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March 3, 2011


March 3 hearing – drama!

by Andrea O'Connell

It was another dramatic day of hearings in the State v. Casey Anthony!  I just finished watching all the testimony (thank heaven for WFTV for saving all the files to their web site), and though Jose Baez was at times effective, he made some HUGE blunders.

There are just a few things I found especially interesting….

Sargent Hosey’s testimony provided a damning bit of information, I thought.  Hosey testified that Casey advised him that first evening, that the problem was due to her fear that her mom wanted to take Caylee from her.  It is crystal clear why Casey would not tell Hosey about the nanny story, as she did not want any Police intervention.  The fact that she didn’t tell Hosey about the “kidnapping by the nanny”, simply reminds us how callous and uncaring she was about her own daughter.   This must have made the Defense cringe today.

As far as the motion being argued currently having to do with the family being puppets of the State, it is not looking like the Defense will prevail in this motion.  I thought Baez was going to fall to his knees when George insisted that he acted on his own, and no one told him what to do!

And, how about George’s attitude with State Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick? He was rude and contemptuous again today.  George has a frightening temper – he seethed with anger during cross examination – his body language and facial expressions (tight jaw, thrust out) were menacing.

George said he ONLY ONCE felt like a puppet of LE, and this was when the detectives and Scott Bolin, of the FBI, were working to put together a meeting between George and Casey at the jail.

The fact is, that jail visit never happened, so it is a moot point. And, regardless, both George and Lee were adamant that both they and law enforcement were doing everything in their power to find Caylee, as she was foremost the most important goal – a goal the Anthony’s shared with LE, according to Lee.  After all, at that time, they were in a desperate state – they only wanted Caylee found.

From what I have heard of Lee and George Anthony, as well as the testimony of Sargent Hosey, my money is on the Judge denying this Defense motion.

One last thing – I heard that Jose nearly stepped on his own atom bomb!   He actually attempted to ask a lawyer in his firm, Adam, what Casey said to him during his visit with her!  If Judge Perry had not stopped Jose from asking this question, and if the witness had answered, it would have opened the door for the State to ask questions about Casey’s reaction, state of mind, etc., and as Bill Shaeffer said, it would have been a catastrophe!

How could Baez even attempt to ask such a question?  Is he that wet behind the ears?  He could have blown his own case if that question were asked.

Baez is lucky that Judge Perry was on the ball.

Tomorrow court begins at 8:45.  The court will start by hearing the motion filed on behalf of Kathi Bellich, to keep her off the Defense witness list.

Incidentally, the sound was rolling when the attorney’s were at sidebar today and the microphones picked up the Judge saying, “Well, you can strike Kathi Bellich off the witness list.”

So, that’s one motion decided!  There are only about six more to go.

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  1. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    Well, I am all set and ready to go. . . Lol! It’s only seven thirty, but I’ve been up since six just from shear excitement. I am hoping for SOME rulings, but chances are, knowing JP he will research further Case Law before making any final decisions on some of these Motions. Guess we will kno the rulings, hopefully at some point next wk. Will keep you posted on the mornings activities. . . Have a great morning, all – CptKD

  2. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    Late start – HHJP NOT very happy about that – WHY?

    Because “Inmate Anthony” was waiting on a NEW SHIRT!

    He’s made it very clear that THAT will not happen again in his court!

    You go, guy!!!


  3. jon
    Mar 4 2011

    HI. I go back and forth on George. At times, it seems he’s the only one in the family who has any emotion about Caylee and I feel for him. Then at others, when he gets arrogant as he did yesterday, I have no sympathy for him and wonder whether he’s one of those people who have the ability to turn on the waterworks at will (which evidently Casey doesn’t !!). This family’s sense of entitlement is beyond crazy. Old tube sox looked like a thug yesterday in court. I think in the end they’re all going to be out to save their own skins (although I hope it’s far too late for that) and that they’ll throw Casey under the bus as she would them. Must run in the family. After all of this time, I still feel that I don’t know when I’ve seen a more unlikeable family.

