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news at 11:00?

We had nearly an entire day of no news in the case against Casey Anthony!  Up until 5:00 p.m., there was nary a speck of news – no motions, statements, or documents released.

However, it’s turning out to be a newsy day for Tony Pipitone of the Local 6 television station in Orlando.

Tony Pipitone, breathless and joyful to have the exclusive on a story, says there’s big news and he’s got the exclusive on it, but we have to wait until 11:00 tonight to get it.

What’s the news, you ask?  Oh, sorry… we have to wait because Pipitone is busy “pouring over the information”.  Oh, but it’s big news!  It’s “exclusive” to Channel 6, by golly.

I smell a rush for ratings.  I hear sensationalism.  I’ll eat my words if I’m wrong, but experience tells me that when a news group crows about a BIG story but holds it back for hours, they rarely deliver the goods.

When a story is really big, most news groups want to get the information out there post haste. Not so in this instance, as the website story tells us:

Pipitone is still poring over the information, which centers on what is being said and done behind closed doors in the case against Anthony, and will offer his full report at 11 p.m. Thursday.

Things said and done behind closed doors?   Secret stuff?  Pouring over information infers that he has gathered a great deal of information, so much information that he needs until 11:00 to fully grasp it all.

Pipitone was on the news at 5:00 attempting to titillate and tease us about the information he’s got.  Will Pipitone offer us facts, or idealizations?  Why the tease during the 5:00 news hour?


My Smell Test

Who revealed the information that Pipitone is pouring over?   There’s the rub – Pipitone does not say – he doesn’t even suggest that someone close to the Caylee Anthony investigation has shared information.  However, he is suggesting that there’s a lot of story here because it’s taking him until 11:00 to pour over everything.  The news report claims:

Pipitone’s report will reveal details about the events of December 2008 and the discovery of skeletonized remains later found to be Caylee Anthony.

…some of the information reinforces the state’s contention that Caylee’s death was a homicide, but other portions of the information raise questions about some alternative theories and the specter of some evidence being staged.

This is a very bold statement. The sentence about “staging” is not connected to the “skeletonized remains” sentence; but nonetheless infers that “alternative theories” suggest staging of evidence. Is Pipitone suggesting foul play by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office?   If that is truly what his story will suggest, it is no doubt a defense team tactic.

The statement about “reinforcing the State’s claim that Caylee’s death was a homicide”  is odd.  Why is it necessary to reinforce a homicide?  It’s either a homicide or it isn’t, reinforcing it won’t change it or make it worse than a homicide.

What makes this story suspect is we’re not told where Pipitone’s information comes from.  Where it comes from will tell us a great deal about whether it’s reliable.  Someone could have given Pipitone a lot of “information to pour over”, but who is that someone?  That very critical piece of information is missing.  The website article states:

We have some information that hasn’t become public about what both sides in the case are asking when they’re questioning witnesses.

Information that has not become public?  What both sides are asking when questioning witnesses – meaning deposition questions?

I smell a ratings ploy – a story that will have many in Orlando tuned into their station at 11:00 when they’d otherwise be in bed!

We’re all news hounds about this case – we want to know everything!  But, we want the facts, sources for information, and we don’t like to be teased, right?


Will you watch Pipitone at 11:00?

Here’s the info:

Now for some real news

As I was writing this story, WESH announced there will be a hearing tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

Also, WFTV wrote a correction to their story about the reason that Jose Baez is being investigated by the Florida Bar Association. A spokesperson from the Florida Bar contacted WFTV saying the grievance filed against Jose Baez is not about misrepresenting facts to Judge Perry.  The complaint is related to “ethics or misrepresentation” but would not elaborate or reveal who filed the complaint.

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