’s ego!!

    • Feb 4 2011

      It’s amazing, isn’t it?! How on earth can he be real? How can he not know he is making a mess of this case? It’s sad, Venice. It’s the “Peter Principle” at work – he’s not ready for this case and yet he is so arrogant he refuses to give in. So, he’ll make a mess of everything instead.


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