    • Mar 4 2011

      Hi Jon, I have to tell you, I thought Lee looked so unkempt – it was inappropriate, or maybe I’m old school, but he looked like a bum. He still has that laugh, too! I don’t yet have a good read on him, although he seems to be lacking in empathy, like Casey. You’d think he’d be a bit more humble on the stand. I need to go back and listen to his testimony because I found it really shocking that Lee would go right into Jose’s inner office and copy evidence (or did he take the evidence? I can’t remember).
      Cindy Anthony thinks nothing of lying on the stand. At least George seemed to attempt to tell the truth, but it his “truth” was slanted just the same.
      I know what you mean about feeling for George. I do feel for him, but I also feel he’s really over the top with the disgust act he puts on. It was awful to see him challenging Linda D. Burdick in cross! I was embarrassed for him……. Anyway, they really are a piece of work…unlike any family I have known – and truly unlikeable, too.

  4. offthecuff
    Mar 4 2011

    Why all the Anthony hostility? Why all the drama? They simply have to answer questions. It’s as if they are acting out on cue. George’s drama doesn’t particularly mean he loves Caylee more.

    It’s obvious they don’t like the prosecutors, LE, or the court. But how will their drama help them? Drama doesn’t make them look like offended victims. It doesn’t make the prosecutors’ questions look unreasonable, tricky, vindictive, or unfair.

    Drama only makes them appear inappropriate, rude, arrogant, and as if caught doing something bad. Like a punk on the street.

    • jon
      Mar 4 2011

      Hi Offthecuff: they’re hostile because they’ve always felt they could do no wrong; they’ve lied and tried to manipulate people/situations from the very beginning and now they’re on the defensive. Had they acted like normal people to begin with, they wouldn’t have anything to be hostile about now. They’re also probably informed enough to know that few, if any, sympathize with them any longer.

    • Mar 4 2011

      You are absolutely right, OfftheCuff. I was thinking the very same thing – this type of performance on the stand will NOT endear them to the jury. The jury will have to wonder if they are hiding somehing otherwise, why would they be so hateful towards authority? Granted they are in the worst position anyone could possibly find themselves in, but the situation they are in does not at all jive with the hostility they show. I would think that such tragic circumstances would cause one to be very humble and probably justifiably angry at the world over such a great loss, but you’d think they could channel the loss and the anger.
      I believe that what it may come down to is misdirected anger. They are really angry at Casey but lash out at LE as a substitute. If they showed their anger at Casey, allowing themselves to realize that Casey took Caylee’s life, they would drown in sorrow.

  5. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    So…In the very end – NO TROUBLE for Baez!

    What a joke!
    I get Ashton’s reasons for letting it go, but I still think HHJP should have given him FIVE lashes…

    This poor excuse of a man, is an absolute disgust to the Justice system, and I can’t stand the way they let him get away with eveything!
    His “poor-me” and “I’m sorry” speech don’t wash with me!

    I don’t believe a word out of that horse’s mouth!

    Forgive me – CptKD

    • Mar 4 2011

      CptKD, his apology was not genuine. He said he was sorry for anything he MAY have said that offended anyone with the state. To me, its not an apology if you use words like “if I have offended” or “may have offended” in it. I thought Casey’s apology to Amy was more genuine.

      • Mar 4 2011

        I think he did the best he could do – he’s not one who is comfortable eating humble pie – sticks in his craw!
        However, I was happy to see them resolve the issues because Casey should not be harmed by his unprofessional actions. Regardless, he did a good job resolving it by getting the attorney on the team to write the answer to the motion that Baez failed to answer. Plus, I thought the forensic defense attorney was really good, too..

      • CptKD
        Mar 7 2011

        No kidding, Sherry!
        I did NOT believe a word that came out of that idiot’s mouth!

        I’m sorry, but to me –
        He is the worst of the worst, that I have ever seen in my whole entire career in LAW ENFORCEMENT.

        I have a feeling that come the end of the trial, the end of this fiasco, Mr. Baez is in for some trouble –
        There will be an investigation into his conduct and management (or lack thereof) regarding the handling of this defendant, the costs and monies surrounding this case, and his total un-professionalism and dis-respect for the courts and the Law, itself!

