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February 6, 2011


no phone, no matter for baez

by Andrea O'Connell

To those of us who have taken the “post-a-day 2011” WordPress blogging challenge, the folks at WordPress send us topic ideas to write about – to inspire us and make us think.  Today, WordPress suggested we write about how we would survive without the internet – what our lives would be like without it.

And it got me thinking about the coverage of the Casey Anthony case, and I realized that I would have little or no information about the case – unless I lived in Orlando.  If it weren’t for the internet, there would barely be a speck of information!

This case has taken on a life of its own in my life, and I’m sure it has for you, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

It’s become incredibly important to me that there is justice served in this case.  There’s a kind of nervous energy that flows within me that keeps me thinking and reading and writing about what is going on in this case.  But, without the internet, I would have virtually no information – no TV coverage (I am not a fan of Nancy Grace), and no newspaper coverage either.

So, if it weren’t for being kept informed about the Caylee Anthony case, a big chunk of my time would be spent doing something other than thinking and writing about this case.  (I’d probably be watching the Superbowl right now if there was no internet!)

If there were no Internet, all of us around the country and the world would have no voice in seeing that justice is served for Caylee Anthony.  Without us, who would be holding the torch for Caylee?  Of course the good men and women in the State Attorney’s Office and the Orange County Sherriff’s Office would be working for Caylee, but we would not be witness to it.

If the Internet went away, my life would be totally different in so many ways, not only with regards to this case.

I’d have to go to the library and check out books instead of downloading them to my Nook.  I’d have to write real letters instead of emails; write checks instead of banking online;  go to a store instead of shopping on Amazon, stand in line at a Box Office instead of buying theatre tickets online, and forget quick boarding passes! Without the Internet there would be no more blogs, no more chats….


The phone would become so much more important, too. Oh, but, the phone eats up time, valuable time.

The Internet is about immediacy.  Immediate answers, immediate knowledge!  It’s a lifeline to the rest of the world…it’s how we get things done, it saves time, money, energy, and so much more. The Internet is a tool that takes care of time, gives us much more of it- that important and valuable commodity that we crave more of.

Would Casey have a Public Defender if there were no Internet?  Without the Internet, Jose Baez would not have the chance to be under the Big Top.  Being just an Orlando celebrity-clown is hardly as enticing.

I wonder if another circus would come to town for Casey Anthony, or would her high-wire act be retired by now without the Internet?

I took a look at Jose Baez’s website.  You may recall that soon after Baez got the Anthony case, he changed his website to its current look.  Back then, the site links were not working.  They are still not working.  Back then, it was understandable, I suppose, that his links didn’t work since his site was new.  But now, in 2011, he does not have a working website?

It seems par for the course, doesn’t it?  Not only can he not produce links on his website, he’s lacking coherent links in his defense – it follows that his website would mirror that.

If Baez didn’t have the internet, he wouldn’t use the phone either, we know that.   So, he would not be impacted with out the Internet.

Sadly, he’d be just as ineffective.

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  1. Feb 6 2011

    If there were no internet Andrea – Baez would be making a bit more head way in his case 😉

    • Feb 6 2011

      Hey Kim… you really think so? I actually think that he’d be even less effective…oh, but he’d have to build his own case and not rely on the bloggers…. there ya go!

  2. EDRN
    Feb 6 2011

    If we didn’t have the internet, we wouldn’t have each other! Very sad thought.

    • Feb 6 2011

      Yes, it sure is…!!

      • Feb 6 2011

        Totally sad 😦

      • cali patti
        Feb 6 2011

        double sad

  3. EDRN
    Feb 6 2011

    I have a question for you to ponder..
    If Casey is found not guilty, how will this change you? Will you blame it on the “system”? Will you forget it and move on with your life like it never happened? Will you have learned something? Has this just been a blip in your life that you found interesting and when its over, its over?
    For those who believe she is innocent….will you accept a guilty verdict and move on?
    Will we all still talk about this next year? Will we continue to debate and disagree or will we forget about Casey (never Caylee), Cindy, Jose etc?
    I don’t mean you personally Andrea. The “you” above is a global “you”
    Am I making myself clear? lolololol

    • Feb 6 2011

      Yes! I understand you, my dear!
      And, what a good question. Well, if she is found not guilty (can’t even imagine it), I think I’d keep writing about it and try to understand why. I’d want to look at the system. I’d want to try to figure out what went wrong and maybe help to fix it.
      I think we’ll be talking about this case long after the fact, guilty or not guilty. I think the family will continue to make noise, and I believe there will be charges against the Anthony’s once this case has concluded. I do believe that this case has a couple of years more of notoriety left.

