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judge perry memorializes his orders

There was very little news of note in the case against Casey Anthony today.  However, an order from Judge Belvin Perry was filed to memorialize the deadline dates for Defense expert opinion reports, which were discussed this past Friday.  That document is attached below.

The order:  Order Memorializing Status Hearing.

I like the choice of the word: memorialize! When something is memorialized it is honored, or commemorated, and of course, it is remembered.  In the single word choice, Honorable Judge Belvin Perry is advising that this is it!  No more fooling around in the Judge Perry courtroom!

The deadline dates, and the name of each Defense expert who must file an opinion, are as follows:

  • February 15th.  Dr. Barry Logan (will challenge Oakridge Lab)
  • February 15th. Dr. Kathy Reichs (Anthropology – skeletal remains)
  • February 21st. Dr. Bill Rodriguez (Taphonomy, i.e. decomposition)
  • March 11th.   Dr. Werner Spitz (Autopsy findings)
  • March 23rd. DNA Testing

The order also states, in bold:

Additional extensions of deadlines for defense experts will not be granted. Further, both parties are reminded that testimony of any defense or State expert that is not disclosed in a report and/or a deposition within the ordered deadlines will be precluded at trial.

I have a funny feeling that we won’t be seeing some of these Defense witnesses come May.


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