        In my very own, honest opinion – I believe he’s a crook!
        I believe he’s as narcissistic, self-centered, and self-absorbed as the Inmate that he currently represents, And the ones he has represented in the past – Even though, I doubt there have been that many, because frankly, I believe that he is extremely LAZY and would rather have everyone else do the work…

        As much as he thinks, he ‘gonna make it rich’ with his “Telemundo” Tv people, and any other sneaky arrangements he’s made, whether for book, and/or movie deals…

        He’s going to pay dearly in the end –
        It’s going to cost him everything he has.
        Has ever had, or ever will have again…

        I sooooo look forward to that day!

        (Sorry, Andrea!
        I just can’t stand the man!
        The mere mention of him, let alone the sight of him, leaves me ‘fit to be tied’.
        Where he is concerned, and I’m not one to judge or DISLIKE people I dont’ even know, I truly believe HE HAS shown the world his TRUE COLORS!

        He is a SNAKE – A lazy, slithering SNEAK in the Anthony Bush!
        I find him to be completely and totally un-trustworthy, and much less one, entitiled, or allowed to even be called, let alone addressed as, an “OFFICER OF T HE COURT”!
        He is NO such thing, nor will he ever be.)

        And you ARE right, Sherry!
        Inmate Anthony’s apology held more weight and had more value than any word sputtered out of that FOOL!


  6. jon
    Mar 4 2011

    Hey Andrea. Clear something up for me. Last night either on Vinnie Politan or JVM, I heard Baez was trying to have something thrown out because when she talked to her mother/father/brother, Casey didnt’ have an attorney present! I thought a defendant only had to have an attorney present when he/she speaks to law enforcement. Since when does a family visit,no matter how dire the circumstances, necessitate the presence of an attorney? I assume it’s Baez grasping at anything he can. There is an old Arab proverb that says a drowning man will grab the blade of sword and I’ve never seen a better example of it than Bozo.

    • Mar 4 2011

      I love that proverb! I will remember that one, and it is apt!

      Well, the gist of the motion is Baez is asserting that the Anthony family was really an “agent of the state” when they went to the jail to speak to Casey. He is making the argument that LE would tell the A’s what to say to get Casey to talk while Baez was not present. But, the problem with this is the family, in those early days, were desperate to find Caylee and LE was very helpful to them, (and kind in my opinion). Baez wants ALL the jail video-taped visits thrown out. He needs them thrown out because Casey is clearly inappropriate and not concerned in the least bit for Caylee’s whereabouts. I is not a real strong argument, but there is merit in arguing it as George did one day go with the FBI, John Allen, and Yuri Melich to see Casey, but she demurred at the last minute and refused to see her father. Therefore, that one instance “could” be interpreted as directed by LE, the fact is, noting occurred, AND, LE would not have allowed it to happen unless Casey agreed to see her father alone. George was going to try to get her to talk to LE so they could find Caylee…..
      I tend to think Judge Perry will deny this Defense motion because George told Baez that no, he never acted at the behest of LE, they did not tell him what to do, he acted on his own. That shot the defense motion right into the toilet….

  7. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    Well – as upset as I am, and as frustrated as I feel…

    I have one thing to hold on to, and I am so going to hold on tight to it!

    There comes a time, when one has to say, “Enough’s – Enough!”

    The Anthony’s themselves, simply appear to be uable to do that!

    Someone in that family has got to, and will –

    Mark my words, someone will finally stand up and say “Hey this is for no one other than CAYLEE!”


    And that GREAT individual will be none other than, her “GREAT-Uncle RICK”!

    He will bring the Court to its knees when he is called to testify on the stand –
    I guarantee, there will be not a dry eye in the room!

    The roar of support, and TRUE heartache will resonate off of him and bounce off the four walls of that room –

    He will be there, his whole heart THERE –

    All, and ONLY, for this innocent, tiny toddler that was taken off the face of the earth so viciously – In a manner so ruthless, fueled by, and with such HATE and EVIL-ness!

    As for Inmate Anthony, she will be enraged!

    Rest assured, she will be filled with such disdain and hate for her Uncle Rick!
    All because he WILL be the ONE, the one that stands up for, and represents everything and all, in order to give “VOICE” to little CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY, if only for ONE LAST TIME!

    I look forward to that day!

