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March 2, 2011


it’s all about those handcuffs

by Andrea O'Connell

One of the big questions hanging in the air after today’s hearing could boil down to the cuffing of Casey by a young, inexperienced Sheriff’s deputy.

According to Bill Shaeffer, on WFTV, it appears as if the State did a good job illustrating the cuffing was an error by a rookie cop, Deputy Eberlin. When Eberlin’s  supervisors learned that he had cuffed Casey, he was told to un-cuff her immediately.  She was in cuffs for about five minutes.

Oh, Cindy and George!

What I found interesting, is the ease with which Cindy Anthony can change her story. There were several inconsistencies, including how she first approached and wanted a solution to the situation concerning Casey:  Cindy wanted her arrested. She told the young officer Eberlin, who ended up handcuffing Casey, that Casey had stolen large amounts of money from her, stole her car, and she proved this by producing for the officer a bunch of receipts to prove that Casey stole from her.

George was very combative today.  Judge Perry had to admonish him at one time to be quiet.  Both Cindy and George will be hostile witnesses when they are called by the Prosecution.  This will benefit the Prosecutors because they will be able to ask them leading questions, making it easier for them to get the inconsistencies from Cindy and George out in the open.

Despite Casey’s tears at seeing her mother on the stand, Casey did not so much as look her way when she passed her table.  Casey looked down at her paperwork when both Cindy and George passed.  And, boy – Casey wore some mean looks when her parent’s testified, didn’t she?

Baez and Mason

There is something that really, really bothered me about today.   When Baez was doing a cross examination of Yuri Melich, he continuously brought up Casey’s lies!  I did not know what to make of this – he was intentionally making his client look like a liar!

All in all, I felt that Jose Baez was very ineffective today.

Mr. Cheney Mason, on the other hand, was a smooth character.  He makes a witness feel comfortable with him, he laughs and jokes a little with them, and then he turns nasty, to throw the witness off.  Did you notice this as well?

Tomorrow is going to be another fascinating day…. Take notes, okay?!  I’ll be checking in periodically on my phone to see what’s up.

Court starts at 9:00 and will probably go until 5:00.  There is a status hearing on Friday.

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  1. Mar 2 2011

    I hope to be able to see Lee on the stand but I must grocery shop tomorrow morning-pooey!

    Here is some videos of the trial~

    • Mar 2 2011

      Sherry, You’re the best! I also recorded today on the DVR…
      I am teaching tomorrow from 2 to 5 and won’t have a break, then I have an appt. after that until about 7:00 (this is such a busy week for me) and I will be dying to know how it all played out! And especially the contempt motion…. If someone will post how the contempt motion went I would be so grateful! (pretty please!) 🙂

  2. weezie10
    Mar 2 2011

    Andra; I was able to see a fair amount of testimony today. While I was watching on WFTV, there was an ongoing instant talking forum, but it was kind of irksome since every time soneone posted it bings in my microphone. Oh well. I also contributed to the talking heads. There is one thing that strikes me. What is the folder that Casey is now using, flipping, and man handling during the day? I guess you would say she needs something to hold other than caressing her hair. Good idea on the Defences side.

    No matter how you slice it, unless the little soldier can be taken down regarding the handcuffs, I think this is just a day and a half of wasted money. She was not a suspect for murder, she was accused of robbery by her Mother, any hand cuffs used were simply there to provide a serious approach to Cindy’s complaint. All the other very long periods of time taken by Melich and Casey are admissable in my opinion. No suspect of murder, no handcuffs, nor meranda. She’s going to have to hear it all in court and it’s just a building block for the prosecution’s case, in my humble opinion. nitey nite.

    • croaker
      Mar 3 2011

      I think that the prosecution will be allowed to use all the records up to the point that she told Yuri that she did not work at Universal Studios. I have to look at that entire transcript again to determine whether there was any doubt that she was a suspect by then.

