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anthony case hearing scheduled tomorrow morn

A hearing, in the State v. Casey Anthony, is scheduled tomorrow morning, at 10:00 a.m.  The hearing will be focused on the six new witnesses the defense wants to add.  Since it is well past the deadline, the defense must show good cause for adding the witnesses at this late date.

Here’s the defense motion regarding adding the six new witnesses.  Click here.

The six new witnesses are:

  1. Jeffery A. Danziger, M.D. – To rebut and argue “state of mind” and “consciousness of guilt.”
  2. William Weitz, Ph.D. – Dr. Weitz’s specialty is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The speculation is he will mitigate some of Casey’s behavior as being caused by PTSD.
  3. Kenneth Lewis, Asst. State Attorney – Will be called only if the State calls Maya Derovich.  The State claims they are not calling her, so this witness is moot.
  4. Sharon Cadieux – A witness to the “pushing” scene outside of the Anthony’s home.  However, the defense, in their motion, provide absolutely no reason for calling this witness.  Let’s say it all together:  “Hmmmmmmmm!
  5. Daniel Kondus, Supervisor of landscaping on Suburban Drive – There is no reason given for calling this witness.  One could surmise that the defense may ask him if his work takes him along the area of Suburban Drive where Caylee’s grave site was.  Or, perhaps this witness observed something?  We will find out tomorrow, supposedly.
  6. Patrica Young – Well this is quite interesting, too.  This witness, it says in the motion, was recently deposed as a member of the Texas Equusearch volunteers who searched for Caylee.  However, this witness is on the battery complaint against George Anthony. Can we say it one more time, all together now:  “Hmmmmmmmm!”  Here’s the Police Report: Click here.

With regards to using George as reasonable doubt in the trial, there appears to be some back-pedaling today.  Some media outlets are reporting, “No”, the defense is not going to use that tactic.

Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s attorney, released a statement saying George is not involved in the tragic death of his granddaughter, and anyone who suggests such a thing will be in big-ole legal trouble.  But, then Attorney Lippman, in the next breath says this:

If there’s a reasonable scenario that could cater to how the circumstances then turned out later, certainly you present it, it’s absolutely necessary if you’re going to represent your client zealously.

This situation is getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

Tomorrow will be verrrrryyyyy interesting.

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