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like it or not, this is our system

George Anthony did not kill Caylee.  But Baez and Company have to use him.

It’s unconscionable to even hint that George Anthony could be the perpetrator of this crime.  We know he didn’t do this, and we KNOW the person responsible!  But, the jury will not know.  The jury will come to this case with a head devoid of the background noise we have about the case.

As a result of reading the discovery, we are privy to much more than a jury will ever see, or ever know.  In fact, half of the discovery we have read for nearly three years, will not be admissible.

Casey Anthony is so desperate to win, she has no choice but to use George. He is the best reasonable doubt she has – the most probable alternative to Casey committing the murder.  Casey Anthony would have to agree to the use of her father; we know she doesn’t care, so she is having at him.

It is horrible to use one’s own father in this way, but in order for Casey to have a defense, this is what they will use.  Everyone deserves a vigorous defense, even Casey Anthony, is what I tell myself.

None of the lawyers believe George is guilty.  Not a single OCSO representative thinks George had anything to do with the murder – and George will not be charged.  But, he will be used because in all probability he “could” have committed the crime.  He had the means and the opportunity to do so.  Motive is not a factor that the jury weighs, even though we know George has no motive whatsoever.

In truth, this kind of action is exactly what defense lawyers in this country do every day. They test the evidence of the Government – they challenge it and fight like hell to be sure the evidence against their client stands up to vigorous  challenges, and that it’s factual.

I would want my attorney to be a bulldog.

It’s the job of the defense attorney to insert doubt. They find openings; they test those openings; they hunt for their own evidence; they’ll find alternative witnesses; and they will do their utmost to create doubt by testing the validity of the Government’s case, their witnesses, and the evidence.   They put the Government to the test – a truth test.

This is our system of justice.  Trial by a jury of one’s peers is how our very lives and our liberty are assured.  Without our system, we would live in a Police State, we would have no rights, the Police could charge us with anything under the sun and we wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.

Our system may not be perfect, but legal minds say it’s the best in the world.

It’s all about checks and balances – just like Jose Baez seems snarky and sneaky to us, I assure you there are prosecutors and police that are far worse.  There are Judges that get paid off, there are many, many shenanigans in the legal system, but it is the exception, not the rule.

I am not sure who said this – it may have been Ben Franklin, and this is paraphrased, but the quote is:  It is better that 10 guilty persons go free than one innocent person is charged.

If Baez and Company did not have a chance to pursue this option, they would be negligent.  According to Bill Shaeffer, if the defense is not given wide latitude to pursue this kind of reasonable doubt – because it is valid, though we feel it’s wrong – if the defense is not allowed this strategy, the chance of this trial being reversed on appeal is GREAT.

No one will charge George with murder.  He is not guilty and everyone knows it.  Even if this defense strategy works and (God forbid) Casey walks, no one will look at George as perpetrator of this crime – the defense knows he didn’t do it, too.

This is a strategy and a defense born of desperation.

We hate it, I hate it, but the defense has to play this card…. they have to.

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