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March 27, 2011


is george the doubt the defense needs?

by Andrea O'Connell

This started out to be a post about “what if.”   What if the Defense used George Anthony to establish reasonable doubt?  Is it: 1) a possibility, and 2) could it work?

I know many of us have wracked our brains trying to come up with what defense attorney Jose Baez could possibly concoct establish as reasonable doubt in the State v. Anthony trial.  It is true that every avenue we’ve seen the defense go down to establish reasonable doubt, leads no where…   I do think George is all the defense has right now.  He could be the lead player in their desperate game plan to establish doubt.

This may be why George has stayed away from the trial over these past few months (except when he had to testify).  He knows what’s coming for him.

I don’t want to say that using George is a great defense – using one’s own Father to establish doubt, is horrific, and completely desperate.  But, if desperation breeds necessity, using George, if played right, could work for the defense.  Though, I doubt it will be strong enough to allow Casey to walk.  I believe there’s a possibility of using George to mitigate the consideration of a harsh sentence for Casey – when it comes time for the jury to decide.

I can’t post the “how”

When I finished writing this original post, I trashed it – couldn’t post it.  God forbid it would spark an idea in someone’s head and they happen to be on the defense.

George will be used by the defense.  However, I doubt this defense team will be strong enough to pull it off, I have no doubt they will try.

Still, there are plenty of hurdles for Casey to climb before a juror could begin to consider the doubt as reasonable, but then again….

  • Casey’s knowledge of the black garbage bag and baby blanket found at the grave site on December 11th.  Only the killer would know this.  The hurdle will be ensuring Robyn Adams is a reliable witness.  If she is, this is damning evidence against Casey.
  • The 31 day flight. Casey’s disappearance may be attributed to fear and anxiety.
  • Her inability to show she cares about Caylee. This could be where the defense uses evidence of “state of mind’ as cause.
  • Her reliance on Zanny the Nanny as a suspect.  She could be covering up for her father.
  • The use of Juliette Lewis, who does not exist, and Jeff Hopkins as outcry witnesses.  Covering for George?
  • The consistent lies about everything under the sun.  Covering up for George?
  • Her car and all the evidence in it.  This doesn’t necessarily mean she put the child in the trunk.

The bottom line is this: there is no physical evidence to link George to the scene, (unless the duct-tape will), but circumstantial evidence could link him.

What is it that links Casey Anthony to the crime scene?  Her knowledge of what was there on December 11th, is one thing very powerful, we know.  What else?  Will the FBI be able to come up with something that directly links Casey to the scene?

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey is solely responsible for the murder of the little angel, Caylee Marie.  Will the jurors have enough evidence to place Casey at the crime scene?  Will the jurors believe George is capable of harming anyone after they are told about his suicide attempt, his anger issues?

I hope that I am totally, completely, unquestionably off base in every way.

I pray so.

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  1. Mar 27 2011

    OK – you need to email me a synopsis of the original post, Andrea

  2. cali patti
    Mar 27 2011

    Oh no you didn’t …
    ( My stomach is gurgling, shortness of air, my eyes are beginning to roll back )
    … just write this/that/whatever. LOL

    • Mar 27 2011

      awwww. Cali Patti! Did I do this to your tummy? I’m sorry…. 🙂

      • cali patti
        Mar 27 2011

        Harrumph, Andrea, yes you did. I know a lady with a maple stick.

  3. Venice
    Mar 27 2011

    What’s the doubt?? Is he going to display to the jury how to make the smell of death inside a detergent bottle?

    • Mar 27 2011

      LOL! No, George will be used despite his wanting not to be. They will twist his story to sound as if he’s covering for Casey, and involved in some way.

  4. Mar 27 2011

    Okay, but Tracey/Padilla will testify that George lunged at Casey when she came home from jail the first time to get her to tell him what happened to Caylee. And there is his friend from Ohio who had to help get George off of Casey then, too.

    Thing is, will George go along with it? I’m doubting he will go that far with helping Casey.

    • Venice
      Mar 27 2011

      George did say he would sell his soul to the devil for his grandaughter and daughter. I believe it.

      • Mar 27 2011

        What I mean is, he’ll be “used” but will not participate in the using, if that makes sense. The defense can create all kinds of stories that match the events – like I did, but threw away. It all depends upon believability. George will deny everything, of course, and there will be many who state how much George loved that child, but he has lied so much, he is not totally believable.

