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sunday with black nails

I love, love, love weekends because I can be silly and do things like paint my finger and toenails black!

I am not a nail polish kind of gal – I used to be years ago when I thought it was important.  Now it’s not important and it’s been years since I’ve painted my fingernails.

On Christmas Eve day, I was at my mom’s with the rest of my family, and my sister-in-law painted my toenails for me!

The last time I’d painted my toe nails was close to never!  But, her toenails looked so pretty, and my mom was painting my niece’s nails (there is nothing my niece loves more then having her nails painted!).  She’s 5, no excuse me, she’s 5 and a half.  That “half” part of being 5 is mega important, you know!

Anyway, I thought it was incredibly nice of my sis-in-law to offer to do that!  Of course I said, “Nooooo!”  Of course she said, “Aw, come on Andrea, do it!”  So I acquiesced, and said oh, alright.  And she painted them dark purple!

I looked at my toes yesterday, and the purple had nearly grown off my toes!  So, I was at my mom’s and given that she has every color nail polish known to wo-man, she brought all the many bottles out and said, “Take what ever you want!”  I chose a clear color, though she tried to get me to take a Salmon color to match the new outfit I got yesterday, but I thought that would be too sophisticated and organized for my life, so I demurred.

Then, I saw the jet black color!  I said, “I think I may use this!”  Mom’s eyes widened, she said, with an air of soft bemusement, “You want black?”

My toes and fingers are now painted black, as you can see in the picture, and I feel wonderful about doing it (except I got polish on a lot more than just my nails) and I don’t have any nail polish remover so it’s staying on my fingers and on the skin around my fingers!

I feel a tinge liberated!

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