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February 7, 2011


judge perry memorializes his orders

by Andrea O'Connell

There was very little news of note in the case against Casey Anthony today.  However, an order from Judge Belvin Perry was filed to memorialize the deadline dates for Defense expert opinion reports, which were discussed this past Friday.  That document is attached below.

The order:  Order Memorializing Status Hearing.

I like the choice of the word: memorialize! When something is memorialized it is honored, or commemorated, and of course, it is remembered.  In the single word choice, Honorable Judge Belvin Perry is advising that this is it!  No more fooling around in the Judge Perry courtroom!

The deadline dates, and the name of each Defense expert who must file an opinion, are as follows:

  • February 15th.  Dr. Barry Logan (will challenge Oakridge Lab)
  • February 15th. Dr. Kathy Reichs (Anthropology – skeletal remains)
  • February 21st. Dr. Bill Rodriguez (Taphonomy, i.e. decomposition)
  • March 11th.   Dr. Werner Spitz (Autopsy findings)
  • March 23rd. DNA Testing

The order also states, in bold:

Additional extensions of deadlines for defense experts will not be granted. Further, both parties are reminded that testimony of any defense or State expert that is not disclosed in a report and/or a deposition within the ordered deadlines will be precluded at trial.

I have a funny feeling that we won’t be seeing some of these Defense witnesses come May.


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  1. Feb 7 2011

    hello to all.bozo marie will come to court saying again the experts cant be reached.holy moly we will hear jude perry will for sure get mad big time.cant wait for trial bozo marie is not going to see what hit him.right now he is thinking like the baby killer prolong this trial so we can appeal watch and see.he does not seem worried of what is going to happen to him come before or after trial who ever put in the complaint to the bar.l hope he is barred because he does not know what he is doing let alone what he says half the time.justice is what we want for caylee big deal who it implicates.

    • Feb 7 2011

      Hi Annie…. You’re probably correct that Baez would like to delay this trial as long as he can, but oh my, Judge Perry will not entertain that notion for all the tea in china! The case is moving forward with or without Baez….

  2. Sherry
    Feb 7 2011

    I have the same feeling as you! Some of these witnesses would be handy to have testify in any Frye hearings regarding things of their expertise. Baez better light a fire under his butt because due dates are right around the corner!

    • Feb 7 2011

      Yup, you are right…. And I hadn’t realized it before, but Kathy Reichs is very well known. She has been a Producer on the show “Bones” and has written several novels, too. She’s in Tahiti as we speak, though! I wonder if she’s really signed on to this case, or whether Baez has her on his list with a hope and a prayer…

      • Susan
        Feb 8 2011

        Actually, the original concept of “Bones” is supposedly inspired by Kathy Reichs life – forensic anthropologist / author. If you watch the show, you will see the the main character Temperance Brennan (the name of a character in Kathy Reichs’ novels) writes mystery novels in which the main character’s name is: Kathy Reichs.

  3. Feb 7 2011

    Again, Thank you Andrea! I had been looking for this!

    I lovelovelove the bolded parts!

    • Feb 7 2011

      You’re Welcome my dear! Glad I could be at your service! LOL! 🙂

  4. Rob
    Feb 7 2011

    Andrea, I have been working eight days a week. [ it is tax season for me]. However, each night when I come home, I read your blog. Thank you, for keeping me so well informed on the latest news. I love all your comments.

    • Feb 7 2011

      Rob!!!! I was wondering what you were up to! Well, that explains it. I have a friend who has a tax business, and I don’t see her at all from January to May.
      Hang in there. The good thing is, when you come up for air after tax season, the case will be getting started and the time will have flown by for you!

      All the best, talk to you when you come up for air!

  5. jon
    Feb 8 2011

    Hi Andrea: I’m not deprecating any of these people’s abilities and knowledge, but this is hardly the Dream Team they had in the beginning. I think the State’s experts will prevail. Also, let’s see if anyone on this list drops off before the trial!

    • Feb 8 2011

      Hi Jon, Oh I know…. the Dream Team has morphed into the “Maybe they’ll show team.”
      I have a difficult time believing that Baez will have his reports ready to submit by the deadlines set.

  6. katydid
    Feb 8 2011

    Dr. Barry Logan….from his website is an expert on alcohol and drug impairment while driving….i don’t hink Caylee was driving.

    Dr Kathy Reichs….is she the one that is taking care of a sick cat….or is she busy writing another novel?

    Dr. Bill Rodriguez….is he from Harvard University?….I don’t see him and Bozo in the same league.

    Dr. Werner Spitz….he’s the one that flipped out at the Phil Spector Trial.

    A drug & alcohol expert…a novelist…an intellectual….and a nut.

    • Feb 8 2011

      Thanks for that rundown, katydid! LOL, I loved your description of Dr. Spitz!
      Yes, Reichs is the one with the sick cat and is writing another novel, and is in Tahiti tweeting!

      • jon
        Feb 9 2011

        Sounds like a “fun” group! Too bad for Casey she didn’t meet these people at Fusion instead of her death penalty trial!

      • Feb 9 2011

        LOL! I am wondering if Kathy Reichs just wants to “use” this trial to write a new book…. just wondering…

      • jon
        Feb 10 2011

        I’m sure a bunch of books will be written about this trial; not to mention tv movies. Wonder if the Al’s are hoping for a reality series once it’s over. That is, presuming, the whole tribe isn’t in jail.

      • Feb 10 2011

        LOL! The tribe is on the verge of the big house if the OCSO has any say in the matter! I imagine they are just chomping at the bit to see this group of lying misfits have to answer for what they’ve done to circumvent the law…. Oh boy! A reality show with this family would be wild. The only problem is they are so darn unsympathetic I bet the ratings would tank….

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