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bizarre motion doesn’t pass the smell test

  • Empty can of Pepsi
  • Empty can of Mountain Dew
  • Empty can of Dr. Pepper
  • Empty can of Cherry Coke Zero
  • Empty can of Milwaukee Best Light
  • Empty can of Coke Classic
  • Empty can of Sprite (2)
  • Container of Crystal Light Powder mix (empty)
  • Bottle of Crystal Light (small amount of brown liquid)
  • Container of Copenhagen chew (empty)
  • Container of Oscar Meyer Hard Salami (empty)
  • Pizza box (empty)
  • Cardboard container of Kraft Velveeta Cheese
  • Two cardboard containers of Kraft Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Black plastic container (possibly from one of the Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Cardboard container of Cherry Coke (empty)
  • Bag of Stouffer’s Skillet dinner (empty)
  • Bottle of Arm and Hammer detergent (empty)
  • Can of Kiwi sneaker cleaner (empty)
  • Five fabric softener sheets
  • Miscellaneous papers and napkins

One of the most inane and questionable motions was filed last night by the Casey Anthony Defense team. If it weren’t for the motion being signed by both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, I would swear it was written by Cindy Anthony.

The motion is an amended one titled Amended Motion for Spoliation of Evidence to Exclude All References to the Smell of the Pontiac Sunfire. (attached)

The list of items above are the contents of the trash bag found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.  It is this trash bag that the defense team claims is the culprit causing the odor of decomposition in the trunk of the car, driven by Casey Anthony.  But there is not a single piece of food there!  Did the food decompose?    (Oh, and by the way, Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason, no one but Casey Anthony drove that car during the time period in question: June 16 to July 15, 2008.  Not Jesse Grund, not Ricardo Morales, not John Doe, not James Dean, it was Casey Anthony only.)

The list above contains NOT a single item of food!  Yet, the Defense contends that because this bag of trash was left in the trunk of the car for 18 days, it created the odor that the defense refers to as a “smell” rather than what it really is:  Human decomposition.

Did the Defense team not review the discovery of the content of the bag of garbage?

Hellooooooo Mr. Baez!  Yoo hooooo, Mr. Cheney?  Guess what?!  There are photos of the garbage for you to see! In fact, here a link to the photos.

This motion is garbage, plain and simple, and it sure boggles the mind that an attorney would waste precious time writing such baloney while he should be putting together a case for his client!

I submit that the defense has morphed into its own odor and is seriously making a mockery of the Criminal Justice system.

Where the Trash Came From

You may recall that Casey’s boyfriend during the critical period (June 16-July15), was Tony Lazzarro.  Tony told the Orange County Lead Detective, Yuri Melich, that he and his room-mates would often cart their garbage via their cars because the dumpster was quite a ways away, at the front of the apartment complex.  Casey Anthony took the garbage from Tony’s apartment and placed it in her trunk.  Did she intend to throw the garbage into the dumpster but forgot?  Perhaps, but not likely. Perhaps the garbage, in Casey’s warped mind, would be a substitute for the smell of decomposition?  Did she think that if the car was discovered, as she knew it would be, that the garbage would be mistaken for the smell of Caylee’s poor body?

As we know, substituting garbage for the odor of human decomposition was posed by Cindy and George.  To think that the Defense would even dare to put forth a motion that they MUST know is false, is mind boggling!

In the motion, which will never pass the smell test, this particular statement is very telling:

There was a bag of garbage in the trunk of a vehicle for 18 days in the summer months.  Especially if the trash had food items, flies and maggots as described by Detective Melich.  Faced with this issue law enforcement decided to to preserve certain evidence and destroy others.

How can they put forth a motion suggesting the smell emanates from “garbage” and yet they claim to not know if the trash contained food?   It’s a ludicrous position to take!

It’s difficult not to laugh at this very poor and very feeble attempt to exclude evidence.

This is further proof that the team of Baez/Mason stinks!


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