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Training K9s to alert to the smell of a decaying defense team

Despicable.  Dishonest.  Deplorable.

Bombastic. Blowhard. Bully.

Are there any other words to describe the defense team in the State v. Anthony case?

Oh, you betcha!

There are dozens of words and dozens of ways to express the rotten methods used by the defense.  They throw slime on testimony, on witnesses, facts, and rulings in an effort to wiggle out of the dark pit they have found themselves in.  They have no case.  They have no case! Hello!  They have no case!  What are they doing – What is Mr. Baez doing?

The defense team needs to spend an hour in detention, forced to write on the blackboard: We have no case and we admit it. We have no case and we admit it.  We have no case and we ADMIT IT!

There is nothing more maddening than to see Mr. Jose Baez, not only make a total fool of himself, but to also put on a cynical and distasteful demeanor toward witnesses that are polite, well-meaning, and professional.  When I watch Mr. Baez at work, he reminds me of the stereotypical Vegas-character-gangster-lawyer straight out of the “Godfather.”

How dare he demean perfectly honest, perfectly professional witnesses?

Last night I watched the videos of Dr. Vass’ testimony, tonight I am catching up with Deputy Forgey’s testimony regarding his search of both the Anthony home, and the White Pontiac Sunfire.  Mr. Baez actually brought up the fact that the dog could have been thrown off by the smell of garbage in the trunk of the Pontiac. Yes, I heard it with my own ears tonight – the garbage sure could have been the source of that smell!

Was this particular line of questioning written by Attorney Casey Anthony?   Is she writing the witness questions for Mr. Baez?  I bet that’s it!  This is a team effort by the law firm of Baez and Anthony.  Or, no, it’s probably Anthony and Baez.

So, now we know what Casey Anthony is doing as she sits at the defense table writing furiously on her yellow legal pad!  She’s writing the questions for the defense!!!!

Is this why Mr. Baez asked a question about Grand Jury testimony?  Baez surely knows Grand Jury testimony is off limits, so it was probably Casey’s mistake, after all, she’s a new lawyer, we need to give her a little slack, right?

I bet it was at Casey’s direction to ask about how Deputy Forgey could forget that a blue car was in the vicinity of the white Pontiac when the K9 alerted to decomposition.  You see, Deputy Forgey didn’t mention this blue car in one of his statements – naughty naughty Deputy Forgey – you really goofed!  And you know what else probably happened?  Deputy Forgey probably LIED about the color of the car!  Yes!  That’s it.  Let’s prove the car was really GREEN, but Forgey says it’s blue, SO WE CAN IMPEACH HIM!  Well, sure!  That’s how we’ll win this case, by George!  We’ll just ask everyone who testifies to get off the witness stand and write on the flip chart the colors of different things at the crime scene.  Yeah!  And, if they call something orange that’s really red, then we’ll impeach them and prove they lied!  And, we’ll have the evidence to PROVE  it!  Yes, we’ll have the FLIP CHART PAPER THEY WROTE ON THAT PROVES CASEY IS INNOCENT!   Those flip chart pages that the witness wrote on will be entered into evidence to PROVE the witness lied about everything! Which translates to the obvious fact that Casey is  indeed innocent!

That’s the strategy, my friends!  That flip chart is the secret weapon in this case!  Oh, and this strategy was the mastermind of Attorney Anthony.  She’ll get all the credit for this.  Why, she may even write a book, or a handbook, like the one she read recently:  “Training K9s to alert to the smell of a Decaying Defense Team.”

Dr. Vass and Deputy Forgey should be commended for keeping a straight face and an even temper during what must have been a painful experience.  Kudos to them both.

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