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Day 1 and the defense got fried

Today marked day one of the Frye Hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, and I kept asking myself: How could Casey Anthony sit through the events of the day in court without any emotion?  Well, we know she is cold as ice, but I cannot help thinking of the substance of the testimony today: Decomposition, hair, odors of HER BABY!

It is difficult for me to understand how a mother could be so emotionally absent.  I will never understand how Casey Anthony can be so distant from the events happening in the courtroom.  It appears to me that she has separated herself as a defendant in the case, as if she has created a fantasy for herself as she sits at her table, in the courtroom.

Casey Anthony never, or very rarely, looks up from the “work” she does at the defense table.  She reviews documents, books, and binders, making notes of what she’s reading, conferring with the lawyers.  It is as if she has decided the best way to approach her situation is to play make-believe – pretending she’s an attorney.  Children do this quite well.  My niece plays “mommy” and will “cook” and “serve” an entire meal consisting of beverage coasters as bread, pens and pencils as eating utensils, dog and cat toys as food, paper towels bunched into a ball and taped together to make meatballs, etc., and we have a delicious meal!  Like my five year old niece totally believes her fantasy, so does Casey Anthony believe in her own make-believe, sitting apart from her life right now, as if someone else is defendant. It’s alarming and odd.

Dogs and Decomposition

The defense is making a big deal where the car was positioned when the K9 was brought to search Casey Anthony’s white Pontiac.  The K9 also checked Tony Lazarro’s car for scent of decomposition.  None was found.

Strangely, Baez asked OCSO Detective Melich, Investigator Bloise, and Investigator Vincent, who were testifying to the K9 alert of the white Pontiac driven by Casey, to draw on a flip chart where the car was situated in relation to the forensics bay, in the parking lot.  Huh?  What point was Baez making here?   It was never established.

When K9 handler of the dog “Bones” Sergeant Brewer took the stand, she indicated her dog alerted on  3 spots in the back yard of the Anthony home.   Mr. Baez did a fair job with the witnesses I saw him question, though I have not seen all the videos as yet.  However, when Mr. Baez asked witness Sergeant Brewer if her dog, Bones, can “tell” her what type of substance the dog alerted on, the witness was quite surprised.  It was nonsensical, and there was bemused laughter from the courtroom.  Mr. Baez, did not laugh, which led me to believe he intended his question be taken seriously.  Idiotic question, meant to be cynical, but it fell flat.

A defense witness, Dr. Fairgrieve, was trounced on by the State in his testimony of K9s. He was forced to admit that he had never trained search dogs, only observed their training about 10 to 20 times.

Dr. Fairgrieve has no education/background in the use, training or reliability of K9s, and Linda Drane-Burdick, attorney for the State, used these facts to great advantage.

Dr. Fairgrieve ended up appearing like somewhat of a hack in the field, having only admitted to reading articles related to K9s that anyone could read on the Internet.

The One Hair

This one hair, the hair from Caylee Anthony, has been tested and not only shows the type of “banding” one would see on a hair from a decomposed body, DNA tests concluded that Caylee Anthony cannot be excluded as the source of the hair.

With regards to this testimony, I will rely on the analysis of Attorney Bill Shaeffer when he says the State of Florida met its burden with regards to their argument over the reliability of the appearance of “root banding” (decomposition-like banding on a hair from Caylee Anthony found in the trunk of the Pontiac).

The questioning by the Defense Attorney Sims was terrible and did not seem to make sense as it relates to the purpose of a Frye Hearing.

There were so many objections by Jeff Ashton during Ms. Sims’ questioning of the FBI witness that were sustained, it became embarrassing.

If I were a gambler, I’d agree with Mr. Bill Shaeffer and tell you, the hair will be in evidence, and it will be damning.

It is not looking any better for Casey Anthony today.


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