      One thing in particular that it has done for me is it’s allowed me to practice my writing skills…. that’s been a great opportunity – to write about something that I’m so passionate about – the law and injustice against children.
      The sad thing is, there will be other cases to talk about when this one is through.
      I think I’ll keep blogging… 🙂

  4. EDRN
    Feb 6 2011

    I know this is off topic, as was my other post, but you made me thing….lol
    so its all your fault.
    Another question I have….why is everyone so invested in this particular case? Yes Caylee was beautiful, but so are many, many little girls. Yes Casey didn’t say anything for 31 days, but I don’t think that is so unusual in cases like this. Yes, she partied, but other parents “go on with their lives” also. Yes she lied, but all murderers lie? What is special about this case? Is it the sunshine law? Is it we can dissect all the evidence? I would love to hear the varied and thought provoking answers.

    • Feb 6 2011

      LOL! Nothing is “off topic” so don’t even worry my friend!
      Well, I think why we’re all invested is, yes, the Sunshine Law is part of it, but it’s also the family dynamic that is so off the wall. The fact that they were so vocal and dramatic at every turn, was fascinating. I kept watching to see what crazy thing they’d do or say next. This may sound strange, but it’s also about voyeurism – we get to see this crazy family, and the tragedy that has engulfed their lives – what can be worse than loosing a daughter and a granddaughter? I think that so many people follow this is because it makes them feel better about their own lives, and family….
      I know I look at this group of people and they seem so All American on the outside, but on the inside they are sick and twisted and incredibly sad. I am fascinated by their personalities, too. So, it’s not only about the loss of the beautiful child that captivated us with her sweet little personality and huge sensitive eyes, but it’s also about seeing how this family operates…Looking at their life makes me see mine with such gratitude – I realize how lucky I am..

  5. EDRN
    Feb 6 2011

    In addition to all the reasons you have listed, one other thing I find interesting is the bloggers, their opinions and the lengths some will go to to get their opinions heard and accepted. This whole case is a great study in personalities, of the players and the the observers.

  6. Feb 6 2011

    Andrea, how dare you even think of taking away my internet?? Do you want me to have a nervous breakdown right here on your blog?
    You have upset Jonathon and I may go into an early molt. Have you even seen how ugly a seagull looks half bald?
    Seriously, we depend on the internet for so much now, it is scarey. Even our electricity depends on the internet. Don’t ask me to explain that, not all seagulls are brilliant.

    You would never believe the resistance I put up when my 3 girls kept after me to get a computer. I often wonder if they regret convincing me to get one. I don’t have much time to talk to them anymore. You know, Andrea, a good question would be, “has the Sunshine Law spoiled us?” I am an internet addict and I need help. Do you know of a 100 baby steps program I can sign up for. I am not in a big hurry to get cured. *wink Jonathon

    • Feb 6 2011

      LOL!!! Poor Jonathon…don’t you fret – don’t you worry even one tiny feather dear Jonathon!
      It is a scary thought to be without the internet – we depend on it for so much…. I was without it for about 4 days when I was moving and I nearly went nuts..but, I had my iphone with the internet….so I didn’t suffer too much!

      You know, I do think the Sunshine Law has put a different twist on this case, definitely – we know so many details as a result – and that’s what is a bit frustrating, too because we know she’s guilty and it’s the tension of waiting for justice to happen, and not knowing if it will be another travesty like OJ’s case was… that’s what keeps me on my toes and anxious about the outcome. And, although Baez is just so awful, in reality, he’s so bad he’ll ensure that Casey is found guilty. But, then again, that’s not fair – even though Casey is obviously guilty, she deserves a full and fair hearing … (my little soapbox!)

  7. cali patti
    Feb 6 2011

    Jonathon, you are an absolute hoot, imaging no internet. Take an asprin your brain must be in pain. Shame on Andrea.

