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February 19, 2011


a rose by any other name

by Andrea O'Connell

“What’s in name?” asks Juliet in Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet, “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

There’s a lot in a name. Just ask Jose Baez, who believes it his mission to reveal another name used by Kathi Belich, the hard-hitting WFTV reporter – the major thorn in Baez’s side, but a fine Irish Rose to those of us who seek justice for Caylee Anthony.

The dialogue below is taken from a video that appears to be from 2009, when the photos of the autopsy were being discussed in court hearings:

Baez: I hear your name is really Gallagher, is that true?

Belich: When did you actually… When did you actually…

Baez: Are you really Kathleen Gallager  Is that true?

Belich: (pause) Wha….I don’t understand your question.

Baez: Somebody told me that was your real name.

Belich: Let me ask you a question about this case.

Baez: Why do you use a separate name?  Who are you Todd Black? (I believe he’s saying Todd Black)

Thanks go to Sherry for making me aware of this video clip.  The video can be viewed here:

In this video Baez makes a petulant, and cheeky personal attack at Kathi that really bothered me.  Then just recently, in the recent Defense motion introducing new witnesses, he again mentions Kathi Belich’s other name, as if to cover Kathi in a kind of snarky mysterious cloud.

Kathi Belich is a very recognizable public figure.  Her image is out there for all to see. I have no way of knowing if this is true, but I am guessing that “Belich” could be Kathi’s stage name.  I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but Kathi may have a stage name to protect her privacy.

People in television or film generally belong to two professional unions: The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), or the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, (AFTRA).

When you join any of these unions, you must assign yourself a stage name that is unique and that no one else in the business is using. Before I could join SAG, my name had to approved – checked to see no other actor was using it.  I was okay, the name I chose happened to be my real name and I could use it as a stage name, too.  However, many people choose a different name from their own – their real name may be too long, hard to pronounce, or for any number of other reasons. The fact is, many people in the business choose a different stage name in an effort to maintain privacy.  Maybe this is what Kathi Belich has chosen to do, too.

Regardless of her choices, this is personal information about Kathi Belich that has no bearing on anything related to the State v. Casey Anthony!  Revealing Kathi Belich’s other name is low, unprofessional, and bordering on harassment.

The request to have Kathi Belich on the Defense witness list is, in my opinion, a sleazy tactic to harass her, AND keep her out of the courtroom and covering this case.

In most states, Florida is one of them, there is a “Shield Law” that protects reporters from testifying or revealing their sources or the information they have uncovered.  This is part of our Democracy called Freedom of the Press!

WFTV will fight tooth and nail to keep Kathi off of any Defense or Prosecution witness list.

It’s uncalled for to attack a reporter simply because she is on top of stories that just happens to malign the Defense.

Jose Angel Baez needs to be a big boy and suck it up.

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  1. Sherry
    Feb 19 2011

    Okay, I get it now-that is, why the juvenille behavior by Baez in this instance. In the video Baez “outs” Kathi Belich (big whoopdedoo!) and asks if she is Todd Black. I did some research because I thought maybe it was Ms. Belich who outed Todd Black. No, it was Scared Monkeys and Blink but Baez may have believed it was her.
    The Orlando Sentinel and WFTV are both finally reporting that Todd Black appears to really be Gil Cabot. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a former FBI agent who investigated Cabot in the late 1980s told the Sentinel he thinks Black’s voice sounds the same as Cabot’s on recordings he listened to. Gil Cabot has quite the past as he was convicted of attempting to extort $30,000 from television journalist Jann Carl.

    When a Sentinel reporter pressed Black on Thursday for more information on his identity, Black said the newspaper was wasting its time.

    “It is an absolute lie that I am Gil Cabot,” Black said

    Scared Monkeys

    • Sherry
      Feb 19 2011

      Just a note~ there is boucoup info in the SM article linked above. OS was reporting that they discovered Todd Black’s real name.

