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March 3 hearing – drama!

It was another dramatic day of hearings in the State v. Casey Anthony!  I just finished watching all the testimony (thank heaven for WFTV for saving all the files to their web site), and though Jose Baez was at times effective, he made some HUGE blunders.

There are just a few things I found especially interesting….

Sargent Hosey’s testimony provided a damning bit of information, I thought.  Hosey testified that Casey advised him that first evening, that the problem was due to her fear that her mom wanted to take Caylee from her.  It is crystal clear why Casey would not tell Hosey about the nanny story, as she did not want any Police intervention.  The fact that she didn’t tell Hosey about the “kidnapping by the nanny”, simply reminds us how callous and uncaring she was about her own daughter.   This must have made the Defense cringe today.

As far as the motion being argued currently having to do with the family being puppets of the State, it is not looking like the Defense will prevail in this motion.  I thought Baez was going to fall to his knees when George insisted that he acted on his own, and no one told him what to do!

And, how about George’s attitude with State Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick? He was rude and contemptuous again today.  George has a frightening temper – he seethed with anger during cross examination – his body language and facial expressions (tight jaw, thrust out) were menacing.

George said he ONLY ONCE felt like a puppet of LE, and this was when the detectives and Scott Bolin, of the FBI, were working to put together a meeting between George and Casey at the jail.

The fact is, that jail visit never happened, so it is a moot point. And, regardless, both George and Lee were adamant that both they and law enforcement were doing everything in their power to find Caylee, as she was foremost the most important goal – a goal the Anthony’s shared with LE, according to Lee.  After all, at that time, they were in a desperate state – they only wanted Caylee found.

From what I have heard of Lee and George Anthony, as well as the testimony of Sargent Hosey, my money is on the Judge denying this Defense motion.

One last thing – I heard that Jose nearly stepped on his own atom bomb!   He actually attempted to ask a lawyer in his firm, Adam, what Casey said to him during his visit with her!  If Judge Perry had not stopped Jose from asking this question, and if the witness had answered, it would have opened the door for the State to ask questions about Casey’s reaction, state of mind, etc., and as Bill Shaeffer said, it would have been a catastrophe!

How could Baez even attempt to ask such a question?  Is he that wet behind the ears?  He could have blown his own case if that question were asked.

Baez is lucky that Judge Perry was on the ball.

Tomorrow court begins at 8:45.  The court will start by hearing the motion filed on behalf of Kathi Bellich, to keep her off the Defense witness list.

Incidentally, the sound was rolling when the attorney’s were at sidebar today and the microphones picked up the Judge saying, “Well, you can strike Kathi Bellich off the witness list.”

So, that’s one motion decided!  There are only about six more to go.

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