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We all have our own personal things to rant about with regards to the Casey Anthony case, right?   I have quite a few raging rants, but tonight I just need to rant about some things that I forgot to mention in my last few posts – just random things that made my blood boil during the recent Defense motion hearings.

Cindy Anthony….

…said she recalls Yuri Melich’s initial interview with Casey lasting about an hour.  (I am referring to the initial taped interview that Yuri did after reading Casey’s police statement.)  In addition, Cindy testified that Yuri’s tone of voice was intimidating and demanding of Casey.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  When Linda D. Burdick asked Cindy if she knew the interview was taped, it was a classic “gotcha” moment!  Cindy almost choked and her expression was priceless!

When Judge Perry hears this interview with Yuri and Casey, which is only 19 minutes and 7 seconds long, he will hear the soft and extremely calming tone that Yuri had!

During Cindy’s first day on the stand, there was a moment when Ms. Burdick, referring to the Anthony home address, misstates the address as “Hope Springs”.  Cindy curtly corrected her by saying, “Hopespring.”   Ms. Burdick then says, “Whatever.”  And, oh, Cindy was furious!  The look on her face was priceless and reminiscent of the Morgan deposition in the Zenaida civil case when Cindy said, “… you’re cute but you’re not a 10”, (referring to Zenaida).

At one point, Cindy is talking over Ms. Burdick, and says “Linda this is very unsettling to me.”  The Judge stops Cindy, who then turns to the Judge and says “it was because of her tone of voice”, like she was a school girl complaining to the teacher.

George Anthony….

My biggest rant is a statement that George Anthony made about John Allen.  He said, referencing how Sergeant Allen speaks, “He’s got a stutter.”   Huh?  That’s not true and it’s such an awful and mean thing to say!  That made me so darn mad!

Anyway, those are a few of my most maddening rants from the recent motion hearings.

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