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February 27, 2011


the king’s speech speaks to me

by Andrea O'Connell

The Academy Awards are tonight!

I hate to admit it, but I have not been in the movie-mode this year and have seen only 3 of the ten nominated films: Inception, The Kids Are All Right, and my favorite, The King’s Speech.

I enjoyed Inception to a certain degree, though I was surprised to see it among the nominees.  On the other hand, The Kids Are Alright is a wonderful film – a slice of life that is beautifully rendered.

I enjoy watching the awards, but rarely stay up to wait for the best picture award because I don’t want to be a zombie at work on Monday.   Tonight will be different – I’m staying up tonight!   It will be a nail biter because I hope, hope, hope that The King’s Speech earns the award for best picture.  I think it will.

Granted, I am a little prejudiced since I have not seen all the movies nominated, but the quality of The King’s Speech leaves it nonpareil in my eyes.  Not only is the acting divine, the story is captivating and it is made all the more intriguing because it closely follows the history of George VI ‘s succession to the throne.

He was “Bertie” to his family.  He was a shy but hot-tempered man with a speech impediment – he stammered.  What he went through to overcome the stammer, which so embarrassed him, took sheer will and painstaking work.  And the relationship that grows between Bertie and Lionel Logue, his speech therapist, is captured with tenderness, richness and great heart by the filmmakers.  … I won’t tell you more if you haven’t yet seen it!

It seems this was a good year for film-makers because there are 10 films are nominated.  They are:

Black Swan,
The Fighter,
The Kids Are All Right,
The King’s Speech,
127 Hours,
The Social Network,
Toy Story 3,
True Grit, and
Winter’s Bone.

In the event you are interested in the history of the reign of George VI, these two videos are fantastic documentaries.  Each one is 15 minutes long.  I enjoyed watching them this morning!  I hope you do, too.

Part One:

Part Two:

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  1. cali patti
    Feb 27 2011

    A good friend was in London and went to see Kings Speech there. She told me how at the end of the movie Londoners erupted into applause and the movie recieved a standing ovation. She had not seen that reaction to a film before.

    • Feb 27 2011

      Hi Cali Patti! Yes, that’s what happened when I saw the film, too! Well, there was not a standing ovation, but the entire audience applauded! It was so wonderfully done!

  2. Venice
    Feb 27 2011

    Please send an email to express your disgust in Casey Town and to change it to Caylee!!!!! Enough is Enough.

    • Feb 28 2011

      Yup… that was pretty awful. But, the good news is that it was not “official” and did not originate with the Orlando Sentinel. Apparently, there was a media meeting and some one quipped “Camp Casey” but there was no discussion about beyond superficial talk…. It they the media – it was CNN – does create some sort of camp, they promised to refer to it as Camp Caylee….

  3. Molly
    Feb 27 2011

    Venice – thanks. I sent emails to the orlando sentinel expressing my disgust about the lot name.

    andrea – great write-up about the kings speech! i could use that on my movie review blog. I loved this movie & am watching the oscars right now hoping Colin Firth gets best actor! I saw 6 out of 10 of the movies nominated & want to see the rest. happily there was an influx of good movies lately. I don’t always agree with the critic’s picks or reviews but can appreciate the acting nonetheless.

    • Feb 28 2011

      Hey Molly. Thanks! Do you have a movie review blog? I’d love to see it! And, of course, you are quite welcome to re-post this to that blog.

      Boy, Molly – I felt like a basket-case today! Didn’t get enough sleep, but it was worth it to stay up to the end! I really want to see Black Swan now, too. And, True Grit, and all the rest I’ve missed!
      Hope you had a great Monday!

  4. Swift Justice
    Feb 28 2011

    Hurray for a truly great film…..finally.
    I was totally shocked at the huge list of films that made the final list, I didn’t expect so many……but am tired of the fantasy movies and looked forward
    to one with a great plot and superb acting.
    Colin Firth deserved his WIN.
    However, I have to say that icon Kirk Douglas at age 94 still has what it takes to hold an audience….and woo females……He practically stole the show.
    Bravo to Kirk……he was a blast from the past.

    • Feb 28 2011

      Yay! I’m so happy too! And wow Kirk D still has great comedic timing… Bravo to you Swift Justce, for your great comments

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Swift Justice
    Feb 28 2011

    Many thanks for posting both Part 1 & 2 videos of King George VI
    which were extremely knowledgeable and facinating.

    I truly enjoyed viewing them both.

    • Feb 28 2011

      Hi Swift Justice…. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I really enjoyed them, too. What an interesting character he was…. I had forgotten that he died at such a young age…. 😦
      And, I just learned that the screenwriter had a terrible stutter as well and asked the Queen Mother’s permission to tell the story of Bertie. She said yes, you may, but please wait until after my death as the memories were too painful for her.

  6. Molly
    Feb 28 2011

    Thanks for those videos! I’ve been looking for more info about King George VI since seeing the movie. I’m a history buff, thanks!

    • Feb 28 2011

      You’re very welcome, Molly! I thought they were really good, too!

      Sent from my iPhone


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