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March 4, 2011


march 4 hearing – Jose is sorry

by Andrea O'Connell

It was another fascinating day in the Orlando courtroom where the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony is being played out in pre-trial hearings.

The day began with a scolding by Judge Perry to the Defense for failing to ensure that Casey Anthony’s clothes were delivered to her before court was scheduled to begin.  The hearing was scheduled at 8:45, but did not start until 8:50.  Judge Perry promised that the next time, he will start on time and if the Defendant’s clothes are not there, so be it.  She will wear her blues.

The motion regarding Kathi Bellich as a Defense witness was argued by WFTV’s attorney, Greg Thomas, and Cheney Mason, for the Defense.

As expected, Judge Perry granted WFTV’s motion to strike Ms. Bellich from the witness list.  In his ruling, Judge Perry spoke about the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech promise, and the sanctity of a free press.   The Defense simply did not have a compelling reason to call her.

The defense motion to strike the jail videos as a result of the Anthony family being “agents of the state” went nowhere fast today. So far, not one of the Anthony’s could claim to be agent’s of the state.  Cindy and George are/were definitely not fans of law enforcement, that was made very clear, but not one of the Anthony’s could testify about doing the bidding of law enforcement, i.e. being agents of the state.

Cindy Anthony once again took the stand and was her usual loquacious self, spewing words, words, words.   She was argumentative when she was not given the time to explain her answers.  Cindy loves to hear herself talk; Lee loves to hear himself laugh, and George simply loves to frown and argue.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Jose Baez was forgiven the contempt charge.

Yes, Jose ate his humble pie and apologized to the State for his behavior of late.  It became clear that the apology and the final solution was brokered by Judge Perry, clearly he was pleased with the attorney’s ability to show common decency and work things out.

What enabled this turn of events is due to Defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims who wrote the response that Jose was confused about.  Ms. Sims also argued the Chloroform and the plant growth motion very effectively.  She will be an asset to the Defense with regards to the forensic motions.

Jose Baez did some decent work yesterday and today.  He had a very rough start on Wednesday and made some obvious blunders here and there; but there were times when he showed some promise and competence in his questioning of witnesses.

Then there was Lee Anthony.  What has become of Lee Anthony?  He looked horrible, unkempt, sloppy, unshaven…well, he looked like a bum.  In addition, he is still laughing!  Why in the world he laughs at the most inappropriate times is both baffling and disturbing.

At one point, Jose Baez asked Lee a question regarding an instance when Lee went into Jose’s inner office, where the Casey Anthony evidence and work is held, to copy evidence (credit card receipts).  Jose asked Lee if he was directed by law enforcement to do this – take defense evidence. Lee said no, he did this on his own.

There is something about Lee that isn’t right…. He must have known that to walk into Jose’s office and copy evidence was wrong, and yet he did it anyway.  Lee’s arrogance on the stand bothered me. His attitude didn’t fit the solemnity of the situation – the murder of his niece.  He’s difficult to listen to because that laugh is like shivers up my spine.

There is another hearing on Monday, at 2:00. Presumably the Judge will rule on the motions that were heard these last three days.

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  1. CptKD
    Mar 4 2011

    Hi Andrea – Great re-cap! As usual. . . I did want to point out that due to some extra information that Ms Sims must deliver to the Judge by Tues., he did say to her, and the court, that he did not expect to have his Rulings in until Friday. That s what he is hoping for, unless he can get it done sooner. I m thinking that some of the less intricate motions might be ruled on sooner, but the loaded ones are highly unlikely to be ruled on before Friday – JFYI… Mayb 2morow a Status Hearing? CptKD

    • Mar 5 2011

      Ahh, yes now that you mention that, I do remember hearing that, but at the time I thought he was referring to the motions that are Frye related… Judge Perry sure has a lot on his plate, so maybe he will take until then to rule, I sure hope not! I am beginning to question the legality of the Universal Studio interview now… It may be that they should have read her the Miranda at Universal Studios. Richard Hornsby has a good article about it on his blog that has me really thinking about this….It’s a good read!

