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February 23, 2011


going to shy-town!

by Andrea O'Connell

This is a post written by CptKD.  A frequent visitor to Only Dreamin’.  The post is a fantasy (even less true than a dream), but the details about the convention are real. Enjoy, Andrea

There’s a Forensic Science Convention coming up and my boss is going to attend.  The conference is: The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Convention.  Here’s the website:  AAFS 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting, The dates are February 21 to 26. Of course, it falls to me to make the arrangements.

Let’s see, the fee to attend as a non-member is $495
Or, he could be a “daily registrant”, that cost is $150 each day.
His flight out of Orlando, landing at O’Hare in Chicago, in addition to a special passcode organized between the AAFS and UNITED AIRLINES provides a discounted rate to those attending the AAFS Seminar.  This applies to “Business Class” only. Economy seats are a straight up fee.

If I book him on business class for this convention, it will cost  $3,145
But, if he flies “Economy” – it’s going to be $1,241. Economy is the way to go – hope he won’t mind.

The AAFS has organized lodging with the HYATT, where the Convention is actually being held.  He’ll need Single Occupancy and so, he’ll be paying $169 per night at the Hyatt.

He only needs to book for five days, and so his final cost for lodging will end up being around $845.  (Heck, at that price they better give him breakfast – and he sure can eat!)

About transportation?  The AAFS has organized a Shuttle run with O’Hare Airport’s Shuttle System, and the Hyatt.  He’ll get a ride to the Hotel, and well, he’ll be staying right where the Convention is being held… So, should I rent him a car?  Nah!  Everything IS within walking distance.
So far this is costing:
$495 AAFS Fee
$1,241 Air Fare
$845 Lodging
$2,581.00 Total to get him there and housed at the AAFS Convention

Now, he’ll definitely need to eat! Other than breakfast, He’ll want to fill this face! LOL!   And factor in a few dollars to pay for someone’s dinner (i.e. an expert or two).
I know he wants to get a decent EXPERT (to agree with what he wants them to agree with and testify to it, too).  So, yes, he’ll need to shovel some bull, and pay for the expert’s cooked cow! I think $400 bucks should get him through the week.

So now the bill is:
$2,581.00  Total cost of actual trip
$400.00 FOOD!

$2,981.00  Total cost of trip, lodging and FOOD!

Oh no! I forgot! He’ll need a ride to the Airport.  I’ll ask Cheney.  Jose will need to put gas in Cheney’s car, and give him a few bucks to park.

$20 for gas.
$20 for parking .

I know he’ll want to have his morning coffee, and muffin for the ride, and so….
$3,021Total Expenses
$4.00 Snacks

$3,025  GRAND TOTAL!

News Flash!

ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge Belvin Perry approved more taxpayer money for transcripts for the Defense –  Thursday, February 17, 2011 – to the tune of approximately $3,025.


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  1. CptKD
    Feb 23 2011

    Hi Andrea – I wanted to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to “Guest” write on your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and preparing this write up for you and your readers. I hope you’ll allow me to contribute again in the future. With that, I thank you, once more! CptKD

    • Feb 23 2011

      Hi CptKD, Thank YOU for writing! Absolutely your contribution in the future would be welcome! If anyone else wants to write and contribute, email me at :).

  2. Sherry
    Feb 23 2011


    • Feb 23 2011

      Oh Sherry! I’m still hoping you’ll have time to write a post or two…..LOL!

      • Sherry
        Feb 23 2011

        Someday! :mrgreen:

      • Feb 24 2011

        I’d even read it

      • Feb 24 2011

        LOL Kim! You’re a good egg! 🙂

  3. Linda
    Feb 23 2011

    Great research cptKD yup sounds just like Baez……Rob Peter to pay Paul.

    • CptKD
      Feb 25 2011

      Thanks Linda!
      I got to admit, the research part was really the most fun and satisfying.
      That, and working with Andrea – She really made it easy to assist in pulling it all together (Hint-hint, Sherry! – It’s your turn now! LOL!)

      I look forward to “guest writing” again sometime… I just got to come up with a new “story” of sorts!

      Anyways, and as for Baez – Well, we’ve seen first hand what he’s really about…
      I can’t help but wonder, if Inmate Anthony is aware of his lies and shenanaghans –
      On one hand, she may know nothing – Which I don’t agree with, because if my lawyer was conducting him/herself in that manner, I’d be asking for new council.
      On the other hand, it could be that she’s not too, too upset about it….
      She in fact, may be the one “directing” the show!
      Remember, her father DID tell her “she was the boss”!

      ‘Til next time!
      Good day to all…

    • CptKD
      Feb 25 2011

      Sorry for the duplicate post, Andrea –

      I had made a spelling mistake, and thought I stopped the comment from posting, in order to correct it!

      My mistake – Feel free to remove this one, pls & thx!


      • Feb 25 2011

        awww, no prob! I deleted the duplicate! It was a pleasure to have you as a guest writer! You’re most welcome to do it again!
        Thank you so much! 🙂

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