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waving to WESH – where’s the beef?

I find it odd that WESH news would publish an article on their web site today that boasts the headline: New Deposition Released in Case Against Casey Anthony and not publish the deposition.

They are rabid for new stories about this case; they are frenetically driven to get any Anthony story before WFTV does.  When Kathi Bellich was on leave recently for a couple of weeks, WESH dug its heels in the sand and fought to be the first to report any tidbit of news.  I have come to rely on them for this reason.  They have been on top of the news about this case like no other.

But today’s story – a total non-story, leaves out the most important aspect: The deposition!  Why publish a story telling us a deposition has been released and fail to produce it?  That’s like advertising a free All-You-Can-Eat Steak buffet but only offering mashed potatoes or rice.  Where’s the beef?

The deposition in question is of Texas EquuSearch volunteer William Fitzgerald that was taken on February 2 of this year. The focus of the depo is the Texas EquuSearch records and I believe it was a defense deposition, I am almost certain of it.

Did the Defense feed this little bit of news to WESH?   If so, why?   And, why would WESH think this non story news worthy?

Does the Defense want the public to know that Baez “repeatedly asked” about Texas EquuSearch records and who created a list of volunteers?  The only information in the piece is the quote below:

During the deposition, Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez repeatedly asked Fitzgerald who had access to the documents and who participated in coming up with a list of volunteers who helped search the Suburban Drive area, where Caylee’s remains were later found.

Those of us following this case know that there has been no news at all this week; is WESH so hungry for news they would publish non-news?

Even the “Caylee Daily” website who publishes literally everything that WESH publishes, had this story on their site for about an hour and then took it down.

I don’t get it.  Do you?


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