    • Feb 19 2011

      Ohhh… you’re probably right that Baez thinks it was Kathi that outed Todd Black! And, I remember that story very well. It just shows the kind of people that Jose will trust and keep close – the Gil Cabot’s, Anthony’s , Macaluso’s, and Milstead’s of the world are those Baez trusts! Apples don’t far too far from the tree, do they?

      Thank you so much, Sherry, for your GREAT investigative skills! This is great stuff! 🙂

  2. Swift Justice
    Feb 19 2011

    Kathi Belish….is a superduper reporter and tops in her profession unlike
    Jose’s bumbling, stumbling courtroom antics. What does her name – whether it’s a stage name or whatever have to do with this case? Absolutely nothing. It was just JB’s infantile way of trying to embarrass her infront of the camera. However he once again showed himself as what he really is, dumb, stupid and desperate to have the last word….at Kathi’s expense.
    For all we know, it could be her marriage name…..but that’s still none of Joses’ business… is completely unrelated to this case.
    She did what she did best…….ignored his question and continued to ask about the autopsy date, which he never answered.

    Too bad she didn’t ask him about the name that everyone is referring to him by……….BOZO……..THE CLOWN.
    But she is a lady first and a Great Reporter 2nd.

    Go Kathi Belish, continue to be a thorn in Jose’s butt… will accompany the bruises that he gets from HHJP’s spankings.

    • Feb 20 2011

      You are absolutely right, Kathi’s name has nothing to do with this case, it’s just a churlish and petulant way to harass her – he has to know that she won’t be approved as a witness – he’s just being an A$$. And if he doesn’t know about the Shield Law for reporters, then he’s an even bigger A$$!

  3. Feb 19 2011

    bozo marie thinks he is a big shot right about now but what he does not see is that he is his own worst enemy.the older person there with him whats his name?chenny well he and both bozo should get off this case because they know nothing about whats going to happen if they dont just jump ship.bozo marie is waiting for a mistrial hope ya all have heard this some where and if not thats what is going to happen.chenny does not seem like he wants any part of this case he sits there ans keeps looking at his watch but that will do him nothing.l dont understand how he could be hired to do other cases when chenny looks like he should go to the old age home.whenever he tries to speak he does not make any sense unless both bozo marie and him are drinking the same koolaid.get off this case will not win as you can see everything will back fire and it will so say goodbye to are good when it comes to money you steal you lie you bring contrband to the jail you involve other lawyers and make up lies in court what else are you best at?go cover your face with sand you are not aa goog lawyer at all where you got your skills l do not know but l am not a lawyer but l know more than you dumbell.

  4. offthecuff
    Feb 19 2011

    If Baez does retain Belich as a witness, she will have no problem taking him on.

  5. Diana
    Feb 19 2011

    For a grown man with an education, Baez is extremely immature. I think he must have been bullied as a kid by classmates or siblings. He seems to be stuck at a 13 year olds maturity level. (just like his convicted felon client).

    • Feb 20 2011

      Hey Diana, I tend to agree with you there. The behavior in the courtroom, and on camera bears that out. He has an ego the size of Idaho, and his side kick is no better. Cheney Mason – with his language recently toward Kathi, telling her to get lost, and saying “you’re a pain in the a$$.” That was despicable behavior and should not be tolerated. She has a lot of patience with them – she should have thrown the camera man at him! J/K! 🙂
      If Cheney Mason thought he enjoyed a good reputation before this trial, that’s all well and good – but whatever kind of reputation he may have thought he had then, it’s up in smoke now.

  6. Mike
    Feb 19 2011

    I just read some where that Belich is her maiden name and Gallager was her name from a previous marriage. Sorry, I can’t recall where I read that. Duh!

    • Feb 20 2011

      Hey, Mike! Ahhhh, thanks for clarifying that! You’re the best at checking facts and I appreciate it so much…. 🙂

  7. cali patti
    Feb 19 2011

    Mike … that makes sense to keep writing under the name you began writing with. Up until this antic of Baez I have sort of shrugged them off. Baez’s glee over this was disgusting.


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