      • Mar 27 2011

        The jury would have to be kept from the knowledge of Casey’s narcissism. Like some of us have said before, Casey is too into herself to sit in jail for someone else, and so would the jury think the same.

        That said, yeah, the DT will try anything.

      • Mar 27 2011

        True, but he would have spoken up about his “guilt” alot sooner, no?

      • Mar 27 2011

        If I play the devil’s advocate here and think like a defense attorney, I’d say, he has spoken up about his guilt: His suicide attempt, his lies, his stories to River about the accident…. I am not saying I believe it, but it could be twisted to make ya think twice. And, remember, the jury will not know as much as we do. All the discovery we’ve seen – much of that will not be seen by the jury. Much of it is hearsay….so they will not be told all the details we know….ya know!?

    • Mar 27 2011

      Hey Sherry….But, neither Tracey or Padilla are on the witness list for the state ( I know Tracey is not for sure )
      George doesn’t have to go along with it, they will use him whether he likes it or not. I am sure he wouldn’t go along with it, but he will be used.
      The defense could argue that George wanted to know where Caylee was put, that’s why he attacked her in front of his friend from Ohio – he wanted a burial for Caylee. The defense can impeach George on many statements he’s made. Including what he said to River Cruz – that it was an accident that spun out of control…

      • Mar 27 2011

        George as a patsy – could work

        however – what’s the motive – why would he kill the baby he obviously adored

      • Mar 27 2011

        They will say it’s an accident – just like he told River Cruz it was and accident that snowballed out of control.

      • Mar 27 2011

        Again it goes back to 31 days.

        If it was an accident why would any sane person allow this to continue

  5. CptKD
    Mar 27 2011

    Andrea, you now have my interest piqued as to your original, and first draft of this post. I totally understand your reasons for holding back, I really cant say I blame you. These no clue defence idiots would probably run with your ideas, seeing as the have nothing to go on apparently. Hence the nonsense and unprofessional tactics in the courtroom. When one’s got nothing, one seems to think they owe nothing. No respect, no response, no remorse. No TRUTH. I wonder what’ll happen since JPs DENIED?

    • Mar 27 2011

      I just didn’t want to give anyone any ideas. They will go with total innocence for Casey, though they “could” contend she’s covering for her father, that is not as easy a doubt as “george did it by accident”. One thing that can’t be denied, however, is the 31 days when Casey is telling Cindy that Caylee is hither and yon – here and there – this is going to be difficult to overcome. But, if she is covering for George, it is not as difficult.

    • Mar 27 2011

      She is teasing us, Cap 😉

      • CptKD
        Mar 28 2011

        I agree, Kim!

        There IS NO WAY,
        that this GEORGE thing could fly!

        I mean, REALLY?
        Think about it –

        It just doesn’t jive with what evidence has been put forth, thus far!

        If little Caylee had DROWNED on his watch –
        He’d of called 911 for EMT,
        and would have started CPR on her –
        Whether she was already dead or not!
        He would have given all he’s got to save this
        little girl’s life.

        As much as he has back-pedalled, and has tried
        to retract some of his previous and initial statements,
        I find it highly unlikely that he would have done
        anything DELIBERATE to hurt Caylee as well –

        Now that the realization kicks in that she IS gone, and
        will not be coming back, he has only one fight left.
        And that’s to fight for the life of his daughter.

        Would he go to jail for her –
        I doubt it!

        But he just might be going anyways…
        Especially if Inmate Anthony pushes on the ABUSE ALLEGATIONS!

        Being the way she is, and guessing as to how she would have been with any sort of psychiatric doctor, if she runs with this supposed ‘incestual story’ betwenn her and father, and her and brother, it really confirms just how sick she is!

        If anything, I bet she played ‘doctor & nurse’ with Lee as a child, and enjoyed every second of it – They are not that far apart in age!

        As for George – My opinion is that he was too busy with GAMBLING, and/or trying to make money without having to work.

        Molest his child – I doubt it!
        Have affairs on Cindy – Most definately!


      • Mar 28 2011

        Believe it my friend. If Judge Perry allows these new witnesses in, they are going to use this. We don’t buy it because we know too much but the jury is the trier of fact and they will not know what we know. I am so sure about this…. It is all the defense has. I don’t think it will work but it sure could mitigate her sentence.

