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March 14, 2011


Dear Dr. Spitssssssss

by Andrea O'Connell

Spitz makes me want to spit.

Dr. Werner Spitz’s report on autopsy findings in the case against Casey Anthony, were made public today, though the document itself has not been released through the media. The Orlando Sentinel has the full story here.

Casey Anthony, as we know, is the mother who is awaiting trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.  Dr. Werner Spitz is the defense team’s forensic pathologist hired to dispute any claims made by Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Medical Examiner for the State’s case.

Even though it’s the defense team’s job to create reasonable doubt using any means they can, the “reasonable doubt” in the opinions of Dr. Spitz are hardly reasonable.  (They are a little wacko, if you want my opinion!)

Caylee Anthony is double bagged, duct tape is placed on her mouth area, she’s tossed in the woods, and Dr. Spitz cannot and will not agree it was a homicide?

Give me a break while I get my spit balls lined up, Dr. Spitz!!

Dr. Spitz concludes:

The manner of death is also undetermined because there is no scientific information available that the death was at the hands of another.

Dear Dr. Spitz:

So, no homicide?  Okay, then tell me, whose hands put Caylee in TWO garbage bags?  Whose hands affixed the duct tape?  Whose hands tossed Caylee in the woods?

Did Caylee toss herself in the woods, Dr. Spitz?

I understand you are probably mincing words here, right?  You’re just using semantics when you say there is no “scientific” evidence of a homicide?  How then does science conclude homicide?  Does science reason like you or I, Dr. Spitz?

Okay Dr. Spitz, I’ll give you your piece about the scientific stuff, because I am sure not a scientist.  But I gotta tell ya, you can be scientific, sure, but don’t you also have to be “reasonable” Doctor?

I hardly think you are using reason when you conclude that because Caylee’s DNA was not found on the duct tape, it brings into question whether the duct tape was affixed before decomposition?

Your reason tells you the duct tape was put there after decomposition, and the duct tape could not have kept the mandible in place?  You say:

…the lack of entomological evidence found on the duct tape is also inconsistent with the duct tape being placed over any orifice that would have attached to the duct tape during decomposition (skin would be expected to adhere to duct tape).

Well, common sense tells me, Dr. Spitz, that since the poor body was in the water for all those months, and given the harsh elements, couldn’t the DNA decompose too?

But, I keep coming back to your most confusing conclusion.  If Caylee’s death did not happen at the hands of another (i.e. homicide) who put the duct tape there?  It’s one thing to conclude that a three year old may have placed her self in a bag in an effort to commit suicide, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to suggest that “no hands of another” placed the duct tape on her skeleton.

Dr. Spitz, you may want to reconsider your conclusions because, ah, you sound a bit confused.

Good Doctor, I’m disappointed in you.

I have no more questions.

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  1. Mar 14 2011

    I spit on Spitz

  2. Mar 14 2011

    I hope this SPITZ retires real soon. ridiculous to say the least. I DON’T fine any reasonable doubt in his report. I find it very UNreasonable. Ignorant to say the least.

    • Mar 15 2011

      Hi Shyloh, I agree with you; he truly sounds like a “has-been” or a hired gun. Either way, he’s not going to be a bit credible. And even Bill Shaeffer says, about Dr. G., “many have tried to discredit her, but few have been successful.” It’s just so darn crazy! How in the world the defense thinks anyone will believe him is beyond me!

  3. Mar 14 2011

    toddler suicide?

    However, she concluded that the child’s death was a homicide, while Spitz said, “The manner of death is also undetermined because there is no scientific information available that the death was at the hands of another.”

    • Mar 15 2011

      Hey Kim….it’s beyond the beyond of desperate if ya’ ask me!

    • sha
      Jun 20 2011

      Apparently Dr. Spitz believes that toddlers commit suicide by duct tape quite frequently, or perhaps the death was natural causes due to lose trash bags roaming about the streets – we all have had experiences with having to beat vicious trash bags off of our children with baseball bats, right?

      How can anyone expect to swab the duct tape and get DNA if swabbing the bones doesn’t get them any DNA? People do not have to be a scientist to use some common sense.

      No former police officer would expect his daughter to go to jail over his grandchild’s accidental death. There have been several accidental toddler drownings in Florida during the month KC’s trial has been going on – and no charges at all were brought on anyone involved.

