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March 11, 2011



by Andrea O'Connell

I was running late this morning – didn’t have time to listen to the TV.  I had lesson plans for the day on my mind, and didn’t even turn the car radio on during the drive to work, as I usually do.

So, the news of the massive earth quake and tsunami that rocked Japan was a total shock.

It was a regular Friday and my class took its break at about 10:00 a.m.  I was on my way to get a cup of coffee and a bagel from the deli (in our university library) when I saw the CNN “Breaking News” .

Waves as high as 30 feet!  The sea’s current was as fast as a bullet from a gun, forcing waves to push over everything – drowning everything in its path.

Homes forced into unthinkable clusters, tossed like seaweed.   Images of roads and buildings heaving and breaking and heaving and breaking…..

Fires everywhere sparked by explosions.  I think Hell would look calmer.

I’m upset tonight. Those poor people…. It’s like the earthquake is in me, rocking my emotions…

It is a sad, sad day.

The Casey Anthony Case

Discovery documents were released today in the case against Casey Anthony.  I’ve read most of them, though I hardly feel up to writing about it right now…. Maybe later.

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  1. Mar 11 2011

    Andrea, we understand. Hugs my friend.

    • Mar 12 2011

      Hi Jonathon, Hugs right back at ya’, dear heart 🙂

  2. Kitt
    Mar 12 2011

    My prayers go out to the people of Japan. Such devastation, and I’m sure the numbers of loss of life will not even be known for a while yet. Here in Oregon, our coastal communities braced for the possibility of tsunami. We were lucky that it was very minimal. Four people were swept out to sea, but all have survived. Again, my thoughts and prayers turn toward Japan tonight.

    • Mar 12 2011

      Hi Kitt!
      Yes, it was desperately frightening for a time yesterday when it seemed as if a large area of the west coast was in danger. Thank God, you are alright, and the coastal communities in the west coast were not terribly bruised.

      Some things leave me without words; this disaster was one of those. And, they say this was not even the “big one” that Japan, they say, knows is coming. We’ll have to pray it’s no time soon.

      I do love to hear from you, I am just sorry we have to talk about this tragedy.

  3. Swift Justice
    Mar 12 2011

    Japan is now waiting for more quakes to hit…..

    Their coast line has changed…..due to the earth’s axis……

    God Bless Japan and every one hit by this horrendous quake/tsunami.

    West Coast has suffered much damage ….. docks, boats… could’ve been much worse on our coast.

    • Mar 12 2011

      Hi Swift Justice. Yes, they are bracing for more. The news said this morning that there have been many, many aftershocks, too, adding to their pain. I saw the damage to some of the west coast areas, too. And Hawaii was not unscathed, they are suffering, though not as badly, certainly. Like you say, it could have been worse.
      I was amazed at some of the pictures where you could see how the earth shifted away from itself…. It’s eerie and scary to see that.
      Saying my gratitude prayers today.

  4. Hilde
    Mar 12 2011

    Indeed Andrea, it is very sad! It shows us, how powerless we are when it comes
    to things which are bigger than us.
    My Heart breaks for All the Victims in Japan and Every One affected by this Tragedy. May God bless them All!
    There is just so much Suffering in this World, sometimes I just get numb and
    have no Words any more how I feel. 😦

    • Mar 12 2011

      Hi Hilde, Oh, I know…. I lose my words, too.
      We really are so powerless when it comes to nature and the oceans and the very earth we sit together on right now. The power of things higher and bigger than us will hopefully teach us to love harder and appreciate our earth and all who populate it, before it’s too late.
      Love and peace to all…

  5. CptKD
    Mar 12 2011

    I don’t know what’s up with Mother Nature these days,
    but she sure can dole out quite the wallops sometimes!!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected!
    I understand, after watching this morning’s news, that
    Hawaii has been hit with a tsunami as well!

    What a shame!

    And what on earth is happening to our world?

    I am getting sick of all the disasters and un-necessary
    deaths –
    Especially the deaths of our children!

    The future is looking bleak, if things continue on as they
    have been!

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post, Andrea!

    • Mar 12 2011

      Hi my friend,
      It sure teaches us lessons, doesn’t it? When I try to put myself in the shoes of those poor people in Japan who are suffering, I wonder if I could remain strong in the face of this magnificent loss, and then I realize that the will to live (for most) is like steel. But, the heartache and the loss is too much. It’s Hurricane Katrina magnified over and over.

      There will be relief efforts and money coming to Japan soon, I hope.
      We have to remember Haiti, too…. there is such suffering there – not enough money could ever flow in to help that country, sadly.


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