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March 2, 2011


today is March 2 – Hearing scheduled @ 9:00 EST

by Andrea O'Connell

There is an important hearing today in the State v. Casey Anthony.
Court starts at 9:00 a.m., and should conclude at around 3:30. The InSession channel will provide coverage, as will the usual suspects: WFTV, WESH, and others.

The entire Anthony family should be present, also many law enforcement folks will testify.

Take notes!  I have to work. 😦

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  1. Hilde
    Mar 2 2011

    Well what I have taken away from this Morning Hearing so far is George Anthony is a hostile, arrogant and irritated Witness!
    Mr. Baez true to his Form is very easy to see through what he is trying to do, find yet another Loop Hole by trying to show that Casey’s Rights were violated by the Way she was questioned and later arrested on July 16th 2008.
    Prosecutions Cross by Linda B. was very carefully done to basically show that
    Casey’s Rights were not violated in any way!
    Listening to the Hearing there is nothing most of us wouldn’t expect to hear. George and Baez are performing like we knew they would, no Surprise there.
    I will be back later and check out what every one else took away from today’s Hearing.
    Andrea and who ever else had to work today, You really haven’t missed too much at least from what I have seen so far.
    As for Casey, no Surprise there either, just taking Notes, more than usual and trying to look like she is the Innocent in all of that, what else is new, again like to be expected. So far no fussing with her Hair and no Tears, big Deal that what I have to say. JMO
    I will try to go back to the Hearing now and listen to it a little more and see what else is going on.

  2. Hilde
    Mar 2 2011

    Obviously I missed quite a bit of the Hearing, so I need to catch up later on what I haven’t seen. The above mentioned Opinion of mine is just based on what little I have seen. I haven’t seen Cindy testifying yet. that should be interesting but again not surprising. I am sure she too will stay true to her Form.
    After All I think You were right Andrea it will turn out to be a interesting Hearing, once I have a Chance to see it all.

    • Mar 2 2011

      Hilde! Thank you so much for the updates you’ve given! Do you think this Miranda issue is going to be a problem for the state? I cant imagine that happening but ya just never know in this case….

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  3. Hilde
    Mar 2 2011

    You are right Andrea, when it comes to this Case You never know!
    I believe the State did everything according to the Law when they questioned
    Casey Anthony and then later arrested her.
    I would think they wanted to avoid at any Cost to give the Defense any Reason whatsoever to say Casey’s Rights were violated, therefore I would say the State did everything by the Book and there will be no Problem in spite of what the Defense is trying the Court to believe.
    In my Opinion the State did a very professional Job in this Case from the Beginning and gave Casey Anthony every Chance to tell them where Caylee is, matter of Fact they had more Patience listening to all those Lies Casey told them then most People would have. JMO

  4. cali patti
    Mar 2 2011

    I have always been concerned so much of what Casey said and did would not be allowed because of the manner in which Casey was handled. The police suspected Casey almost from the start, yet they wanted Casey to talk. The police allowed Casey to roam around with them in tow and rattle on until the police were certain they would not get good information from her. Then the rights were read and cuffs put on. I have always feared Casey was treated as a suspect to quickly w/o her rights being read to her. I do not think Casey was treated badly or hashly. If LE intent can come into this motion LE might be in trouble.

    • Mar 2 2011

      Hi Cali Patti! Well, I see what you’re saying, but in truth, the police can pretty much lie to her all they want to get the truth out of her. Police lie all the time to suspects! It would have been good if they didn’t arrest her right away, but she was a flight risk given the fact that she eluded everyone for 31 days. I really think they arrested her out of an abundance of caution…

  5. Swift Justice
    Mar 2 2011

    Casey did what was told to…….right on cue…..TEARS FLOWED much
    like the Mighty Miss. when she saw her mother….who she hates.

    She totally ignored George when he finished his testimony and walked
    past her. Yes, he too ignored him.

    Next up tomorrow will be brother Lee if not mistaken.
    The family that lies together…..has a hard time keeping things straight.

    Tomorrow it will be more of the same……oh, the smell of the car came into
    play today…..and let me say this… wasn’t pizza or a furry animal either.

    • Mar 2 2011

      Oh my, it’s been an interesting day…. I was able to listen to a bit of it, and I am listening to Cindy now. I did see that Casey did not acknowledge either of her parents as they walked by her, she kept her eyes on what she was writing.

      I was wondering when Lee was going to be questioned. I wonder if Casey will look at him?

      I have a lot of catching up to do…. 🙂

      One thing I am pretty sure of is cuffing of Casey for that short time will not be a big issue…. I need more research on that, but I think that’s the case, especially since Cindy insisted they arrest Casey….

  6. Swift Justice
    Mar 2 2011

    OOOps ….I meant to say he ignored HER…..not him.

  7. Mar 2 2011

    Here is an observation~

    Casey wasn’t read her Miranda rights according to Baez/Mason. HOWEVER! Casey wasn’t handcuffed due to anything about her missing child (or lying to LE)-she was handcuffed because Cindy wanted to press charges against her for fraudulent use of her credit card.

    Eberlin told a prosecutor Cindy Anthony showed him receipts depicting fraudulent use of her credit card and said she wanted charges pressed against her daughter, so that they would know for sure where she was being held.

    He then handcuffed Casey Anthony. His supervisor told him to un-handcuff her in “no more than 4 to 5 minutes.”,0,2783278,full.story

    So, if the lack of being Mirandized were an issue it would be an issue where the fraud was concerned, not the lying to police issue, which came later.

    • Mar 2 2011

      BTW, the credit card fraud is no longer an issue so neither should the lack of Mirandizing be an issue prior to her arrest for lying to LE.

    • Mar 2 2011

      Hey Sherry! Yes, I was just writing about that very thing, and you stated it perfectly! That was exactly why Eberlin cuffed her, it was at Cindy’s urging, according to him – that she was going to press charges….Then, Eberlin was told by his supervisors, “no, the situation concerns a missing child” and to remove the cuffs.

      So, I am pretty sure the state will prevail here for the reason you give, and due to the fact that, as Bill Shaeffer points out, it was a mistake made by a young rookie, corrected immediately, and Casey was free to go as she pleased later…. Whew!


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