      • Mar 3 2011

        Hi Croaker! You could be right. My opinion is that I still think the detectives were only focusing on finding Caylee, rather than wanting to arrest Casey. If they had found Caylee alive, at any point, it is very doubtful that Casey would have been jailed. But, it was clear she was blocking their efforts to find the child, they knew that, but they still tried to get her to talk. When Casey refused to cooperate and help them find her daughter, they had no choice but to arrest her.

    • Mar 3 2011

      Hey Weezie! Hope you’re doing well… I agree with you, I think the day will go to the state (yesterday), and I do think that today’s testimony proves that the family certainly was not doing LE’s bidding, were not agents of the state. They were simply trying to find answers to get Caylee home…. I do believe the state will prevail in today’s motion, too.

  3. Swift Justice
    Mar 3 2011

    Andrea….Looks like you got everything in a nutshell.
    I felt that Spindy can lie as easily as her evil daughter… comes so easy for sociopaths. Spindy taught Casey well.
    Did you notice she had to get her little comment to Linda
    Burdick in? ‘I’m not stupid’……and boy is she correct there.
    She’s a whip at spinning her tales to accomodate her story.

    Georgette got a tad bit hot under the collar…..but HHJP stopped
    him in his tracks…’s known as the Perry Spank.

    Casey performed right on ‘cue’ with those faux tears when Spindy took the stand…..what a crock…..or should I say ‘what crocodile’ tears they were……well actually both. LOL
    She was concentrating on her Oh So Very Important papers before her…..when Georgette left the stand and walked past.
    He too didn’t look in her direction……so what’s with that?
    No Love For Daddy Dearest? or is it the ‘sexual abuse’ thingy that’s she’s holding against him? Don’t know.

    As for the ‘Jar’ aka Cheney Mason…..yes I did notice how he
    tries to be a ‘good buddy’ attaboy attitude with those he’s grilling while in the hot seat. After all the nicities he produces, he then
    comes in for the killing…….

    As for Bozo aka Jose, I thought he too was wearing hearing aids which were devoid of batteries when he was grilling Yuri Melich on cross…….if he mentioned Casey’s LIES one more time, I was ready to put something through my computer screen.

    We got a bird’s eye view of what will take place again today,
    and then in May when this trial begins……
    It will be a Circus Maximus then.

    PS……I’d love to read what Casey is writing so furiously on her Legal Pad……maybe it’s her Memoirs…..
    “What’s it’s like to be a Sociopathic Princess !!”
    “I wanna be Free to Pole Dance, travel in my SUV
    and adopt an Irish Baby”

    See ya at the hearing…….

    • Mar 3 2011

      OMG! You got me in a fit of laughter!! “Spindy” is perfect – she was trying to spin every last thing she testified to. It was not lost on anyone least of all judge P. Will catch ya later! ” Sent from my iPhone

  4. jon
    Mar 3 2011

    HI Andrea: I decided I needed a break from all of this so wasn’t checking for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the succinct updates. Now that the A’s are testifyng (and appear pretty hostile from what I’ve read – what else is new?) and Casey is once again shedding her non-tears, I think it will get interesting again and I’ll begin checking in on a more regular basis.

    • Mar 3 2011

      Hi Jon! I hear ya…but I’ve sure missed you….:) The A’s are hostile to the state, especially George. It’s really something to see him seethe with anger – grit his teeth, thrust out his jaw, and appear to want to jump out of his skin! At one point, when Linda Burdick asks to approach the witness, I kind of worried about her…Heck, I thought, George is known to throw people through windows! Just kidding!
      I look forward to seeing you soon, my friend.

  5. cali patti
    Mar 3 2011

    I can not take much more of HOW Cindy and George talk. SPINDY is so good, LOL. When George was asked how Lee was doing, George went on and on and on. Hey George, the question was small talk, no one who asked you wanted so much detail on how sick Lee was.
    If I had to sit in the court room listening to the Anthonys talk I would be tempted to wear head phones.
    George always says, in my opinion and as I recall … George it is your recollection attys are asking about.
    Thanks for letting me vent. Listening to the Anthonys speak is as awful as trying to read Caseys hand writing.