        Sent from my iPhone

  6. Vicki
    Mar 27 2011

    I don’t think George realizes the bus is headed his way.I have thought all along that Casey will say she is covering for George.Although I don’t think he had anything to do with it,maybe afterwards.He just needs too man up for his granddaughter Caylee and tell what he knows.

    • Venice
      Mar 27 2011

      He won’t. He never will. That man is so castrated, he probably sits down to urinate.

      • Mar 27 2011

        Sitting is much neater

        just sayin

      • Mar 27 2011

        LOL Kim! You are too darn funny! 🙂

      • CptKD
        Mar 28 2011

        Easier and healthier on the kidneys too –

        My oldest, (Male) cousin is a Doctor and has ordered all the males in the family to SIT when they Pee!

        It’s a fact that it makes it easier on kidney function, and decreases the chances of stones, and prostate issues later on in life.

        Of course, all my Aunts and female cousins think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

        Makes for much cleaner toilets, and bathroom floors, walls, etc…

    • Mar 27 2011

      Hi Vicki! I agree with you that George didn’t have a single thing to do with the death of the little angel. And, he should tell what he knows – the only thing that is probably holing him back is the wrath of Cindy – and she is his meal ticket.
      He could loose his family if he doesn’t stay in lock-step.
      You don’t think he knows what they’re going to do? Oh, I think he knows….but, maybe he doesn’t (or can’t) realize how awful it could get for him…

      • Vicki
        Mar 27 2011

        Hi Andrea…good article.I don’t really think it has hit George in the face yet.He may slowly realize it but I think it will be at the trial when he does.I wonder if the sex abuse(alleged) ,Casey telling one of her friends that George borrowed her car,how irate he got over the tape on the darn gas cans will come in at trial? I just don’t believe she can pin it on George.In the beginning he was being truthful( IMO) So I can’t see if she was covering for George.why would George pretty much tell LE he thought Casey had done something.I just can’t see a way out for her.Hoping Caylee gets the Justice she deserves.

      • Mar 28 2011

        Hi Vicki… I wonder about the alleged sexual abuse, too. Maybe it could come in via Robyn’s testimony – not sure, though.
        Yes, Casey did say a few things about George borrowing her car – and he’s supposedly the one who ran over the squirrel, too.
        If George’s comments to River can come in, if they can get the jury to believe that George is a hot-head, and if they can establish, somehow, that Casey was either deathly afraid of him, or totally in love with him, they may have some plausibility with using George.
        I really, really think (sadly) the defense is absolutely going to throw George under the bus and hope that one juror believes it. The Defense needn’t establish “proof” of George doing anything, they just need to create, in the jurors minds, a possibility that yes, George could be the one police should have looked at. He “could” be involved….. we know he wasn’t, but the jury will have to consider it….

    • jon
      Mar 28 2011

      I can’t imagine Casey would ever cover for anyone. She’ll point fingers wherever she can, but cover for someone? No way.

      • katydid
        Mar 28 2011

        I agree with you. Casey wouldn’t do that for him….plus what motive did GA have?…….None. They may try it….but it won’t work.

      • Mar 28 2011

        Well…. GA would not need a motive – he’s not going to be on trial, he will just be used for his propensity for violence and because he had the “opportunity” since he admits to being home and seeing Caylee on the 16th. It’s a really awful situation to put GA in, but, frankly the defense would not be doing their job if they didn’t at least try this angle as reasonable doubt. There is quite a bit the defense could use with regards to George, sadly. The detectives will be asked why they didn’t pursue George – they will say he was never a suspect, Casey was. Baez needs to discredit the police, too. It’s an uphill battle… I don’t like it but I know they have to use it.

        Sent from my iPhone

  7. Mar 27 2011

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, I haven’t read the comments yet. But I do believe there is MUCH more evidence than what we are privy too. I was shocked when I read about Casey being handcuffed. That proves to me there is much more.

    They may try to hang this on George. But I still have to wait and see what else we haven’t heard yet.

    Great article. Thank you!!!