      I loved it when Ashton had Spitz saying, “PLEASE just believe me”…good gawd.

  4. Rob
    Mar 14 2011

    Andrea, I was involved in a civil case several years ago. My attorney a very prominent Philadelphia lawyer told me that the testimony of these so called experts, (hired guns) was not seen by a jury in a positive light. Let us face the fact they are paid for their opinion. They cancel each other out and the jurors disregard most of what they have to offer. It is too bad because even when one side is correct, the doubt presented by the other cause confusion. I am sure this fact is not lost on the slithering, reptilian defense team.

    • Mar 15 2011

      Hey Rob… You are absolutely, positively right about the hired guns and the appearance of a “purchased” opinion. And it is sad that the message of one side over the other could get lost on the jury. I love your description: slithering, reptilian, defense team!!!!!! I think I may have to steal that line, Rob… I hope you won’t mind? LOL!

  5. Mar 14 2011

    Hi Andrea and everyone here, My opinion of Dr.Spitz is summed up in one word ”Stupid”. He was stupid in another case i followed years ago as well. The man has no common sense that is for sure. However he is perfect for the defense team as they are all stupid. No juror will say Caylee was not murdered when they see the pics the State will present of Caylee’s skull with her nose and mouth wrapped with duct tape. A picture shows the the story.

    • Mar 15 2011

      Hi Knight Owl! Sorry for the delay of my hello….I’ve been a busy bee!
      And, I agree with you 100 percent. There is no way a juror could or would agree with this preposterous notion. Granted, no one but Casey knows how the death occurred, but it’s pretty obvious that there was at the very least, foul play. For him not to clarify his statement is maddening, and will be to the jury, too.

      • sha
        Jun 20 2011

        When Spitz accused LE, the ME office, and Dr. G of staging photographs that was just over-the-top ridiculous. Dr. Spitz was accused of snatching body parts (pituitary glands) from the deceased when he worked for Wayne County in Michigan, too. Also, do the math on 57 years and 60,000 autopsies. The man has to be a liar, or else he never sleeps.

        Dear Dr. Werner “i did adam and eve’s autopsies” Spitz: It’s time for you to retire.

  6. Mar 14 2011

    Dr.Spitz might as well start out his summation with” Caylee Marie Anthony” a not quite three year old toddler commited suicide with duct tape. He is that stupid.

  7. Mar 14 2011

    By the way Andrea i love your write up of stupid Spitz. fantastic.

    • Mar 15 2011

      Thanks a bunch for your feedback, Knight Owl! 🙂

  8. Mar 14 2011

    Also could we please have Spitz tested to see if any brain matter is still visible inside that stupid head of his, so we can go ahead and rule his testimony out and get on with things. He is wasting our time.

  9. Mar 14 2011

    I wonder if Dr Spitz ever tried to stick duct tape to a wet surface. I am going to go with Dr G’s findings that the duct tape was put on prior to decompostion. It is possible the duct tape was put on immediately after death but I do not believe it was put on any more than 24 hours after death. Dr G did not state that the duct tape was the murder weapon. Taking into consideration, the three layers of duct tape extending out into the hairline and the fact that the child was placed in garbage bags and a laundry bag and then thrown away like trash indicates a homicide. There is only one person who really knows how Caylee actually died.

    I disagree with Dr Spitz that there should have been skin tissue on the duct tape. Maybe he felt there should have been tissue left on the skeletel remains. If he took into consideration that the body was exposed to the elements and animals tearing at the garbage bags, not excluding bug activity, his finding may have been more realistic. The remains were moved by being drug all over those woods. You cannot get old weather beaten duct tape to stick to hair. ( exclude Roy Kronk please) When the duct tape was put on Caylee’s face, it was heavy duty Henkel and, believe me, it is super sticky. Therefore, the duct tape was put there by the murderer either to smother the child or to close the mouth after death.

    Due to the animal activity tearing those garbage bags and moving the remains, the mandible should have been detached. The duct tape held it in place with the exception of it being a bit posterior.

    • Mar 15 2011

      Hey Jonathon… thank you for stating so well what the facts are. 🙂
      I also disagree that there “should” still be tissue remaining. And, you make an EXCELLENT point – there is no way weathered duct tape could stick to hair, or anything else for that matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the State brings in an expert on Henkel tape.