  2. Mike
    Mar 5 2011

    Baez, Mason, and Clan Anthony’s attitude in court does not fit the solemnity of the situation IMO. It would seem the defense got away with another slider from the Court and as long as CP refuses to discipline them for their inactions they will keep doing it, just like a 4 year old child. KC and George making faces while testimony is being heard and Cindy and George with the gum chomping. Bailiffs must be blind to let this blatant disregard of Court room protocol continue.
    It has truly become a circus in Orlando. And at the taxpayers expense.
    I find in this case and the Cummings case, that the FL judicial system is in dire need of repair. It has become a mockery of justice for the little girl who was murdered and thrown away like trash by her mother.
    I am going to get away from this case as it is infuriating that these defense lawyers keep pulling the same juvenile tricks and then claim ignorance of the law. If a citizen did that he would be incarcerated lickety-split.
    Good bye and wish you all well.

    • Rob
      Mar 5 2011

      Hi Andrea, Thanks for your great insight over the last several days. All I can say is the Anthony family has serious mental issues. It must be karma, that Casey found Biaez, it is all so very sad. A beautiful little two year old girl is dead, and this family and their lawyers are making a mockery out of the whole situation.

    • Mar 5 2011

      I hear you, Mike. It is so frustrating and infuriating. But, as broken as Florida court may seem to be in this case, this case is truly an exception to the rule… And the reason it is? The reason is due to the lawyer Casey Anthony chose to defend her. Plain and simple. If he had any regard for the justice system and the law, he would have dealt with Casey’s obvious guilt and told her that her guilt is plain as that day and then walk away from the case. This is where Public Defenders will handle Casey’s insistence of innocence. But Baez was swayed by the potential star power of this case and he is more interested in himself than he is about finding the truth.

      And you are right, if a citizen defied court orders, yes, they’d be in jail as quickly as you could say lickety-split.
      I hope you’ll come back and visit… you bring a great wealth of knowledge with you and always make me think… 🙂

  3. cecelia
    Mar 5 2011

    I can’t help but feel that Lee’s innappropriate laugh is something he cannot control. (i remember sindy’s statement about Lee being “her little trooper”) i do believe that sindy pushed away her son and her husband in an effort to be Casey’s “bestie” instead of parent figure. imo it’s a coping mechanism, i also think the “sloppiness” we are seeing from him is his way of throwing off a little of the controlling mother by doing the opposite of what she would command he look like.
    i’m hoping he’s realizing that even though georgette and sindy don’t seem to mind the shambles they’ve made out of their life, effectively destroying any hope of putting “them” back together he is young enough to get past it, eventually, sometime down the road and is a TRUE advocate for Caylee Marie. He has to know by the expressions on sissy’s face if they can’t help her she has absolutely no use for them and they are doodled OUT of her life on her notepad of “done me wrongs”

    • Mar 5 2011

      Hi Cecila, thanks for your wonderful post! I remember, too, Cindy saying that about Lee due to his illness while he was in high school. Lee couldn’t engage in any activities like normal kids (I forget what illness it was), because of the condition he had lasting about a year. It was at a tough age for a boy, he was in his teens, but I don’t remember what his age was, maybe 16.
      Anyway, I did find his behavior really odd, but like you say, he may be young enough to move past this, get a good therapist, and get on with life.
      I bet that Casey wants nothing to do with Lee now that she knows he was lying to her to get information from her. Yup, she has “doodled them out” of her care… What a GREAT line you wrote! 🙂

  4. katydid
    Mar 5 2011

    I found it imteresting that Lee admitted that he maybe had lied to Casey about the letter he wanted her to write him. But you are right…something about Lee is just not right. All in all I believe he wants to tell the truth. Does anyone know if his girlfriend ever had a baby?

    • Mar 5 2011

      Hey Katydid, I was wondering, too, if Mallory and he had their child – they must have by now. One thing I can say positively about Lee is his ability to keep a low profile, it’s especially good if he and Mallory have a child. Perhaps that’s a comfort for George and Cindy… I hope so because they are broken people.
      Anyway, I would love to know what was in Mallory’s deposition. It most likely has been sealed. It will be interesting to learn what she has to say….


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