    • Mar 27 2011

      Hi Shyloh,
      That’s true, there is probably much more that we are not privy to, and the FBI can take their sweet time with returning results, too.
      I was shocked at the handcuffing, too…. I’m sure the State was, too –

  8. Venice
    Mar 27 2011

    Casey is probably kicking herself in the a** for not saying SKUNK instead of squirrel.

    • Mar 27 2011

      LOL Venice!!!! That’s so true!!! But, then again, Dr. Vass (that dear man) would testify about the skunk, and likely test it, too!
      But, you’re so right!!!!!

  9. offthecuff
    Mar 27 2011

    George has no motive and he disconnected himself from his family long ago. He only became Caylee’s Jo-Jo with tears, and fixing her breakfast, and grief to play the part–not that some of it wasn’t true. Cindy did most the sitting.

    Caylee was no threat to him, unless she was the one who put the duct tape so haphazardly on that gas can! Now, that irritated him to no end. Or maybe she threw up in the car he just cleaned.

    Any extrapolating beyond that would take some wild stories to implicate George.

    I think the defense will stick to trying to bring doubt to this fairly new science any way they can.

    • Mar 27 2011

      Hi Off the Cuff,
      True, George has no motive, but that doesn’t matter – his motive doesn’t have to be proven because he is not the one on trial, Casey is. The defense can level possibilities about George for the jury to consider, and make it probable enough that it raises doubt in their minds.
      If the jury has any doubt that Casey acted alone, if the defense succeeds in dropping that kernel of doubt in their minds, then it’s reasonable doubt. The defense does not have to PROVE George is involved, they only have to make reasonable people believe it’s possible. I believe that circumstances being what they are, the ability to put forward any sort of reasonable doubt lies with George.
      Now, I don’t believe George had anything to do with this – not for a second. But, when you consider that the jury will not know half the things we know, there will undoubtedly be an opening for the defense to suggest George could have been involved, since he did see Caylee on the morning of the 16th.
      When Mason brought up the drowning in the pool theory with someone in a deposition (I think it was with Dr. G, but I can’t remember right now), that tells me that they are going to position this defense as an accident under George’s watch. They have nothing else!
      They are miserable at the science – that will not work for them, I don’t think…. I just think, poor George.

    • CptKD
      Mar 28 2011

      I’m with you, offthecuff!

      There is NO way that George was capable of ending his grand-daughter’s life –

      If anything, it is very obvious that her loved her IMMENSELY!

      I think she was the “DAUGHTER” he never really had!

      I totally believe that Inmate Anthony was a messed up, psychopathic, narcissistic child –

      I’m willing to bet, she was not a normal little girl.

      She learned young how to lie, to cheat and to steal.

      I believe that sexual promiscuity started young, and that she probably had as much fun with Lee as he did with her –

      How else can you explain such closeness between the two.

      It is almost as close, and strikingly similar to the relationship between my brother and I, and I ASSURE you, my brother NEVER laid a hand on me, nor me on him – NEVER!
      And we ARE tight –

      He would protect me, as I him, at all costs!
      And should those costs come with a price,
      it would simply be that we are dealing solely with
      the expense of speaking the TRUTH!

      We are not above the Law!
      WE are law-abiding citizens.
      And though I am LE affiliated, he is not!
      Neither one of us, would lie, nor have to,
      for the other.

      If Lee HAD molested Inmate Anthony-
      She would not trust him, confide in him, or high-five him in the manner in which she did that day.

      She would be keeping her distance, and finding support elsewhere.

      Now that she knows that he lied to her, she’s going to use the “he molested me” card with the Doctors and her Lawyers.

      She’s that kind of a ‘game-player’!

      Burn her – She gonna burn you back, boy!
      And burn you back – BAD!

      That’s just the way it is with Inmate Anthony!
      And is probably the way, it HAS ALWAYS been!

      Hence the impact little Caylee had on Cindy and George’s life!
      She was ALL, that their natural daughter could NOT be!


  10. offthecuff
    Mar 28 2011

    Yes, it may help George to change his witness-stand demeanor if he is a pawn here. Anger wouldn’t help him. I don’t know what would.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Maybe stepping forward and telling everything he knows?

