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March 22, 2011


3 day frye hearings begin TODAY!

by Andrea O'Connell

Today  Tomorrow beginning at 9:00 a.m., the Frye hearings in the case against Casey Anthony are set to begin. The hearings are set to last for three days – concluding on Friday. I don’t have a schedule of topics or witnesses at this time, though I believe these topics are among those to be discussed:

– Canine alerts (Anthony back yard)
– stain in the trunk of Casey’s car
– chloroform tests (car trunk)
– smell of decomposition
– heart sticker evidence
– decomposition banding around the root of a hair found in trunk
– plant growth

WordPress is having back-end system issues tonight, I should be back later with another post!

Take notes for me!  I couldn’t do anything on WordPress last night – it was down for the count…. heading to work now.  Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. CptKD
    Mar 22 2011

    I think that court will actually be starting at 0830hrs, due to a last minute motion being heard regarding Yuri being subpoenad for all three days, and his superiors saying NO WAY JOSE! I cant recall where I saw this, but I believe that’s the reason. Pls dont quote me, or hold me to this, but I believe that is what the deal is. I ll try to find out for sure, before the night’s out, k – Thx!

  2. Mar 22 2011

    I just hope it’s not as long and drug out as last time ha. Thanks for the update

  3. CptKD
    Mar 22 2011

    Just so you know, the hearing start time has been moved back to 0900hrs. Apparently they have resolved the issue with Yuri, and so the plan is back to the original scheduled time. Will keep you posted, as I will watch the morning session, and hopefully the afternoon’s as well. Apologies for the earlier reply including what is now the wrong time. I just double checked over at Mainstream, and they confirm the 9am start. ‘Til then,my friends!

  4. Mar 23 2011

    I wonder if it will take more than 3 days? Chaney Mason will be interesting to watch. Isn’t there root growth science to be discussed too?

  5. Mar 23 2011

    Hi all…
    There was something wrong with WordPress last night and I couldn’t respond to anyone in comments – was frustrating….I’m heading to work now… boo hooo 😦

    • Mar 23 2011

      I had the same problem and then spent most of today in the doctor’s office

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        How are you doing, Kim?

  6. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    I’m already signed in, Andrea!
    I’ve got both WESH and WFTV going,
    and will post whatever info as it comes in…
    Assuming I’m clear, and understanding
    the issue and resolve, I’ll post whatever
    transpires –
    Any GOOD moves, or reactions will be sure
    to let you know about too, ok?
    Don’t worry – I’ll do my best to keep you
    aprised as to what is transpiring as we move
    along – CptKD

  7. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    Sims trying to drag in and bring up all kinds of issues that are not relevant to this particualr FRYE hearing –

    Just got “sustained”, not once, not twice, but alomost three times, (it’s coming) and finally told to MOVE ON!

    Think she’s starting to panic a little… Running off topic repeatedly!

    Ashton did his questioning flawlessly.

    Quick sidebar, but Simms not getting whatever she wants!
    One page from a document being moved into evidence but not being dealt with today.

    This is a FRYE hearing, not up for all kinds of debate and
    interrogation by the opposing councils

    Ashton IS Objecting APPROPRIATELY, and in right tempo!


  8. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    Perry getting pi$$ed!

    This about FRYE!

    Methodology and such, not a deposition hearing!


    Again – She just won’t quit!

  9. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011




    Ahhh – It’s killin me!
    Simms is too much!
    She challenging JP and just got told!



    • Mar 23 2011

      OMG!!!! I hate to be missing this!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        I’m sure you’ll enjoy the replay of this particular part of the hearing this morning –
        The rest of it dragged on, but the beginning for Ms Simms, did not go very well with Judge Perry and Jeff Ashton.

        Too many “Sustained”s to count after all that…

        We’re on lunch now – So back at 1330hrs!


  10. Mar 23 2011

    Man-o-man! I thought Sims was going to be better than this! I really thought she would give Ashton a few sweat beads! But, noooo! As the Judge said, this is about Frye not a deposition.

    Good mornin’ ya good egg, CptKD! :mrgreen:

  11. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    Hey Sweetie!
    Good to see you!

    Was feeling a little lonely for a minute there…

  12. Mar 23 2011


    Ashton is getting on the judge’s nerves a bit with his quick-draw objections! He knows his stuff to a fault.

  13. Mar 23 2011

    Not sure but if someone may need the link to the live hearing~

    I was on WFTV’s live broadcast but you have to refresh it every now and then because it times out. WESH doesn’t do that to my knowledge.