    Especially after the last three days, and the dis-respect I observed towards the
    Justice System as a whole.
    How are we supposed to have faith in THAT?

    God Bless you, Rick Plesea!
    God Bless you, Caylee Angel!


    • irishamrep
      Mar 5 2011

      I agree. I hope Rick comes through. I saw Cindy’s Mother put her head on Cindy’s shoulder so now that poor old lady is agreeing with those freaks!

      • CptKD
        Mar 7 2011

        Irishamrep, I believe that Cindy’s Mom, Shirley Plesea, is simply trying to support her daughter… She had concerns regarding Inmate Anthony from way long ago –

        It is obvious, whether we recognize it or not, that Cindy has been thru hell (no doubt, some by her own doing), and she appears broken. Though we’ve seen the vicious capabilities in her, grief and stress do wicked things to one’s being…
        Her support system is probably down to just a couple people, and though her mother kinda ‘sank’ them with her take on the family’s issues, she is still her mother. She will protect and shield her daughter, just like Cindy is doing with ‘IA’!

        When it comes down to it, and she has to testify, she will have to tell the truth.

        Those “truths” have already been divulged to the State, and they are not pretty. She will have to repeat them on the stand, and they speak volumes as to the state of this family unit!

        It will NOT be good for the Anthony’s, but it will be for the people.

        It will also assist in the ‘painting of the picture’ that the Jury will be using to ASSESS, and finally JUDGE!


    • Weezie
      Mar 7 2011

      Can you please tell me what Rick is going to testity to? I am assuming he is Cindy’s brother and that it is about the pregnancy denial? What else?
      He wasn’t around and I haven’t followed anything he has said in the past. Please enlighten me. Thanks

  8. Mar 4 2011

    hi andrea you do so well in your writing facts as you read them .yes georgey porgy is a big arse sorry for that but just how l feel about this family.when they were getting help they decided to lie to that the defense team has no defense they are trying to pick up on mistakes that happened during this investigation so they can have them thrown out.this is how lawyers make their money just on mistakes of others involved in the case.this includes the they have decided to pick on le. for what?l dont think they didnt do anything wrong.even as they were saying in court that she was cuffed so what.her caseys mother had called police to have her daughter arrested as cindy so they remember all the wrong things that went wrong as they lie to get to the police now all their mistakes .they seem to remember all that but they dont remember what happened when the kid went missing and what casey told them.all of their lies are going to catch up to them and bite them in the aZZ.THE ANTHONY FAMILY HAVE A LOT OF BALLS DONT THEY.THEY REMEMBER THINGS ONLY WHEN THEY WANT TOO BUT NOT FOR WHEN ITS REALLY NEEDED.L DONT FEEL SORRY FOR NONE OF THEM.THEY ALL TOOK PART IN THIS KIDS LIFE BUT NOW THEY WANT TO SAVE THE KILLER DOES THIS MAKE SENSE ?NOT TO MANY THINK SO.WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THEY?THEY ARE COLD HEARTED AND A BUNCH OF LYERS TO SAY THE LEAST.L SAY THROW THEM IN THE JAIL WITH THEIR DAUGHTER.GEORGE CRIED BECAUSE TIME IS COMING NEAR BUT MAYBE IF THEY TELL THE TRUTH THEY WOULD GET SOME WHERE IN LIFE.ITS TOO LATE TO CRY NOW,THEY ARE A DOLLAR SHORT AND A DAY LATE FOR THEM TO PRETEND THAT THEY NOW DECIDE TO COME AND CRY.STUPID BOZO MARIE SAYS TO GEOGE WILL YOU DO ANYTHING TO SAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS LIFE ?BOO HOO TOO LATE GUYS.ANYWAYS ANDREA L WANTED TO ASK YOU WHAT ABOUT THE TESTIMONY THAT GEORGE GAVE BEFORE THE GRAND JURY?THEY STILL HAVE THAT.DO YOU THINK THEY WILL USE THAT?THATS WHAT INDICTED THE KILLER.DID YOU HEAR ABOUT IT ANYWHERE?LAST L HEARD THAT CHENNEY MASON IS SICK WITH PROSTATE CANCER DID YOU KNOW THAT OR HEARD ABOUT THIS?LATER OKAY?THANKS.

