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baez in a bombshell future transcript!

I was able to get my hands on more of the future testimony of the Defense Expert Witness, Dr. Wacklo Pits.

In his redirect with Dr. Pits, Attorney Baez makes the important point that his defense team will only hire experts who will lie tell the defense’s version of the truth on the stand.

The problem with this testimony?  Mr. Baez seems to loose track of what message he wants to convey to the jury.  He seems quite confused, but then he finds a better stride right at the end.

This transcript is straight from the future, and based on this testimony, you will realize things are looking quite good for the State of Florida!

The redirect of Dr. Wacklo Pits

Judge:  Mr. Baez?  Redirect?

Baez:    (no response)

Judge:  (louder) MR. BAEZ?!

Baez:    Shoot, ah, um, sorry Judge, yes, I’m ready.

Judge: Proceed

Baez:   Dr. Pits.  You have worked a number of high profile cases, have you not?

Pits:     Yes, indeed I have.

Baez:  You have testified as an Expert defense witness in trials that resulted in a defendant being found guilty, have you not?

Pits:    Well…. yes.

Baez:  So, it is fair to say, is it not, that you will testify for the guilty or the innocent, because you want to find the truth, correct?

Pits:    I don’t understand your question.

Baez:  What I mean is this: even though, hypothetically, Casey is guilty, you would still testify for the defense, is that correct?

Pits:    I still don’t understand your question.

Baez:  Let me simplify.  It is your opinion that there were no hands involved in the death of Caylee Anthony, which is why we know Casey is innocent, correct?

Pits:  Okay?

Baez:  So, let’s say, hypothetically, your opinion is Casey is guilty, and Caylee died by Casey’s hands.  You would still testify even if Casey was guilty, that’s how honest you are?

Pits:   Well….

Baez: Is it fair to say, Dr. Pits, that you would also testify for the State, even if you knew the client was innocent?

Pits: (Looks at Judge, concerned)  Ah….

Baez: Likewise, you would testify truthfully for the Defense even when you know the defendant is guilty?

Pits: Again, I’m not sure I understand ….

Baez: I want you to look at the jury and explain to them that it doesn’t matter that Casey is guilty, you are still going to tell the truth, correct?

Judge: Mr. Baez!

Baez: Judge?

Judge: Listen to yourself, please.

Baez: I will; thank you, your Honor.

Baez: Now. Dr. Pist, please tell the jury that even though a defendant is guilty, you will still tell the truth.

Pits: Pist is not my name. (Looking at jury – who have their collective heads down.) Mr. Baez is correct. The Guilt or innocence of a defendant only matters depending on which side pays me.

Baez: Thank you, Dr. Pits. That leads me to my next question. Your name is Dr. Wacklo Pits, is that correct?

Pits: Yes.

Baez: Is your name Dr. Tips?

Pits: No.

Baez: Peps?

Pits: No!

Baez: Spits?

Pits: NO!

Baez: Stips?

Pits: No!!

Baez: Step?

Pits: NOO!

Baez: Pepper?

Pits: No! Though I do like Dr. Pepper….

Baez: Oh, me too. I will only drink the diet kind with cherry.

Pits: I don’t like diet.

State: OBJECTION!  Relevance!

Judge: Overruled

Baez: You can answer, Dr. Pepper.

Pits: I would only work for the Defense if the client was guilty.


Judge: You can’t object to your own witness.

Baez: Oh yes I can!


Baez: You can’t object, Judge!

Judge: Oh yes I can!  Answer the question Dr. Pepper!

Pits: I don’t like diet Dr. Pepper and even though Casey is guilty as hell, I will testify with candor and truth.

Baez:  You’re a good man, Doctor…. Doctor…

Judge: Pepper.

Pits:  Dear God.


sad day for OCSO

Det. Michael Erickson

It is so horribly sad to learn of the untimely death of OCSO Deputy Detective Michael Erickson.   Although it’s oftentimes difficult to find words at times like these, words of sympathy are sadly extended to Deputy Michael Erickson’s family – his wife and two boys – and to his fellow OCSO colleagues.  Update:  I have been told that Detective Erickson is survived by his wife, three sons, a daughter and three grandsons.  ( I do apologize for my error. )

Detective Erickson was scheduled as a Prosecution witness in the State v. Casey Anthony, set to begin in May.  Erickson interviewed Lee Anthony, Brian Burner, and others during the initial investigation into the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

I have uploaded (below) a recording with Detectives Eric Edwards, and Michael Erickson.  Although Detective Edwards does most of the talking, you’ll also hear Detective Erickson.

Surely Detective Erickson will give Caylee an angel kiss from all of us.

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