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it’s all about those handcuffs

One of the big questions hanging in the air after today’s hearing could boil down to the cuffing of Casey by a young, inexperienced Sheriff’s deputy.

According to Bill Shaeffer, on WFTV, it appears as if the State did a good job illustrating the cuffing was an error by a rookie cop, Deputy Eberlin. When Eberlin’s  supervisors learned that he had cuffed Casey, he was told to un-cuff her immediately.  She was in cuffs for about five minutes.

Oh, Cindy and George!

What I found interesting, is the ease with which Cindy Anthony can change her story. There were several inconsistencies, including how she first approached and wanted a solution to the situation concerning Casey:  Cindy wanted her arrested. She told the young officer Eberlin, who ended up handcuffing Casey, that Casey had stolen large amounts of money from her, stole her car, and she proved this by producing for the officer a bunch of receipts to prove that Casey stole from her.

George was very combative today.  Judge Perry had to admonish him at one time to be quiet.  Both Cindy and George will be hostile witnesses when they are called by the Prosecution.  This will benefit the Prosecutors because they will be able to ask them leading questions, making it easier for them to get the inconsistencies from Cindy and George out in the open.

Despite Casey’s tears at seeing her mother on the stand, Casey did not so much as look her way when she passed her table.  Casey looked down at her paperwork when both Cindy and George passed.  And, boy – Casey wore some mean looks when her parent’s testified, didn’t she?

Baez and Mason

There is something that really, really bothered me about today.   When Baez was doing a cross examination of Yuri Melich, he continuously brought up Casey’s lies!  I did not know what to make of this – he was intentionally making his client look like a liar!

All in all, I felt that Jose Baez was very ineffective today.

Mr. Cheney Mason, on the other hand, was a smooth character.  He makes a witness feel comfortable with him, he laughs and jokes a little with them, and then he turns nasty, to throw the witness off.  Did you notice this as well?

Tomorrow is going to be another fascinating day…. Take notes, okay?!  I’ll be checking in periodically on my phone to see what’s up.

Court starts at 9:00 and will probably go until 5:00.  There is a status hearing on Friday.


today is March 2 – Hearing scheduled @ 9:00 EST

There is an important hearing today in the State v. Casey Anthony.
Court starts at 9:00 a.m., and should conclude at around 3:30. The InSession channel will provide coverage, as will the usual suspects: WFTV, WESH, and others.

The entire Anthony family should be present, also many law enforcement folks will testify.

Take notes!  I have to work. 😦

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