    • Mar 4 2011

      I sure hadn’t heard about Cheney Mason being sick… that’s horrible news. With regards to the Grand Jury testimony. Yes, the state will be able to refer to it and impeach George with it, on cross examination, if needed. That will come in handy! 🙂

  9. Venice
    Mar 4 2011

    Hi Andrea,

    Our judicial system reeks! I am starting to lose faith in it more and more each day. The perp outweighs the victim in constitutional rights, and Law Enforcement always ends up being the ones up a creek while the unethical one walks. sick…….

    • Mar 4 2011

      Hey Venice! Don’t lose hope yet! Justice will prevail, I promise you! We do have the best judicial system in the world, but it is far from perfect, it generally works.
      Casey won’t walk – not a chance. And these motions by the defense will be denied. The Defense didn’t make a strong showing regarding these two critical motions, so I think it’s going to be okay – A.O.K.!

  10. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    I couldn t agree more Venice! I wanted to apologize for my earlier rant, but it is exactly this disregard for the victim, and the whole DEFENDANT’S rights. Poor Caylee didnt get half of what Casey gets today. Or has gotten over the last three years. . . She left her daughter to rot in a swamp ditch, and SHE gets catered to. . It makes me sick! I DO truly believe that between Rick and his mother, Shirley Plesea, they WILL sit behind the State and totally support CAYLEE! Enough of the nonsense!

    • Venice
      Mar 4 2011

      That’s the good ‘ol U.S.A for ya! BACKASSWARDS.

      • CptKD
        Mar 7 2011

        Trust me – CANADA come’s with it’s own “Breaks” in its legal system!
        I believe that BOTH countries need to re-vamp and re-create the laws and punishments that come to one when they are broken.

        We are running on “old” style systems, that just don’t work in today’s world, let alone, with the crimes that are being committed in this day and age…

        It’s just not fitting or coming together properly anymore!

        Though there will always be issues of some sort, and changes with the times, why not sort out the ones that desperately need repair, and CAN BE re-instrumented to work?

        I just don’t get it!


      • Weezie
        Mar 7 2011

        Let me remind you that none of this would happen in open court. A person is much more likely to get a fair and unbiased trial as the media are not allowed to report anything prior to the trial, that means any hearings etc. It’s quite unlike Florida Sunshine law in CANADA

    • Mar 4 2011

      Hi CptKD… no need to ever apologize, silly! We love rants! And I sure agree that Rich and Shirley will be formidable witnesses! Whereas Cindy spews and never makes sense, Rick is well spoken and as honest as Cindy is dishonest. His testimony will be excellent! 🙂

      • CptKD
        Mar 7 2011

        Thanks, Andrea!

        And so… I will continue to RANT & RAVE!

  11. Linda
    Mar 4 2011

    Hello everyone good comments, Andrea when I first heard of the judge giving BOZO the pass, I was so mad but then I thought about it for a while. and this is what I come up with…Maybe judge Perry is going to play Beaz game or he knows what his game is……Did he (Beaz) plan on judge Perry holding him in contempt? So he then could say Perry was bias against him and try to get him off the case? I don’t think Judge Perry is anybodies fool……so we have to wait and see. Remember he said this case is going to trial on time…… Don’t thik the FB eyes arn’t wide open and watching..Maybe the judge will file his complaint after the trial… As far as the Anthony crime family I hope this motion blows up in their faces. Maybe you can check up on something for us Andrea……. I heard that there are certain exceptions to miranda motions or rights If it has to do with a child……

    • Mar 5 2011

      Hi Linda,
      I believe that children under 16 must have a guardian or parent present because they may not understand the Miranda Right. But, I am not really sure because that question leads into a discussion about the Juvenile Justice System, of which I know absolutely nothing!
      But yours is such a good question and one that has me curious….

    • Weezie
      Mar 7 2011

      Yes maybe, but Casey was not a child regarding her Miranda special rights. I loved it when Linda said that Casey was not an innocent nieve young woman who couldn’t hold her own with 3 detectives in tow. That was really really good. You should watch her presentation, it was classic platinum.


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