  10. Mar 14 2011

    Here is one for the dumb arse defense for Spitz to use, a ghost killed baby Caylee, duct taped Caylee’s nose and mouth, put her in the laundry bag, double bagged her inside black garbage bags and flung her in the woods on surburban drive. Yea, that’s it.

  11. Lona1
    Mar 14 2011

    Just a smoke screen and diluted reality. He can’t prove his theory and counters the prosecution. In the real world…so what? So he got a few bucks under the table and is spewing vile garbage? It will not affect this case. There are too many factors that prove she did it. I am not worried about this person at all. He is just another paid-under-the-table-publicity-wanna be famous-unknown professional that wants a piece of the pie.

  12. Linda
    Mar 14 2011

    I think they should baker act him.

  13. CptKD
    Mar 14 2011

    I couldn t have described the idiot any better myself. He was pathetic in the Spector case, and even more pathetic here with this one. Time to hang up that old weather beaten, worn out wrinkled hag! Great post once again, Andrea!

  14. ritanita
    Mar 15 2011

    Well, the report is out now for anyone who would like to peruse the details:
    What interested me the most was that he still insists that the body was laying on its left side due to the dried soil residue even though he acknowledges the interior was rinsed with a saline wash.
    Hello? Dr. Spitz? Anyone home?

    • Mar 15 2011

      Thank you, Ritanita!! That was so nice of you 🙂
      LOL… I’m afraid that who’s home is a bit on the weather-beaten side, just like the Henkel Duct tape.

  15. jon
    Mar 15 2011

    The State’s experts at the trial are going to appear so credible that they’ll totally wipe out the defense “experts”. The jury will probably take their cue from the way Baez acts and pigeon hole his “experts” accordingly.

  16. Hilde
    Mar 15 2011

    this is just so ridiculous. I realize the Defense is desperate and the only Option the basically have is to establish reasonable Doubt, not just any Doubt like they obvious are thinking, it needs to be REASONABLE Doubt.
    Mr. Spitz’s Comments about the Death of Caylee are not reasonable and don’t make any Sense whatsoever! I believe the Jury will not buy his theory any more than we do. He might be an Expert but in this Case his common Sense got lost somewhere down the Road and all his Expertise in his Field becomes questionable by making such an unbelievable Statement about Caylee’s Death! JMO

  17. cali patti
    Mar 15 2011

    Linda…Baker Act the fine docter, that was funny.
    Unlike many of the commenters here, I appauld the educated doctor for his summary opinion. Dr. Spitz should be and hopefully will be one of the defense’s star forensic witness’s.
    I believe there is a huge difference between education, intelligence and common sense. The intelligence and common sense of the jury will surely see through the doctors education. The Drs. testimony may not make it into trial which will be a very sad day. I liked the Drs. testimony. lol

    • Mar 15 2011

      As the old saying goes, the doctor is “book smart but common sense stupid.”

  18. CptKD
    Mar 15 2011

    Cali patti –
    You’re a funny lady!
    I like you.
    You make me laugh – Out loud!
    I like that!


  19. cali patti
    Mar 16 2011

    Your welcome Cpt. Honestly this doctor would make a very fine expert witness for the defense.
    If I am quiet, ask the right questions, most people will show their true self.

  20. margee
    Jun 18 2011

    Dr. spitz needs to retire completely. He is antiquated and not revered amongst the pathology field. He is being paid by the defense and therefore, will take his findings to favor them. I wish that the state prosecutor asked him how many times in the 60,000 autopsies he did, how many of them did he not do the skull??? Trust me, I am sure there is a big list. Caylee was skeletonized, and while perhaps she should have opened the skull, it was obvious there were no remains in the skull. She did observe, clean and record. As far as the ducttape after decomposition??? what would it possibly stick too??? A friend, an excellent medical examiner said you would never be able to do it after decomp. If Caylee was in double bag in a laundry bag, there would be minimal bug infestation in that trunk, but the smell would permiate as she started to decompose. Dr. G is right and when the state brings her back on for rebuttal, you will hear the truth. Even spitz’s medical examiner son on TV the other night said it is strongly showing homicide and she will be found guilty.


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