    • Mar 3 2011

      Hi Cali Patti – you can vent all you want and we’ll all empathize for you! I missed so much of it today – just catching up with the testimony now. It’s a lot to listen to. So far, I think it’s going very well for the state. I don’t think that Baez has proved that either Lee or George were Agents of the State. George would like us to believe that he was being used on the final attempt to visit, but the visit never happened, so I believe it’s a moot point.
      tomorrow is going to be really interesting, too.

  6. CptKD
    Mar 3 2011

    Hey there –
    Good evening to all….

    Sorry, I’ve not been around – I sort of have been in the background, but busy with Doc appointments and so just catching tid and bits, here and there.

    I missed this morning’s sessions, but was back to do afternoon…

    Anyways, it seemed long, ho-hum, let’s get this train moving –
    Bu tomorrow we’re back at 0845hrs, and things should pick up from there –

    My reason for writing is, that when things were drawing to a close today, there was a seemingly lengthy sidebar, and I was watching from the WFTV live feed.
    The sound was cutting in and out.
    Suddenly it turned back on – Clear as a ringing bell, and this is when I heard about the time change (court was originally scheduled to start at 0900hrs) and in there I also heard –


    HHJP said out loud, clear as a two-fingered whistle,

    Right away, Baez started himmering and hammering, and the sound cut OUT!

    I am so sorry to report that I cannot give you the outcome of the rest of that conversation, but court resumed only momentarily, only to be put into recess ’til the morning.
    This was just a fluke, because all the other live streams had shut down their feeds before the HHJP had actually called a ‘RECESS’.
    I had several windows open to watch different live chats, the hearing, etc, and so that’s how I caught it…

    Anyways, no appointments tomorrow for me, and so I will be right back here at 0830hrs to find out the end results of these past two grueling days…

    I hope all is well with everyone –

    And I wanted to thank you Andrea, for the Humming-bird special.
    That really helped perk me up, and got me looking forward to our spring season – Winter sucks the life out of me, but it shouldn’t be much longer now…

    And so, on that note – I shall bit a good evening to all!

    Hopefully I’ll have a chance to check back a little later from my phone…

    Thinking of Caylee – CptKD

    • Mar 3 2011

      Wow, I hear Nancy Grace in my ear yelling “Bombshell” to that one! Well, the fact is, Kathi Bellich can’t testify anyway as a result of the reporter’s shield.

      I just learned about a HUGE blunder today in which Jose asks “Adam” a lawyer at his office, about a conversation he had with Casey!!! The Judge had to stop him…. Is he so darn wet behind the ears, he doesn’t understand attorney client privilege? Baez is really lucky that Judge Perry intervened… !
      Thanks so much for your follow up! I missed so much today, darn it!
      Also, I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures of the birds, bees and flowers!

  7. Mar 3 2011

    Just thought I’d share this~

    Jane Valez Mitchell has a pretty decent theory as to why Baez wants statements Casey made to her parents/brother stricken-its because that is when all of the talk about the nanny was going on. If Baez can get rid of those statements then he can start all over again sans the nanny and blame Kronk, for example.

    • Mar 3 2011

      Hey Sherry! That’s an excellent point! If all this goes out (but I don’t think it will), it would would lessen the impact of the nanny story, but I still think the nanny could come in in other ways, but not as dramatically, perhaps.
      I worked really late and am just catching up with the days events… I just watched George – poor George was a wreck, and I nearly felt sorry for him except he was so rude and hostile, any sympathy for him went out the ole window…. Thank you so much for your insight and for watching JVM! 🙂

      • Mar 3 2011

        Kim said there is still her statement to LE that she filled out mentioning the nanny. I doubt that Baez will get his way on this one, too, at least not wholly.