  11. Thinker
    Mar 28 2011

    I believe the Defense is definitely going after George for all the reasons stated, and also because the Defense wants to add 2 women who George pushed and they filed battery charges against him (Patricia Young and Sharon Cadieux).
    The ONLY reason for adding these 2 women as DEFENSE witnesses is to introduce evidence of GEORGE’s violent temper — nothing to do with Casey at all.
    And the Defense wants to add a psychologist, Dr. Weitz, who specializes in post traumatic stress disorder, as a “state-of-mind” expert witness. Perhaps to tell jurors that Casey did all the lying and inappropriate behavior because she was suffering from PTSD after abuse from her father, brother, mother, and after GEORGE killed Caylee.

  12. Mar 28 2011

    Thinker! Thank you so much for this info….this was one of my theories, too about Def. Team using those pending charges against George regarding those women, Patricia Young and Sharon Cadieux. WFTV has a story on this, it’s back in Sept. 08, if you search that site, you’ll find it. They filed a complaint against George for shoving them…YES they are using these women to establish George’s propensity for violence/anger. No doubt in my mind. But, is it reasonable? hmmmm.

    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Thinker
    Mar 28 2011

    here is the police battery incident report

    Click to access
    Charges Could Be Filed Against George Anthony Over Confrontation
    Sept 8, 2008
    The Defense Motion asking to add the two women, conveniently leaves out info about the George shoving incident and the police reports filed.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Thinker!! Thank y0u so much for this…(I’m on my phone and can’t do links!) Isn’t it interesting how Mr. Mason conveniently leaves out the reason for calling Patricia Young. I didn’t see Sharon Cadieux on the motion though – is she on another motion – I can’t recall…. Thx again!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Mar 28 2011

        I just looked again at the motion….I see her now (Sharon!!) She’s there… LOL… reading from my phone is challenging!

        Sent from my iPhone

    • CptKD
      Mar 28 2011

      You know…
      When push comes to shove,
      and the trial is actually started –

      When one by one, the witnesses come
      forward to speak, the experts testify,
      and the family members are brought
      up to the stand, one right after the other…

      I have a very strong suspicion, that
      George is going to wind up breaking
      right down, and spilling out every word
      of the truth –

      He’s going to really have no choice, short
      of facing charges of contempt for lying, and
      for changing his testimony, from initial
      interrogations, and the Grand Jury testimony
      that he originally delivered.

      I think the trial itself, will be so overwhelming
      for him, that the TRUTH will just present itself
      regardless of whatever tactics he tries to use to
      defelect implication.

      As much as Inmate Anthony IS his natural “BABY’,
      I find it highly unlikely, that he would impeach himself,
      and/or accept going to prison for her.

      Beneath it all –
      All that rage and anger…

      It is HER,
      that he is sooooooo flippin’ mad at!

  14. offthecuff
    Mar 28 2011

    George supposedly put his dad through a window?

    Do you think Cindy would let George wear bus tracks or would she take her turn at the wheel?

    Might she intervene and stand up for him like she has with Casey? Hey, he might get Grandpa of the year award!

  15. Thinker
    Mar 28 2011

    Sharon Cadieux is # 4 in the motion to add new witnesses. The Defense does not list any info about her. But she is named in the WFTV article as being shoved by George and filing a battery report.

    I believe the Defense intentionally left off the George shoving info from their Motion for new witnesses, so GEORGE would not catch on to what they are doing.

    That’s why Finnell and Baez both stammered, and stalled when the Judge was asking them what the new witnesses were about. Baez wanted a sidebar to talk about it, but the Judge made them say something in open court. They did not want GEORGE to hear what they were saying. IMO

    Additionally, the Defense already has George’s sister on the Defense Penalty Phase Witness list … they may ask to move her to the guilt phase Defense witness list so she can testify about the George shoving his Dad through a glass door….

  16. Thinker
    Mar 28 2011

    The Defense already has Cindy’s brother, Rick Plesea, on the DEFENSE witness list, and Rick is the one who wrote an email to Cindy about George shoving his Dad through the window.
    Email from Rick to Cindy
    August 21 2008 at 12:59 AM
    Subject: Re: won’t do Greta
    Cindy, George did wrestle his dad and put him thru the window. That is why George had to start his own business. Don’t lie to me about it.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Absolutely, Thinker! I hadn’t realized Rick P was on the Def list. It makes perfect sense to include him given the plate glass window episode with his dad – which Cindy denies of course. I do hate to say this but doubt could be produced by the defense – but I still believe (hope/pray) it will not be to a moral certainty for the jurors. There has to be more physical evidence out there linking Casey than we are aware of. Anywho, you are awesome for sharing all this great material, Thinker!

