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March 18, 2011


the rulings are in…

by Andrea O'Connell

As you have probably heard, the rulings with regards to the much anticipated Defense’s motions, in the State v. Anthony case, are in and they are DENIED.

(A very bad day for Casey Anthony, but a VERY good day for Justice for Caylee!)

Judge Belvin Perry has much to say between the lines in both the Miranda Ruling (Universal Studios interview), and the “Agents of the State” ruling.

I am including the documents here for perusal.

Since I’ve only just returned home from work :), I want to give the rulings a good read.  I will be back to write a post about it.

Order Denying Motion to Suppress Statements Made To Law Enforcement

Order Denying Motion to Suppress Statements To “Agents Of State”

Order Granting Motion Re: Plant or Root Growth

Order Denying Motion Re: Chloroform

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  1. Mar 18 2011

    Happy dance and drinks all around!! on me!!

  2. Mar 18 2011


  3. Diana
    Mar 18 2011

    I wish I could be the one to tell Casey. 🙂
    Now, when she is convicted and she starts the appeals process, will she have free rein to a public attorney, or does Baez still have an obligation to defend her? How does that work *Andrea? If you know.

    • Mar 18 2011

      Hi Diana and all…. Kim, I am dancing the happy dance, too!!!!

      With regards to the appeals process. If she’s sentenced to the death penalty, there is an automatic appeal, by law. She won’t have the funds to hire her own attorney (I wouldn’t think!), so she’ll likely get a Public Defender to represent her. And, Baez has no obligation whatsoever. In fact, a new lawyer might appeal this case on ineffective counsel, and WIN!

      I was reading the other day that a sentence of life in prison would cost, in total, somewhere between $300,000 – $500,00, but a sentence of death costs twice that amount.

  4. Mar 18 2011

    The motion concerning the chloroform has me confused-could you ‘splain it for me? :mrgreen: TIA!

    • Mar 18 2011

      I wanna know who won!

      • Mar 18 2011

        LOL! I will read it … It was in favor of the State…. I’ll read it and give you a blow by blow!

    • Mar 18 2011

      I see what you mean about it being confusing! LOL! What it boils down to is the Defense wants to exclude the chloroform as “unreliable” and doesn’t want to even argue it at the Frye hearing. Judge says, nope! It will be heard at the upcoming Frye hearings…. So, it’s all good. 🙂

      • Mar 19 2011

        Yay! I felt like I was watching a tennis match-its the state, now its the defense, now its the state-lol! Thanks for clearing that up!

  5. Mar 18 2011

    This is good news. I also must comment that the moonies drinking the Casey KoolAid on the JB Mission blog are some of the most self-deluded souls in the blogging world. Its very sad there obsession with trying to prove there is a conspiracy against MOTY and that she actually is not responsible for Caylee’s death and someone else put the body there. What a joke…

    • Mar 18 2011

      Hey Eastwood! LOL… It is pretty weird I must say. I don’t understand it but I tend to think it’s done for attention…. I mean, who could be so ignorant as to say Casey Anthony is not the perpetrator. It defies total logic.

      And, we are not jurors, we can talk about guilt until the cows come home, and so could those folks on JBMission, if they would like to. I hate it when people say, “she’s innocent until proven guilty”. Well, hell, I know that! Everybody has the right to be looked at thru the not guilty lens in the courtroom by the jurors. But, that’s only for the jury – not us, for goodness sakes!
      Anyway, I know exactly what you mean!!

  6. Mar 18 2011

    People don’t not report their child has been missing for 31 days until forced by their mother, lie to LE repeatedly, act with not a single ounce of remorse the entire time, do not participate in looking for their child, party their ass off for 31 days, lawyer up and not say another single thing and sit in jail for almost 3 years….NO Juryis going to buy the Defense’s complete misdirection, fabrication, lies and smoke & mirrors.

    If it was an accident, who on this earth would not say/claim it was an accident immediatley? Not Casey, because it was NO accident. Justice will be served for Caylee and may she watch her mother burn in Hell one day.

  7. Linda
    Mar 19 2011

    Hello Andrea I just have one thing to say tonight… I what to send Casey a very HAPPY birthday wish and many more and for her to enjoy all her Doritos and cheese sticks behind bars for the rest of her life……and sign it, Love Caylee. It was a good day today…….

    • Mar 19 2011

      Hey there, Linda! Yes, these rulings are like a gift from Caylee telling Casey that it’s endgame now. Casey is now 25 years old. Maybe when she turns 50 she will tell herself the truth. Maybe….

  8. Hilde
    Mar 19 2011

    just a quick remark as to JBM. It is amazing how much time most of the Bloggers on JBM seem to spend on trying to research this Case. I believe their Opinions in this Case is like Every One else’s just Opinions nothing more or less.
    What I have noticed Every One who doesn’t share their particular Opinions is according to them either filled with Hate for Casey and her family or just basically don’t know what they are talking about. If You don’t agree with what is said on JBM Blog You either get ignored completely or put down in a rude Manner for not agreeing with their Opinions and dare say so.
    Needless to say it is not a Site I would feel comfortable with and therefore have no Desire to associate with.
    I respect every one’s opinion and their Right to voice it, even if it should be different from mine.
    The legal Aspect of this Case I leave up to the Attorney’s, they are better qualified than me.
    I am just following this Case like Every One else and give my humble Opinion at times, has nothing to do with hating any one and has every thing to do with putting the Perpetrator in this Case to Justice!
    My Belief has been from the Beginning Casey Anthony is the Perpetrator and is responsible for Caylee’s Death.
    Let the Evidence speak for Caylee, the Attorneys and the Law will do the Rest. JMO
    ok, so it wasn’t a quick Reply 😳

    • Mar 19 2011

      LOL! I agree with you 120 percent, Hilde. Just like we have the right to discuss our views (based on the facts as we see them, and the law as we know it) so do those folks on the JBM site.

      They are looking for a conspiracy against Casey. My question is a basic one: Who in their right mind would be interested in putting together a conspiracy against a then 22 year old Casey Anthony?? It’s just ludicrous. She was a poor girl with no morals, no values and who couldn’t afford to put enough gas in her car to drive to the next block. Why in the world would ANYONE want to “pin” something on a low life named Casey Anthony??? It makes no sense!

      Personally, I don’t read those posts – once I did, but they just made me mad and I wanted to write something argumentative in response, but I didn’t. It would have done no good and would have made me angrier if they attacked me…. So, for me, it’s just best to ignore their delusional musings.

      And, you are so right – the evidence and the lawyers will speak loud and clear for Caylee and we just have to watch and let their good work unfold as it will.

      Linda Drane-Burdick is a phenomenal attorney – she knows her case law and she and Jeff Ashton will ensure that Caylee has a voice in that courtroom – they will ensure that Caylee is remembered and justice is served for the little angel.

  9. Mar 19 2011
  10. jon
    Mar 21 2011

    I often wonder about Caylee’s biological father and whether her fate would have been different had Casey owned up to who he was. I personally don’t believe the story of the guy being killed in an auto accident – it seems a bit too convenient. But how sad that this little girl had another family somewhere who never got to know her or even knew of her existence or their connection to her. The fact that Casey probably has no idea of the father’s identity is one of the saddest elements of this awful saga. Maybe if the father was known and was part of Caylee’s life, things might have been very different. Also, I wonder how many guys “out there” think that there’s a chance they could have been Caylee’s father.


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