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no phone, no matter for baez

To those of us who have taken the “post-a-day 2011” WordPress blogging challenge, the folks at WordPress send us topic ideas to write about – to inspire us and make us think.  Today, WordPress suggested we write about how we would survive without the internet – what our lives would be like without it.

And it got me thinking about the coverage of the Casey Anthony case, and I realized that I would have little or no information about the case – unless I lived in Orlando.  If it weren’t for the internet, there would barely be a speck of information!

This case has taken on a life of its own in my life, and I’m sure it has for you, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

It’s become incredibly important to me that there is justice served in this case.  There’s a kind of nervous energy that flows within me that keeps me thinking and reading and writing about what is going on in this case.  But, without the internet, I would have virtually no information – no TV coverage (I am not a fan of Nancy Grace), and no newspaper coverage either.

So, if it weren’t for being kept informed about the Caylee Anthony case, a big chunk of my time would be spent doing something other than thinking and writing about this case.  (I’d probably be watching the Superbowl right now if there was no internet!)

If there were no Internet, all of us around the country and the world would have no voice in seeing that justice is served for Caylee Anthony.  Without us, who would be holding the torch for Caylee?  Of course the good men and women in the State Attorney’s Office and the Orange County Sherriff’s Office would be working for Caylee, but we would not be witness to it.

If the Internet went away, my life would be totally different in so many ways, not only with regards to this case.

I’d have to go to the library and check out books instead of downloading them to my Nook.  I’d have to write real letters instead of emails; write checks instead of banking online;  go to a store instead of shopping on Amazon, stand in line at a Box Office instead of buying theatre tickets online, and forget quick boarding passes! Without the Internet there would be no more blogs, no more chats….


The phone would become so much more important, too. Oh, but, the phone eats up time, valuable time.

The Internet is about immediacy.  Immediate answers, immediate knowledge!  It’s a lifeline to the rest of the world…it’s how we get things done, it saves time, money, energy, and so much more. The Internet is a tool that takes care of time, gives us much more of it- that important and valuable commodity that we crave more of.

Would Casey have a Public Defender if there were no Internet?  Without the Internet, Jose Baez would not have the chance to be under the Big Top.  Being just an Orlando celebrity-clown is hardly as enticing.

I wonder if another circus would come to town for Casey Anthony, or would her high-wire act be retired by now without the Internet?

I took a look at Jose Baez’s website.  You may recall that soon after Baez got the Anthony case, he changed his website to its current look.  Back then, the site links were not working.  They are still not working.  Back then, it was understandable, I suppose, that his links didn’t work since his site was new.  But now, in 2011, he does not have a working website?

It seems par for the course, doesn’t it?  Not only can he not produce links on his website, he’s lacking coherent links in his defense – it follows that his website would mirror that.

If Baez didn’t have the internet, he wouldn’t use the phone either, we know that.   So, he would not be impacted with out the Internet.

Sadly, he’d be just as ineffective.

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