    EDRN … The Anthony case interested me when I overheatrd the news recounting Caseys lies thinking at the time whatever this girl did she is “done” with those lousy lies. Then the characters that have invested themselves willingly and otherwise in the case is gigantic. The friendly fire in this case is numerous, even an atty & bail bondsman from California.

    • Feb 6 2011

      LOL Cali Patti! After all this scary imagining, I need a couple aspirin, too….and it sure is past my bedtime….!

  8. cali patti
    Feb 6 2011

    “imagining” misspelling is Andrea’s fault causing me to worry over Jonathon’s pain, all other grammer errors and typos are mine

  9. Feb 6 2011

    cali patti, bless you my dear. I am glad you are a bird lover. Andrea has really rattled all of us. I have already gone into my molt and until my new feathers grow in, I am grounded. No fish, no food and I may starve to death but but but …until I take that last breath, I will have my internet.

    • Feb 6 2011

      LOLOL! You are sending me to bed with a smile on my face! Be well, and fly high, Jonathon… this was only a dream! 🙂

  10. Feb 6 2011


    • Mike
      Feb 8 2011

      I think Baez spelled justice wrong.
      It should be: just us.
      Where just us begins.

      • Feb 8 2011

        Mike! I love it!!!! Very true, and very clever! 🙂

  11. cali patti
    Feb 6 2011

    Jonathon, we must be careful with Andrea, she is a young’un still, she knows not what she says at times. Her heart is pure, just young. After all she missed the super bowl for us. Oh my goodness. I am off to bed also.
    Please take of yourself Jonathon, hope you have a warm feather jacket to wear in that cold.

    • Feb 7 2011

      Hope you all had a nice and restful evening! I missed the halftime show and the entire football game!! Hope it was a good one. Happy for the winners, sorry for the losing team. LOL I don’t know yet who won! Happy Monday all …. Have a great one.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Feb 7 2011

      LOL! Thanks for calling me young, Cali Patti! 🙂

  12. cali patti
    Feb 7 2011

    ps instead of the word “careful …” understanding is better.
    I did watch the super bowl, for the commercials.

  13. Hilde
    Feb 7 2011

    There is no Question the Anthony Case wouldn’t be as big as it is would it not be for the Internet.
    For me it felt good to be able to talk to other People on the Internet who knew about the Case and were just as interested in getting Justice for Caylee as I am.
    What would we do without the Internet?
    Well I guess we would have to go back to the times when there was no Internet or for that Matter Cell Phones, we did survive believe it or not :). Would I want to go back to that Time, absolutely not. I am, just like so many others spoiled now by the new Technology and I love it, it makes Communication so much easier and faster. We can communicate with People all over the World with One Click, it’s amazing. The Internet is a very practical, convenient Tool if it is used the right Way.
    The Internet provides us with a World of Knowledge , however it comes with pro and Cons. It has to be used carefully, especially with the Information You give out on the Internet. As we all know there are People out there who misuse the Internet by bulling or stalking People, I won’t get into that one, we all know that is going on. Also Children need to be aware of some of the Danger of the Internet and therefore should be monitored by their Parents. Overall I am grateful for the Internet, because of it our Voices can be heard, which otherwise wouldn’t be, especially in the Case like the Casey Anthony Case. We have a Voice and we can monitor how this Case is coming along and see to it that Justice will be served.
    Ok, I went on and on about it and will just say one more thing, I would be lost without all the Information I have Access to thanks to the Internet.
    One more thing, I am thankful for All the good People I have met on these Blogs which I otherwise wouldn’t have had the Chance to meet and I have learned a lot just in the Time I been reading these Blogs about the Anthony Case. It’s been in a Way an interesting Adventure. JMO

    • Feb 7 2011

      Hi Hilde! So good to see you! Thanks for your great comments, too. I am with you there…. I would be lost without it, too. I rely on it for so many things, business and personal…

      We really do live in a flat world now – the Internet opens so many doors for learning from people who are on the other side of the globe, or as in the case of NASA, on another planet! Just amazing.

      I am so thankful for all the friends I have met online, too…. that’s been one of the greatest benefits to me, too.

      It’s difficult now to imagine what our existence would be without it….

  14. Caleb
    Feb 7 2011

    Sweet article, neat site design and style, continue the good work

    • Feb 7 2011

      Thanks, Caleb – That’s very nice of you to say. I appreciate your kind comments. Hope to see you again!


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