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is george the doubt the defense needs?

This started out to be a post about “what if.”   What if the Defense used George Anthony to establish reasonable doubt?  Is it: 1) a possibility, and 2) could it work?

I know many of us have wracked our brains trying to come up with what defense attorney Jose Baez could possibly concoct establish as reasonable doubt in the State v. Anthony trial.  It is true that every avenue we’ve seen the defense go down to establish reasonable doubt, leads no where…   I do think George is all the defense has right now.  He could be the lead player in their desperate game plan to establish doubt.

This may be why George has stayed away from the trial over these past few months (except when he had to testify).  He knows what’s coming for him.

I don’t want to say that using George is a great defense – using one’s own Father to establish doubt, is horrific, and completely desperate.  But, if desperation breeds necessity, using George, if played right, could work for the defense.  Though, I doubt it will be strong enough to allow Casey to walk.  I believe there’s a possibility of using George to mitigate the consideration of a harsh sentence for Casey – when it comes time for the jury to decide.

I can’t post the “how”

When I finished writing this original post, I trashed it – couldn’t post it.  God forbid it would spark an idea in someone’s head and they happen to be on the defense.

George will be used by the defense.  However, I doubt this defense team will be strong enough to pull it off, I have no doubt they will try.

Still, there are plenty of hurdles for Casey to climb before a juror could begin to consider the doubt as reasonable, but then again….

  • Casey’s knowledge of the black garbage bag and baby blanket found at the grave site on December 11th.  Only the killer would know this.  The hurdle will be ensuring Robyn Adams is a reliable witness.  If she is, this is damning evidence against Casey.
  • The 31 day flight. Casey’s disappearance may be attributed to fear and anxiety.
  • Her inability to show she cares about Caylee. This could be where the defense uses evidence of “state of mind’ as cause.
  • Her reliance on Zanny the Nanny as a suspect.  She could be covering up for her father.
  • The use of Juliette Lewis, who does not exist, and Jeff Hopkins as outcry witnesses.  Covering for George?
  • The consistent lies about everything under the sun.  Covering up for George?
  • Her car and all the evidence in it.  This doesn’t necessarily mean she put the child in the trunk.

The bottom line is this: there is no physical evidence to link George to the scene, (unless the duct-tape will), but circumstantial evidence could link him.

What is it that links Casey Anthony to the crime scene?  Her knowledge of what was there on December 11th, is one thing very powerful, we know.  What else?  Will the FBI be able to come up with something that directly links Casey to the scene?

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey is solely responsible for the murder of the little angel, Caylee Marie.  Will the jurors have enough evidence to place Casey at the crime scene?  Will the jurors believe George is capable of harming anyone after they are told about his suicide attempt, his anger issues?

I hope that I am totally, completely, unquestionably off base in every way.

I pray so.

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