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the innocence team’s trickery

As a result of the recent release of discovery in the case against Casey Anthony, we learned the defense investigators resorted to trickery in an effort to recruit (fish for) people to turn into patsy’s.

Several of the Texas EquuSearch volunteers complained to the Orange County Sherriff’s Office about calls they received from defense investigators who allegedly attempted to pass themselves off as part of the State’s case.  This group of defense investigators would say they were calling from the Orange County Courthouse in an effort to get people to talk to them!

It’s pure desperation. Too bad for the defense investigators that few people bought it (bit the hook).

The OSCO found no probable cause to pursue a case against this obvious trickery.  It seems to me this was a deliberate group strategy, not a result of one rogue investigator desperate to find leads in the case.

When the whole team of investigators follows this prot0col, it is clearly a thought out and planned deceit.

Of course, anyone who has any knowledge of the Caylee Anthony case knows of the questionable maneuvering by the defense over the last two years and wants no part of it.

So, the Innocence Team must resort to trickery?

What ever happened to the truth?

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