        Hey! No prob watching JVM. I’m usually washing the dishes when she comes on so I let her stay on until I’m done.

  8. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    The NANNY is coming in regardless. . . She USED the Nanny excuse to all her friends and family WHILE little Caylee WAS missing. REMEMBER, when asked she would say that either her parents were watching her, OR THE NANNY HAD HER. . . As far as Baez, yes, if not for HHJP jumping in, he’d a fouled it all up for his so called DUH-FENCE! Today ought to be somewhat interesting and no doubt a much shorter affair! Rulings probably wont be in til next wk. Have a great day, folks! CptKD

    • Mar 4 2011

      Yeah, you are right! Supposedly she had this nanny for two years mentioning her to Richard Grund, though it was just Zanny the Nanny and not Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

  9. weezie10
    Mar 4 2011

    What’s the latest on today’s hearings. I wasn’t able to watch. When is the next one and what if anything got resolved by the end of today? Thanks

    • Mar 4 2011

      Hi Weezie!

      Court back in session on Monday at 2pm.

    • Mar 4 2011

      Hey Weezie! Well… a great deal happened – Two big motions, the Miranda motion and the “agents of the state” motion concluded today. They also argued the plant growth and the chloroform. One of the lawyers on the case, Ms. Sims, will be doing the forensic part of the case – she’s pretty good. It’s because of her finishing the defense response that was late that Baez is in the clear and not suffer contempt charges.
      Also, Kathi Bellich will not be a defense witness, which was predictable.

  10. Mar 5 2011

    Wanted to pass this along-Richard Hornsby’s assessment about the Miranda-

    • Mar 5 2011

      Sherry! Thank you so much for this…. Now, it’s got me rethinking the Universal Studios interview…. darn, darn, darn! The detectives were definitely accusatory, but they DID get Casey to say a number of times, that she was there voluntarily, and not forced to talk to them… And, at the end of the interview, she tells the Detectives that she will give them free reign to her computer… and she also apologizes for the lies… I need to think about this more….LOL! I keep going back and forth regarding whether she was a “suspect” at the time, or not…. Do you think she was?

      • Mar 5 2011

        The line of questioning does not suggest they were looking at her as a suspect of murdering her child but they did get it on tape that she was lying, of which she was arrested for. After that, she was lawyered up and, as someone said earlier, Baez was the one treating the situation as murder from the start. After tests came back concerning the decomp smell in the trunk then LE was calling her a POI. It wasn’t until just before the GJ hearing that Casey was considered a suspect.

        Now, LE may have suspected her of murdering her child all along, but I kind of doubt it was at the time of the Universal interview. I believe they thought it was a kidnapping.

      • Mar 5 2011

        That’s true, Sherry – they likely considered this a kidnapping but had no proof of it or of her involvement, but surely suspected foul play.

        I’m also questioning why she was photographed with her visitor badge on (for the purposes of creating a flyer) but soon there after was arrested. What happened between the time she was initially at the police station, having her photo taken, to the time she was arrested?

        The report that Yuri wrote, and what he indicated on the stand, was that her story was suspicious and since she admitted lying to them, and obviously endangering her child, that was enough to arrest her. But, I wonder why they didn’t just put her under arrest right then and there at Universal?

      • Mar 5 2011

        Ya got me on that one! I hope someone can give you an answer because that is curious.

      • CptKD
        Mar 7 2011

        I’m still trying to figure that one out!

        I should be hearing from one of my ‘LE-Friends’ this wk., and so I’m going to run this “circumstance” by them, and see what their take on it is.

        I’ll let you know if we can come up with a scenario, or type of reason, as to why it was done this way…

        If I had been the Investigator/Detective in this situation, I would have ordered/made the call, that she be arrested (READ HER RIGHTS) right there and then at Universal –

        I don’t know the reasoning in why they didn’t, but I am up to wracking my brain to try and figure it out –

        Stand by –

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