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bad, bad day for baez

Today’s status hearing, in the case against Casey Anthony, was embarrassing. Baez stuck his nose into places it didn’t belong as he tried to be as wily as a squirrel, but he was doomed from the start.

The dynamic in the courtroom, and the treatment of Baez by Judge Belvin Perry was like being in grade school – Catholic School – when the Head Master totally rips apart one of the nasty kids that you hate, but still feel a tinge of embarrassment for as he gets nailed to a stake.

Baez got a whipping today, as well he should have.  (Fellow classmates Linda Drane Burick and Jeff Ashton showed great restraint, though they wanted to land some really big spitballs on Baez’s’ really big sniffer.)

And, there was a totally embarrassing moment when the squirrelly-nosed one got his sniffer so close to the gavel, I thought the Judge was going to smash it into next Sunday.  This is when Baez had the audacity to argue with Judge Perry about picking a venue!  Baez had the gall to suggest there may be appellate issues to deal with down the road on this subject if the Defense cannot know before hand what venue they will use to pick the jurors.

I was thinking, uh, Mr. Baez, why don’t you learn the basics of Florida law, and then maybe you will have the wherewithal to discuss appellate issues?  The nerve he has!

Begging:  Please Sir, I Want More!

The long standing issue of expert witness discovery came up again today, and hapless Baez was so asinine in his arguments.  Baez made it worse for himself the more he said – and he wouldn’t stop talking!   Cheney Mason, by the way, said next to nothing, but did wear a worried look from time to time – I would too if Baez was my co-counsel.

So, Baez was in his own make-believe world, making up rules as he went along.  He whined and he whined about needing more time to turn in his expert witness reports because he needed face time with his experts to “show them some things.”  The Judge asked Baez if he’d considered using the telephone.  Baez stuck out his sniffer and said, he’d tried that, but it won’t work because he has pictures to show them.

The Judge, not budging, advised the squirrel to Fed Ex the pictures.  Calmly, Judge Perry told the poor squirrel to mark the pictures as one, two, three, four, or a, b, c, d, in order to discuss them over the phone.

Oh, Baez didn’t like that idea because he sure wants to go to a conference where all the experts will be, on February 21st.  No can do, said Judge Perry, and set FIRM deadlines for mid February.

Judge Perry reminded Baez there will be no more extensions granted. Period.

Tweet Tweet Tweet!

One of the Defense witnesses who Baez has complained and complained about not being able to reach, was shoved back into his squirrely sniffer when Jeff Ashton brilliantly produced “tweets” made by this witness!  It seems this witness has been nursing her sick cat at home, working on her book, and is now vacationing in Tahiti!  (Spitball one.)

Another witness, says Baez, he just can’t get a hold of at all!  When asked if this expert has a receptionist or a secretary, Baez claimed, no he doesn’t. Again, Jeff Ashton, on the ball, tells the Judge that this particular witness is the Director of this particular lab and yes, he has support staff. (Spitball two.)

Finally, it sure is embarrassing when you’re so inept the teacher has to do your work for you.  Sure enough, Judge Perry will be calling one of the Defense witnesses himself!  It’s bad news, real bad news when the Judge has to call a lawyers witnesses. But that’s what he’s going to do!  Oh my!   (Spitball three plus a whipping and a gavel in the sniffer.)

The bottom line?  Mr. Baez is stalling. He is not trying to get these reports. His strategy is shock and awe in the courtroom.  That’s what he wants, he doesn’t care about the law.  He wants his way. Rules be damned!

Baez is only hurting Casey’s ability to a fair trial because Judge Perry simply reminded Baez that if he wants these experts to testify, he’d better hand over the reports.

What’s next

A hearing will take place on March 2 and 3rd.  The motions on the table for this hearing are related to Casey Anthony’s statements to police at Universal, whether Robin Adams’ testimony will come in, whether George, Cindy and Lee’s visitations  with Casey at the jail will come in, and a few more items.

Then, Frye hearings will be scheduled on March 23 to 25th on a number of scientific issues.

Today couldn’t have been much worse for Baez – the Head Master is a strict one.

I think more spitballs are coming.

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