    • CptKD
      Mar 23 2011

      Sherry, as long as you keep that window at the forefront, and just run your cursor over it every now and then, it won’t ask you to ‘refresh’ every so many minutes. It’s only when there is NO activity in that window does is ask for you to hit the ‘continue streaming’ box.
      I found that annoying at first, but since I watch there, I’ve learned that little trick to stop the feed from requestins a jump-start every so often.
      I use WESH for the chat room, cause I find their screen too small, and then keep another window close by for HERE…

      Sounds busy, soesn’t it!

      • Mar 23 2011

        It soes! LOL! When ya gotta go ya gotta go and spelling errors happen! Not to worry, I read it just fine!

  14. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    WOW – I can’t believe all my spelling mistakes up above in my last reply –
    Pls forgive my sloppiness…
    I’m doing too many things at one…
    And now I need a bathroom break – LOL!

  15. Mar 23 2011

    Jennifer Barringer may be joining the defense team. I wonder who she is.

    • Mar 23 2011

      Okay, she was in Phil Spector’s trial and she specializes in litigation and forensics. She said that someone else had access to Casey’s car, too.

  16. Diana
    Mar 23 2011

    CNN doesn’t make you refresh either. It’s also there.

  17. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    I just got my EZ-SMOKER delivered by CANADA Post!
    What incredible timeing!
    Got let Nan know that I got it, and check this baby out!

    I just might be a “non-smoker” yet!

    • Mar 23 2011

      All the best to you, CptKD! You can do it!

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        Thanks –
        I’m sure gonna give it my all!

        And so we are back in session…

        talk to you soon!

  18. Mar 23 2011

    CptKD Let me know how that works for ya. I may get my daughter one. or 4 or 5 hahahaa

  19. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    I will Shylo –
    It comes with 15 cartridges, but I got a deal and ordered two ez-smokers, and wound up with 30 cartridges.
    Each one is supposed to replace approx one pack a day. I think that’s pretty good.
    If I find it works, and depending on how long I figure it will take me to wean down to a complete stop, I’ll either cancel the next set of 30 cartridges, or order one more box, and hopefully be done with it all after that.

    I will let you know how it works for me tho!
    It’s charging now, and should be ready by this afternoon’s sessions.

    Sure I’ll be puffing on it like crazy, once I get that thing going.

    It is a NEW gadget afterall…. LOL!

    • Mar 23 2011

      LOL you are cracking me up. Get er done.. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

      I heard on Insession that a Jennifer Barringer may be joining the Defense team. Another Phil Spector attorney!

  20. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    It seems they really know how to pick ’em, eh!
    Every single attorney or expert has touched on this case, and then upped and left, running away as fast as they can…
    Wonder how long this new lady will last..

    My EZ-Smoker is ready to rumble!

    Going to have a quick shower before we’re back in court, and so I’ll be effectively starting up that contraption once court resumes…

    I’m so looking forward to it!
    My smoker that is…
    And court too – Don’t get me wrong, here! LOL!

    Back in a bit – CptKD

    • CptKD
      Mar 23 2011

      My apologies – I meant to say that every expert or attorney that has come onto this case, has come from, or has experienced the Phil Spector fiasco trial, in one way, shape or form –

      Hasn’t quite been a good thing, from past experiences here, and so –
      Good Luck to her!

  21. cali patti
    Mar 23 2011

    I can read comments here then wait and watch due to time difference.
    Cpt you are not alone.

    • CptKD
      Mar 23 2011

      Thanks Cali patti –
      Nice to see you!

      Where abouts are you, generally speaking, and what sort of time difference does this make you experience with the time in Florida?

  22. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    Well, Baez just insulted the heck out of Linda!
    Enough to warrant a side-bar…

    “If Ms. Burdick doesn’t do her homework, that’s not my fault!”

    What an insulting, rude, pathetic excuse for an Attorney.

    Low blows and all…

    He’s sick – And still SMIRKING!
    He could barely look at everyone at the Bench!

    He is a Class “A” Jerk!

  23. CptKD
    Mar 23 2011

    He’s going against already introduced depositions.

    He’s adding new material to these depositions.

    He’s insulting the State Attorney directly, and he’s being rude to boot!

    He is “pizzing off” everyone in the courtroom!

    Just got Perry-Lashing!

    • Mar 23 2011

      Oh my o my! It’s going bad for the defense?

      Oh boy!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        There hasn’t really been any decisions made on things, but there have definately been some interesting moments.
        This morning was a little more severe, but this afternoon has dragged on, and seems to be running slowly to get the facts in.