      Sent from my iPhone

  17. cali patti
    Mar 28 2011

    Why would Rick be on the defense list? I read emails, twice.
    With Rick on the stand wouldn’t that open the door to Casey’s past “crimes” within the family? Okay, I know I am missing something.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Hi Cali. Rick is on because he will testify to George throwing his father thru the plate glass window at the car dealership. Sure Rick could testify to the stealing and the weirdness, but a record of stealing doesnt make a person a murderer. I’ll have to check if Rick is on the State’s list – I’m pretty sure he is. Rick can establish the stealing and I think he can also testify to what caused the big fight between Casey and Cindy. Not 100% sure of that…. I kind of forget the particulars. Ah! More homework!

      Sent from my iPhone

  18. Thinker
    Mar 28 2011 Casey Defense Turn Focus To George?

    • Mar 28 2011

      LOL! Thinker… I just saw this WFTV story, too! What an interesting coincidence…. 🙂 I was thinking as I drove into work this morning, what if George took the 5th (like Mark Furman did), would he be allowed? And sure enough, Bill Shaeffer just mentioned that, yes, he could do that…. I wonder if he will…. If he does, it would make him all the more suspicious, in my mind…. This is so fascinating….

  19. cali patti
    Mar 28 2011

    thanks Andrea, Throwing your father thru a window does shows George is capable of violence.
    My problem with the defense trying to use George is Casey and Cindy. Both Casey and Cindy would turn George over to LE in a heart beat.
    If the defense attempts to use George I think it will back fire on them big time. That will show the jury that Casey has no defense plus the team will appear as low-lifes and become very unlikable to the jury.
    Noone has tossed this idea around where it was met with any support.

  20. 1520 Sedgwick
    Mar 28 2011

    I am of the opinion that george is in on the totality of secrets. He alone established (twice) the last time Caylee was seen alive. He was the chief financial officer for donations, Caylee groups, and River Cruz. The trips, tv, boat cruise, tats, and crab puffs he also enjoyed. Cussed Cindy out on the phone regarding his paper, according to River. Also-” Casey had to have help because she ain’t that smart.” He is that guy who triaged the whole scene. cindy- clean up, george -body w/ evidence of another, Lee- got location.
    It’s a family affair! They will say anything to save thier own necks, and not make inmate mad. They can not use george for doubt- he has too many statements out there. The Biaz color chart of his lies goes out the courtroom. sorry for the long post.

  21. Mar 28 2011

    “Sheaffer says George could even go along with this, even going so far as to take the Fifth if he’s directly asked whether he killed Caylee,” Belich said in ending the segment. “Sheaffer says Casey could also testify that she was abused and traumatized and that she lied to protect George.”

    -if George agrees to this then he knows his daughter is the murderer for sure. He best be careful because he could be arrested for after the fact involvement despite pleading the fifth.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Hey Sherry….I thought about the Fifth, too, as I was driving to work this morning…LOL! I was thinking about Mark Furman….and his pleading the fifth…. The big question will be, does George go along with this? Does he go kicking and screaming? Does he confront the defense? Oh, boy…. I sense DRAMA!

  22. Faith
    Mar 28 2011

    Excellent article and gives us something to think about,that’s for sure. I have no doubt the “dream team” will try this defense. I also think the state can handle it. I really don’t believe the jury will buy it. KC sitting in jail for almost three years to cover for her father. Nope don’t think any jury will see that as a possibility. That defense may work to keep her off death row but she’ll still get LWOP.
    Thanks for all the great articles.

    • Mar 28 2011

      Hi Faith! I agree, that is going to be one of the real hurdles for the defense: How Casey did not give it up and accuse her father, who abused her and who she loved/hated. There are certainly other things that don’t mesh either…if the defense can convince the jury, they may think Casey did not act alone and will lighten the sentence (hopefully not to 2nd degree or manslaughter.)
      I think the State can handle this, too. But, the defense will play dirty, really dirty I think….. And if George goes along with it and pleads the 5th, it could be problematic for the State.

      I am against the death penalty, so if it gives her LWOP, I’d certainly be relieved.


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