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March 13, 2011


sunday with black nails

by Andrea O'Connell

I love, love, love weekends because I can be silly and do things like paint my finger and toenails black!

I am not a nail polish kind of gal – I used to be years ago when I thought it was important.  Now it’s not important and it’s been years since I’ve painted my fingernails.

On Christmas Eve day, I was at my mom’s with the rest of my family, and my sister-in-law painted my toenails for me!

The last time I’d painted my toe nails was close to never!  But, her toenails looked so pretty, and my mom was painting my niece’s nails (there is nothing my niece loves more then having her nails painted!).  She’s 5, no excuse me, she’s 5 and a half.  That “half” part of being 5 is mega important, you know!

Anyway, I thought it was incredibly nice of my sis-in-law to offer to do that!  Of course I said, “Nooooo!”  Of course she said, “Aw, come on Andrea, do it!”  So I acquiesced, and said oh, alright.  And she painted them dark purple!

I looked at my toes yesterday, and the purple had nearly grown off my toes!  So, I was at my mom’s and given that she has every color nail polish known to wo-man, she brought all the many bottles out and said, “Take what ever you want!”  I chose a clear color, though she tried to get me to take a Salmon color to match the new outfit I got yesterday, but I thought that would be too sophisticated and organized for my life, so I demurred.

Then, I saw the jet black color!  I said, “I think I may use this!”  Mom’s eyes widened, she said, with an air of soft bemusement, “You want black?”

My toes and fingers are now painted black, as you can see in the picture, and I feel wonderful about doing it (except I got polish on a lot more than just my nails) and I don’t have any nail polish remover so it’s staying on my fingers and on the skin around my fingers!

I feel a tinge liberated!

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  1. CptKD
    Mar 13 2011

    I gotta say. . . I think I like it – On you! You wouldn t catch me dead in nail polish, and I think there is something rather wierd for men to paint their nails. Instead they should put that task to good use and paint a flippin’ wall. . . I am one of those kinds of people that usually live life with the attitude, that to each his/her own, but colored nails on a man, is a fashion faux pas! Rock star, Charlie Sheen or whatever dude, have ’em buffed nice & shiny, but leave de polish at de SALON!

    • Mar 14 2011

      Ah, Thank ya, CptKD! LOL @ paint a flippin wall! I like to see men with nicely manicured nails… not colored, surely, but I think the clear nail polish is okay!

  2. Faith
    Mar 14 2011

    Andrea a little tip take an emory board/file and rub lightly across the polich on your skin it will disappear like magic.
    I’m a very senior senior and I have an overlay on my naturual nails and the color changed about every three weeks,pedicure about every 6-8wks. I even have a design on the ring finger of each hand,usually two little flowers.
    I too believe to each his own. I just love well kept painted nails but it can become additive,especially the pedicure.

    • Mar 14 2011

      LOL! Thats just what I ended up doing because it wouldnt come off! (my other hand looked really messy!). My mom had the pretty little decals too – I didn’t want those but next time I’ll try it! I’ve never treated myself to a pedicure everyone tells me how great it makes you feel…. That will be on my list next! Thanks Faith!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mar 14 2011

    I am a nail fanatic – mine are different every week. Today I have purple french tips that I did to enhance the purple hat and blouse I am wearing to head back to work today.
    I like extreme nails and I will go to great lengths to find new and exciting patterns and colors to wear.

    With my growing hat collection and the nail distractions no one seems to notice the scars on my face!!

    • Mar 14 2011

      Hey Kimmie’. That’s wonderful! What a great strategy you’ve created! I love my nails and just may become a convert! I was teaching today though and because I use my hands to express myself, I was so conscience of them – I kept looking at my hands while I was teaching! I told my class about my black nails…lol… They loved the black! Going to have to get used to them so they’re not such a distraction. 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Mar 14 2011

        They look beautiful, Andrea. Mine have always created a stir because of the colors and patterns I use. Nails and hair will be my vanity, I guess. Provided the oncologist stays on track and releases me from any harsh chemical treatment

  4. Kitt
    Mar 14 2011

    I love the nails!!! One of my nieces is a nail polish fanatic, and not just any polish, but OPI. Her newest addition to her HUGE collection is a cover polish called “Black Shatter.” First you apply a different color to your nails (she currently is wearing “Shrek Green” or something like that). Then you top-coat it with the Shatter polish. As it dries, it “shatters,” much like the old crackle paint for antiquing things. So when the black has done its shattering, you see the contrasting color show thru. You should try it!!!

    • Mar 14 2011

      Hey Kitt! Wow, that sounds like something my mom would love! I will absolutely try it… It sounds like your niece is getting into the green spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll definitely try to find it for me and for my mom…… I wonder if they’d have it at a drug store? Oh! I’ll google it! LOL!
      Found it! I have to have it…. 🙂 Thanks Kitt!


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