        Currently Linda is questioning the female officer that works with ‘Bones”. Sorry, her name escapes me… Anyways, all her documents (minus articles) have been entered into evidence.
        She’s mentioning how things were disturbed in the backyard at the Anthony’s. That the ground was dug up and the play house was moved…
        Baez is now getting up to cross – I can’t watch him, write at the same time, and keep my sanity – Sorry!
        You’ll definately have to check this all out tonight..

        I sense, HHJP is going to call it a day soon and put things over to tomorrow..

        Will let you know what time we go to –

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        The Doctor that Baez hired from Ontario Canada, didn’t do so well for the Defence – Dr. Fairgrieves, I think ?

        But that just goes to show you, that they are that desperate.
        That they are paying experts from other Countries, who are not being given complete information to go by, and then when cross-examined, it all goes downhill.

        The Doc just wasn’t going to hold up for them, and there is no way, he’s going to lie and risk his reputation.
        Besides, he gets paid whether he wins or losses the case for them…

        Added to that:

        They got another 300hrs granted today, so they can pay the man!

        Dr. Vass expected for tomorrow – Re: Air Decomp and Chloroform.

        More on the Dog Experts as well, I believe.

        Ashton stood up to address the court just now, and it appears he was delivered a disk of sorts, containing over 5,000 pages of discovery and he has a problem with the late deadline.

        Baez crying that he delivered it out of professional courtesy to his collegue.

        Apparently it contains BACKGROUND info on Dr. Vass that Baez is trying to slide in.

        Majority of it contains, patents he’s filed and seminars he’s attended, and obbviously somthing that they are going to try and throw at the State.

        Perry NOT happy – AGAIN!

        Documents were supposed to already be listed as per his last order.

        Baez saying no one listened to the order.
        Always got to blame someone else, that fool!

        Perry saying why should I accept it?

        You had issues when the State handed you copies, yet you’d seen them.

        Now you’re trying to pull the same things without them having seen it.

        “I ordered things be done by a certain date, in a certain way, and I won’t have it done any other way.”

        “There were certain orders, and if NOT followed, I don’t mind leaving either side in the cold, should it be that way.”

        Get it right, folks or I will get “tunnel vision and rule on, by the cold black letter of the law, and/or order.”

        Court is adjourned til tomorrow – CptKD

      • Mar 23 2011

        CptKD! You should be a reporter! It was so nice of you to do this for us, and you were so thorough , too! I am stuck in a traffic jam right now. Arrggg! Can’t wait to see the film from today.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Mar 23 2011

        Oh – Don’t give me too much credit now…
        I missed some of this morning’s testimony with the FBI (female) agent, and the one hair with the Decomp Band.

        So I apologize for missing the nitty-gritty’s of that one!

        I think I was too stunned at the repeated “Objections” from Ashton, and the “Sustaineds” from JP, when Ms. Simms was questioning her.
        It was becoming obvious that Simms was getting frustrated at continuously being shot down…

        Anyways, I’m sure you’ll have a much better, detailed and informative blog for us later.

        Look forward to your take on things!


        I just wanted to help you get through the day, with the goings-on that I was able to catch.

        I’m glad that I could at least do that for you!

    • Mar 23 2011

      He said that Ms. Burdick needs to do her homework???? What a card! That’s a rotten thing to say in court….sheesh!

  24. katydid
    Mar 23 2011

    Phil Spector….I believe he was found GUILTY wasn’t he? Don’t think I would want that curse representing me! It will be the same for the little devil we know as KC! What else happened today?

    • CptKD
      Mar 23 2011

      The second time around –
      First go, was a HUNG jury!

  25. Rob
    Mar 23 2011

    Andrea, I worked very late yesterday, so I am off for the day. Watching the antics of the defense team today has been totally exhausting. Thank goodness Thursday is a workday, hence I will not see the dog and pony show that the defense will present tomorrow. From this day forward, the only hearing that I will view is recapping by other sources. If the defense team proceeds on the track they are now taking, the jury is going to lose their collective minds. After today, a mind search has been sent out to find mine.

    • Mar 23 2011

      Awwww Rob, so the defense was that bad? LOL! I kind of thought it was going to be a no contest situation for the State. So, you’re mad you spent the whole day watching and getting frustrated? Well, darn! I hope the weather outside was awful and you would have had to stay inside, in the comfort of your own home, anyway! I’m going to go catch up with the videos that WFTV has on their site…. I just watched Bill Shaeffer’s analysis – he thinks the State has met their burden and shown that the decomp banding on the hair is generally accepted in the scientific community… so that’s good news!


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